Another site relaunch:

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Apr 302005

On the heels of the launch of the::unwired comes the relaunch of The new site promises that, thanks to easier maintenance, there will be more news and reviews than in the past.

You’ll continue to find some of the best Palm OS reviews around, but you’ll also see new content relating to Apple iPod/digital music, digital photography, and mobile gaming with the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.

The redesign is accompanied by a contest so stop by to have a chance at some prizes (software, accessories and more).

Source: PocketPC Thoughts

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Remote access from your PocketPC with Laplink Everywhere 4

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Apr 302005

Laplink Everywhere 4

Laplink Everywhere allows you to remotely access your computers and network resources, even using a web-enabled PDA or Smartphone. The latest version now includes Remote Google Desktop Search which allows you to quickly locate files, email, and even archived instant messages on your remote system. Additionally, your data and connections are protected by 128 bit encryption.

Pricing begins at $8.95 monthly for 1 Hour of Remote Control per Month. Other plans offer unlimited access, multiple licenses or annual payments. A 15-day trial is also available.

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Running Palm applications on your PocketPC

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Apr 292005

StyleTap Platform is an application that promises to let you run Palm OS applications on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC. StyleTap™ Platform is fast, compact and comes with everything you need. Just add your favorite third-party applications for Palm OS® Platform and you’re ready to go! It does not provide hotsync capabilities.

A thread over at Brighthand has identified some issues. StyleTap is still in beta so some of these may get fixed by version 1.0 though.

StyleTap is currently available as a Preview Version which can be purchased for $29.95 USD. This includes a free upgrade to version 1.0 when it is released. A 14-day trial version is also available.

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Ethernet powered laptops – It could happen

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Apr 292005

Ethernet cable

We could be saying goodbye to our power cables and AC adapaters soon! DSP Design from the UK reports that they have designed a laptop entirely powered over an Ethernet cable. The Poet 6000 draws only 12 watts, all through its Ethernet connection, by relying on low power components.

POE or Power-over-Ethernet uses an ethernet cable to transmit power down to the computer up to an upper limit of 15.4 watts. But a new specification called Power Over Ethernet Plus will increase that up to 35 watts, which would be sufficient to power some notebooks.


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50 million Firefox downloads

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Apr 292005

Mozilla Firefox

Today, Mozilla’s Firefox browser crossed the milestone of 50 million downloads. Firefox 1.0 launched only 171 days ago, making this achievement even more impressive.

Firefox has managed to climb to over 5% marketshare in that time (according to various sources). On, that share is almost 20%!

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Magneto coming in May?

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Apr 292005

A CNet article published back on April 24 has an interesting tidbit about Magneto, Microsoft’s code name for the next version of Windows Mobile. Apparently, Microsoft will introduce Magneto as early as May 9-10 at a conference in Las Vegas.

Earlier speculation predicted that Magneto would be released either in the summer or in the fall. I guess we’ll now in less than two weeks!

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Nokia introduces 4GB phone

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Apr 282005

Nokia N91

Many analysts predicted that the next trend in mobile phones would be the bundling of audio players. Nokia seems to agree and the new N91 comes with a 4GB micro hard drive, USB 2.0, 3G network connectivity and a stereo headphone jack. You can store up to 3000 songs (about 12.5 hours of music) using the MP3, M4A, AAC and WMA formats.You can also share playlists with others using SMS, email or Bluetooth.

The face has dedicated music control keys which will slide down to reveal the phone keypad when it is needed.

The Nokia N91 will be available later in 2005 and is part of a new N series line which promises to bring the latest multimedia and smartphone functionality. Other phones in the line include the Nokia N90, which comes with a 2-megapixel Carl Zeiss lens with VHS video capture support, an integrated flash and a “multi-hinge twist-and-shoot design.”

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2005 Electronic Arts mobile games line-up released

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Apr 282005

Electronic Arts will release 20 games in its 2005/2006 mobile games line-up. The first eight will be Madden NFL 2006, The Sims™ 2 Mobile, Need for Speed™ Underground 2, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 2006, EA SPORTS FIFA Football 2006, Poppit!™, Turbo 21™ and Tri Peaks Solitaire. The games will be unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles on May 18, 2005.

EA’s first foray into mobile games came in 2004 with a partnership with I-Play. They now expect that "the world of mobile gaming is about to explode! Better games, richer graphics and deeper communities will take cell phone gaming to entirely new depths with experiences that are as adrenaline charged as console gaming," according to John Batter, VP and General Manager of EA Mobile.

