iTunes sells 1 million videos in 19 days

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Oct 312005


Apple is reporting that the iTunes Music Stores sold over 1 million videos in under 20 days. The most popular downloads are music videos from Michael Jackson, Fatboy Slim and Kanye West. I am curious to know how TV shows, including episodes of Lost and Desperate Housewives, are doing compared to music videos but no such breakdown was provided.

Steve Jobs also indicated that Apple is working to expand the selection of videos offered in the iTMS catalog.

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Details on the upcoming HTC Breeze Smartphone

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Oct 312005 has posted details and a picture of the HTC Breeze, an upcoming smartphone. The Breeze will be powered by a TI OMAP 850 processor and will come with 64MB RAM, 128MB ROM, a QVGA screen, a Micro SD slot and a 1.3MP camera with flash. It will support UMTS, HSDPA (still to be confirmed), Edge, GPRS and Quadband networks.

The HTC Breeze is expected to be released in May 2006.

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Close applications with Magic Button 2.0

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Oct 302005

Magic Button 2.0

Windows Mobile 5.0 is out and the X button still does not close applications, only minimizes them. Fortunately, Magic Button 2.0 is now available and adds compatibility with WM5.0, two new options (Soft Reset and Open Running Programs list) on the menu and includes bug fixes. Magic Button is a tiny application (only 71 KB) that allows you to truly close applications, rather than simply minimizing them.

Best of all, Magic Button 2.0 is still free!

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Oct 292005

Brad Isaac has decided to put PocketPCAddict up for sale. It’s been a daily stopping point for me every day for the past 4 years. I’ve blogged here, discovered new and exciting tasks that one could use a Pocket PC to accomplish and I’ve met a whole lot of new people I am proud to call my friends. It’s just I have taken on a brand new role that is going to involve a lot of travel, and as indicated before, I already have simply too much on my plate right to continue with the daily postings. Instead of letting the site go “on hold” or shrivel up and die, I wanted to give someone else the opportunity to take over the reigns and keep it running.

If you’ve ever wanted to run your own Pocket PC web site, here is your chance to start off with a well-established site.

Best of luck to Brad in his future endeavours (including Achieve-IT, his goal setting software).

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(IN)SECURE magazine looks at airborne viruses

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Oct 292005

In its fourth issue, the free digital security magazine (IN)SECURE looks at airborne viruses and the threat they pose to PDAs. Airborne viruses are increasing in sophistication at a
spectacular pace. One problem with this rapid evolution in threats is the fact that mobile devices can’t support sophisticated antivirus software on current platforms.
The article takes a look at the evolution of these trojans and viruses and shows how these threats are quickly becoming more than a simple nuisance.

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WisBar Advance Desktop Released

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Oct 292005

WisBar Advance Desktop

WisBar Advance Desktop is a new WisBar Advance 2.x plug-in designed to replace your existing Today screen. It will let you create shortcut, system meters, floating windows and virtual pages. It also supports most other Today plugins and lets you arrange them on multiple pages (as long as it supports user-defined heights).

WisBar Advance Desktop supports Pocket PC 2002 right up to Windows Mobile 5.0 and requires WisBar Advance 2.x.

It can be purchased for $6.95 from Lakeridge Software.

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Beeloop City Guides on your Pocket PC

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Oct 292005

BeLoop City Guide

BeLoop SL has released City Guides and Yellow Pages for many urban centers in Europe. These guides and phone books come in 7 languages and are compatible with Pocket PC and Palm devices as well as a number of smartphones. Now it’s possible to always take everywhere these powerful guides (more than 155.000 references of all Europe and colour detailed maps with several zoom levels) which allow to know the localization or access the information (name, direction, postal code, telephone, fax, e-mail, Web) of a selected reference. Its advanced navigation system shows the closest parking to a favourite restaurant or the closest subway station to the selected theatre. The built-in search tool makes it easy to find hotels, camp sites, bars and restaurants, cultural centers, clubs, embassies, train stations and more.

Prices vary by city and start at 4,95 €.

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iPod nano iKeychain case run over by an SUV

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Oct 282005

How well can a case made of aluminum really protect your iPod nano? A-1 Quality Products claims that the iKeychain is the toughest case available. So, Rainy Day Magazine decided to test this claim by running the case and nano over with an SUV. The whole adventure was filmed and can be seen as part of the review.

