HP policy on iPAQ LCD panel replacements

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Jul 302005


HP has posted its policy on LCD panel replacement for the iPAQ Pocket PC and HP Mobile Media Companion devices. If you have 4 or more bright sub-pixel defects, 6 or more dark sub-pixel defects or a combinate of 6 or more combined bright and dark sub-pixel defects, HP will replace your LCD screen under its warranty.

It’s good to see HP clearly state what its policy is but I would be pretty upset if I had 3 dead pixels on a new iPAQ and found out that HP did not consider that worthy of a warranty repair. Sony had some pretty upset customers when its PSP came out with many having at least one dead pixel. Fortunately, I’m now on fourth iPAQ (assuming I can still count and remember properly), and I have never had any LCD issues.

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PocketPCParadise reviews Axim X50 Noreve case

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Jul 302005

Noreve case

PocketPCParadise.com has posted a review of the Noreve case for the Dell Axim X50. Noreve is a relative newcomer and this is the first review of their products that I have seen. In short, the quality, finish of the case, colours available are described as being of high quality and PocketPCParadise.com is quite taken with the beige case that they reviewed. Noreve also sports an aggressive pricing policy that should make its customers quite happy (The review case costs 33.36 €).

Note: PocketPCParadise.com’s review is written in French.

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Windows Mobile Mac synchronization using the Missing Sync

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Jul 292005

The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile from Mark/Space allows you to synchronize your Mac with your Pocket PC or Smartphone device. The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile integrates with the new Sync Services technology in Mac OS X 10.4 (aka Tiger) in addition to the earlier Panther, allowing users to synchronize their Address Book and iCal data directly to a Windows Mobile device, resulting in faster, more accurate synchronization. This release also adds sync support for Microsoft’s popular Entourage software, employing Microsoft’s own synchronization protocol to ensure the best possible user experience. It features a new user interface, allows you to import/export images with iPhoto and lets you mount your Pocket PC on the Mac OS X desktop, It also comes with the AvantGo client and SplashPhoto viewer.

The Missing Sync is available for $39.95 USD from Mark/Space.

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Partnership between HP and Apple is over

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Jul 292005

Hewlett-Packard Co. has confirmed that it has exited the relationship with Apple and that it will no longer resell Apple’s iPod portable music players. Apparently, the iPod does not fit into HP’s current digital media strategy. Interestingly, as part of the partnership agreement HP will not be able to develop or market a rival digital music player to the iPod until August 2006.

The news first emerged on Wall Street Journal’s online edition.

Update: I have updated the ‘More information’ link to a Cnet article that includes additional information.

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Agile Mobile IM no longer free

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Jul 292005

Agile Messenger will no longer be free, according to its maker Agile Mobile. This instant messenger which supports MSN, AOL, Yahoo! and ICQ will now charge a monthly licensing fee after being available for free for about 3 years.

We will begin charging a license fee of a maximum of €2.99 Euro per month, charged directly to your phone bill. The exact monthly charge may vary from country to country depending on our agreement with the local mobile operators but will never exceed €2.99, or your local currency equivalent, in any country.

Agile Mobile will use the new funds to both continue developing Agile Messenger and improve their support infrastructure. For example, they have just launched a new support forum.

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Zodiac handheld discontinued

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Jul 282005

Tapwave Zodiac

Tapwave has discontinued its Zodiac, a Palm-powered multimedia handheld primarily intended at the entertainment segment. Effective July 25, 2005, Tapwave has stopped offering service and support on the device. The web site still has a resource page that provides links where users can still find accessories, software as well as information. If you want to grab accessories or game cards, these will be available at stores such as COMPUSA, Fry’s, and J&R while supplies last.

Source: Geekzone

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Minimo gets tabbed browsing

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Jul 282005

Minimo 007

Development on Minimo, the Mozilla based CE device web browser, continues with version 007. Of note in this latest update is the addition of tabbed browsing (yay!) as well as significant improvements in both memory footprint (25 percent smaller with no feature loss) and performance.

Unfortunately, users over at Pocket PC Thoughts are reporting that they cannot get it to work or that it works slowly. Keep in mind that this is a very early release so don’t expect too much (yet!).