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Defining a security policy for mobile devices

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Apr 282005

Imagine that you’ve just lost your PDA or your Smartphone? How much information about your company or yourself is at risk of being exploited by someone with less than honourable intentions? If you think that this question might keep you up at night, you should read Darryl Burling’s article “Defining a Security Policy for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs” in Pocket PC Magazine (or click on the ‘More information’ link).

The article takes a close look at what a security policy is and how it can help you. Although the article focuses on mobile devices in the enterprise, there is a lot of good information that anyone who has a mobile device should benefit from.

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Get ready for wobulation

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Apr 282005

HP unveiled 10 new Pavilion TVs today (four rear-projection, three plasma and three LCD models). Also announced were new Digital Entertainment Centers which will let you record and store up to 55 hours of HD programming.

The rear-projection TVs will use a technology called wobulation (HP calls it HP Visual Fidelity) by which the projected image is carefully jittered to effectively replace a single pixel with four. This will allow a 720p chip to display at the 1080p resolution.

The new TVs are expected in North America this summer.

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SOTI Pocket Controller Professional 5.01 Now available

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Apr 272005

SOTI’s Pocket Controller is a very useful tool that allows you to control your PocketPC or Smartphone directly from your computer. Pretty much anything you can do on your device can now be done through the computer as well.

The newest version (5.01) addresses a number of issues reported with the release of 5.0. The 5.x versions have introduced a lot of new functionality such as an enhanced user interface (new shortuts, themes, customizable tool bars, etc), improved Smartphone support, more zooming levels and a new “smoothing” option, new rule based file synchronization (with support for 1-way PC to Device, 1-way Device to PC and 2-way synchronization) and still more.

Pocket Controller Professional 5.01 can be purchased from our affiliate Handango for $30.95 USD. A trial version is also available.

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10 million smart mobile devices sold in Q1 2005

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Apr 272005

Pure PDA device sales may have dropped 6% in sales in the first quarter of 2005 but converged devices like smartphones and wireless handhelds shot up 137%. In total, more than 10 million smart mobile devices were sold in the last quarter.

When looking at operating systems, Symbian leads the pack with 81% marketshare, followed by Microsoft with 18%. These numbers amount to a 175% quarter over quarter (Q1 2005 vs Q1 2004) increase for Symbian and 44% for Microsoft. PalmSource hold down 3rd place with a 10.5% marketshare and RIM, in 4th place, has 7%.

When looking at device vendors, Nokia holds a 50% marketshare, followed by PalmOne (9.4%), RIM (7%), Fujitsu (6.1%) and HP (5.6%).

Source: PocketPC Thoughts

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Rogers to push email with Visto

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Apr 272005

Rogers Wireless is partnering with Visto to deliver instantaneous two-way push technology to its customers. Essentially, email, calendar and contact information will now be instantaneously accessible on your wireless device (like an iPAQ h6320 or Treo 650).

If you have a valid data service plan from Rogers, you will need to download the MyMail application over the air. You will also need to activate your account by visiting

Visto’s technology is very similar to Research In Motion’s service but Visto allows carriers to rebrand their solution and it is compatible with more devices.

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Vito QuickContact Reborn

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Apr 262005

Vito Technology has announced that QuickContact for Pocket PC is a new application reborn from what had been QuickContact PRO PE. QuickContact 1.0 puts all of your phone features into one application. Its one-hand control allows you to quickly call your contacts, input new phone numbers or send an SMS. You never have to touch the screen.

The current version only works with Pocket PC phones. But Vito Technology is working on a version for Pocket PCs that will connect and use another phone.

QuickContact 1.0 is available for $15.95 USD from Vito Technology. A 14-day trial version is also available.

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Spb Diary – your instant Pocket PC Organizer

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Apr 262005

Spb Diary

Last September’s Spb Pocket PC Survey revealed that 85% of Pocket PC users use their device as an organizer. So, Spb set out to improve on the standard PIM tools, focusing on improving the Today screen plug-ins. The result is Spb Diary 1.0

Spb Diary promises to deliver a more powerful set of PIM Today plug-ins. It comes with three Today plug-ins for calendar, tasks and contacts organized in vertically-aligned tabs. It also offers integration with Pocket Outlook, Agenda Fusion and Pocket Informant. For example, the PIM’s category icons can be inherited by Spb Diary. It will also allow you to perform many actions without leaving the Today screen.

Geekzone has already posted a review of Spb Diary.

Spb Diary 1.0 can be purchased for $14.95. A 15-day trial version is also available.

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