And the nano? Well, it’s still playing the tunes…

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Buy an iPod nano case from Proporta and get a free screen protector

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Oct 282005

Proporta Music is currently offering a free Advanced Screen Protector when you purchase one of their Apple iPod nano cases. Several types of cases are available, including Silicone, leather and aluminum ones.

Prices vary but start at $19.95 USD. The included free screen protector normally sells for $9.95 USD.

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New version of Minimo available

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Oct 282005

Mozilla Minimo

Work on Minimo (Mini Mozilla) continues and the latest monthly build is now available. Minimo is a Mozilla-based CE device web browser. Currently still under development, this latest release adds support for Windows CE 5.0 (the Windows Mobile 5.0 base), improved popup window handling, an integrated search bar and a number of bug fixes.

Both a CAB file version and a Windows Installer version are available for download.

The next release is scheduled for late November.

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Free Halloween-themed Fast Swapper

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Oct 272005

Ballshooter Fast Swap

It’s a scary giveaway! Ballshooter is offering a special edition version of Fast Swapper for free. It’s a special limited edition of our popular game prepared for this Halloween: dark night, scary image and gothic music are waiting for you.

But hurry as it will only available until this Halloween. Note that a valid email address is required to register the game.

Ballshooter is also selling all its games for $9.95 USD (bundles excepted) during the giveaway.

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Develop your own games with the Edge Mobile Game Engine

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Oct 262005

Have you ever dreamed of developing your own Pocket PC games? Then found the process a little too daunting? The Edge Mobile Game Engine may be the solution you have been looking for.

Edge is the most powerful, true multi-platform game engine for mobile devices. The Edge platform, written from scratch in C++, enables you to produce high quality, commercial games. Compile and create multi-platform games smoothly through the generic interface for Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone, Symbian Series 60, Symbian UIQ and Windows Desktop. Mobile software development has never been easier!

Edge is not cheap at $950 USD but if you are seriously considering developing your own games, it could give you a significant head start. The license gives you the right to develop as many games as you want during the license period.

It can be purchased from our affiliate Clickgamer. A trial version is also available.

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Loox N500 and N520 officially released

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Oct 262005


Fujitsu-Siemens has officially released its new N500 series with the N500 and N520 models, this despite the fact that information about these has been available on their site for almost a month. Both come with integrated GPS (including the optional Navigon MobileNavigator 5) and Windows Mobile 5.0. They will be powered by an Intel PXA270 312 MHz processor, have a 3.5-inch QVGA screen and include a SD card/MM card (SD I/O) slot. Both will come with 64MB RAM but the N500 will come with 64MB ROM while the N520 will have 128MB ROM. The N520 will also include 802.11g WiFi. Neither will come with Bluetooth.

The LOOX N500 will sell for €335 while the N520 will go for €361 (plus VAT). There is no information on availability outside of Europe.

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Skweezer wins Gold Star at 2005 Mobile Star Awards

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Oct 252005


The Mobile Star Awards recognize the top mobile products, deployments and leaders in the fields of mobile and wireless enterprise computing. Winners are chosen by the readers of Go Mobile, a newsletter about mobile enterprise news.

Among the winners is Skweezer in the Personal Software: Mobile Web Content Utility category. Skweezer is a free Web portal/browsing service that reformats web pages for devices such as PDAs to improve their legibility.

Among the other winners is the OQO Model 01 in both the Consumer Handheld Hardware and Sub-Notebook Hardware categories. Check out the ‘More information’ link; I think that there are more categories here than at the Oscars!

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Standalone Nevo 2.0 legit or not?

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Oct 252005

I have removed the affiliate link from the Nevo 2.0 story I posted yesterday. It looks like the software has been removed from PocketGear as well as Handango. I haven’t found official word as to what is going on but it looks like it someone might have made a copy of the Nevo 2.0 files that come on certain iPAQs and then tried to sell it illegally.

My apologies to all for any inconvenience and my thanks to Jason for bringing this to my attention.

Update: Universal Electronics Inc., the makers of Nevo 2.0, have confirmed that Nevo is currently only bundled with certain iPAQ devices and is not available as a standalone product.