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The carbonite-frozen Han Solo USB key

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Jul 282005

Star Wars USB key

If you are a die-hard Star Wars fan, this might be for you. I-O DATA has announced that it will release new Star Wars themed USB keys. First on the block (I crack myself up sometimes!) is the carbonite-frozen Han Solo. A Darth Vader design will follow in mid-August. Weighing 28g and measuring 7.5mm x 36mm x 12.5mm, they only come in 256MB capacity.

Other models include R2-D2 and C-3PO among others.

Note: The ‘More information’ link will take you to the Japanese site where you can see the other Star Wars USB keys. The english site (where I could not find the USB keys) can be found at www.iodata.com.

Source: Ubergizmo

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4GB SD card released by Pretec

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Jul 272005

Pretec 4GB SD card

Pretec has unveiled the largest capacity of SD card in the world, a 4GB card. Conforming to the SD 1.1 specification, the Pretec 4GB SD card is part of the 133X line with access speeds up to 20MB/s. Mass production is expected to begin next month but the $699 USD price tag might be enough to prevent a few of us from rushing out to the stores to get one!

Pretec also announced a 2GB MMC 4.x card (MMC Plus) as well as a price drop from $9999 USD to $4999 USD on the Pretec 12GB CF card. Once again, I don’t hear the rush of people to the stores.

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Card Export II for PPC reviewed by Aximsite

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Jul 272005

Card Export II is a utility that lets turns your storage cards into emulated USB drives on your Windows Mobile or Pocket PC handheld. It also allows you to perform storage card maintance such as formatting and checking filesystem integrity using your desktop.

Aximsite had the opportunity to try it out and see how well it actually performed. Their review is quite positive and they list no problems.

Card Export II is still in beta at this point but can be preordered for $14.95 USD. Softick recommends that you try it on your device before purchasing because some devices are still not supported (or check their compatibility matrix to see if your PDA has been tested already).

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Q2 shipments of smartphones up and handhelds down

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Jul 272005

The market research firm Canalys reports that in Q2 2005 overall global shipments of smart mobile devices were up 105 percent compared to Q2 2004. Converged devices (like wireless handhelds) were up 186 percent while handhelds were down 14 percent. As in Q1, the top three vendors remained Nokia (6.7 million smart phones shipped), Palm (smart phone growth of 200 percent) and RIM (almost 900,000 devices shipped). Palm’s Treo 650 was singled out as it continues to have great success in both North America and EMEA.

In the handheld segment, Palm continues to retain its lead with a 31 percent marketshare but handheld shipments dropped 32 percent (from last year). Second place HP experienced a drop of 21 percent

Canalys also predicts that RIM will have its first million-unit quarter this year!

So nothing new here; convergence is alive and well!

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iPAQ hw6500 case from Covertec

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Jul 272005

Covertec hw6500 case

Covertec has introduced a new dedicated line of Luxury leather cases for the iPAQ hw6500. they are made of Nappa leather (black, brown and red are available). Like other Covertec cases, they come with storage for 2 memory cards, 2 credit card slots, a magnetic snap closure and a Wips-system belt clip.

The cases sells for €44.90.

Note: on the Covertec web site, you will find these in the smartphones section.

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HTC Wizard approved by the FCC

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Jul 272005

HTC Wizard

The FCC has given its approval to the HTC Wizard, the successor to the HTC Magician. The version approved supports both 850 and 1900MHz bands.

Arne over at the::unwired did some digging and it looks like three devices actually got approved: WIZA100, WIZA110 and WIZA200. The first two are the same except that the latter will not come with a 1.3 megapixel camera.

No word on which carriers might offer the Wizard in North America.

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2 new plug-ins for Spb Today Plus 3.0

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Jul 262005

Spb has released 2 new free plug-ins for the recently released Today Plus 3.0. The first, Spb Folder, lets you see documents in a selected folder. It includes a filter (eg, show only Pocket Word documents) and an auto-refresh feature. It will also let you rename and delete files right from the Today screen. The second, Spb ToPlay is a WMP10 controller. From your Today screen, you can now control playback, adjust volume and more. Note that Spb ToPlay only supports WMP10.

Look for these plug-ins a little bit further down on the plug-ins page.

Source: the::unwired

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