Happy New Year!

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Dec 312005

Happy New Year

The parties have likely started in some places around the world already so I would like to wish each and every reader a very Happy New Year! I hope that 2006 will treat everyone well, bring you success in all your projects and that you will find it easy to keep your resolutions till the end of the year!

Thank you for your ongoing support and I hope that you will continue to make Gadgetorama a daily stop in 2006.

Intel to unveil new logo

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Dec 302005


Intel is updating its 37 year old logo and unveiling a new catchprase to replace the “Intel Inside” marketing campaign everywhere but marketing programs used by computer manufacturers where Intel processors are used. The new logo and new catchphrase, Leap Ahead, are expected to be formally unveiled at the 2006 CES.

The new logo is meant to reflect Intel’s shift towards more consumer products (think of the Viiv platform) and be more than just a supplier of chips for computer manufacturers.

Intel also plans to market the upcoming Yonah mobile chips under the name Core Duo for dual core versions and Core Solo for single core models. The Core processors will be appropriate for desktops as well as notebooks.

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A belated Christmas gift from Ballshooter

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Dec 302005

Xmas Pipes

The holiday season is almost over but you still have a little time to celebrate and enjoy with Ballshooter. They are giving away (but only until January 5th) XMAS PIPES, a freeware reincarnation of the classic arcade game where you must build a closed pipe system to make it disappear before the entire field fills up. Every 3 seconds, a new set of pipes appears and every 200 points, the pace picks up a little more!

To get the full version of this Christmas gift, you will need to submit a request and provide your email address.

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New buttons for VITO Button Mapper

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Dec 302005

VITO Technology has released a major update for VITO ButtonMapper, its application that lets you create custom commands for the hardware buttons of your Pocket PC device. For example, you can assign two actions to every button using either a single short press or a press-and-hold press.

The new version is compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 and adds integration with TaskSwitcher and PopupClock, two other VITO applications. VITO TaskSwitcher allows you to operate running tasks from pop-up list using stylus or hardware buttons: just press an assigned button to run it. In the list navigate both with stylus and keypad or jog dial. VITO PopupClock is a pop up clock application that disappears after 10 seconds.

VITO ButtonMapper can be purchased for $9.95 from our affiliate Handango. A trial version is also available. If you purchased ButttonMapper in the last year, this update is free.

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Joker’s Quest II: Revenge of the Bosses

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Dec 292005

Joker\'s Quest 2

Return to the underwater Kingdom of Luphia where Ryper, the Red Octopus, is back for revenge. This sequel to the original Jokers’ Quest is a funny action strategy game in a beautiful underwater world.

Among the features of the game are 10 different Bosses, 100 levels and 25 tutorial levels, 4 different underwater worlds to visit, two difficulty modes and special action features like dropping bombs and shooting rockets.

Joker’s Quest 2 is available for $19.95 from our affiliate ClickGamer. A trial version is also available.

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ClearVue 3.0 Now Available

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Dec 282005

Westtek has released ClearVue 3.0, its application suite for presentation, PDF, Excel and other types of documents. One of the strengths of this suite is that the files are saved in native format so that they will not need to be converted by ActiveSync. For example, ClearVue Presentation will let you edit PowerPoint documents on your Pocket PC device and all changes will be preserved when you transfer the PPT file back to your desktop.

Version 3.0 adds WM5.0 support and many of the components of the suite sport new enhancements. For example, ClearVue PDF has been rewritten completely and adds support for embedded fonts, custom colour spaces, object clipping and more.

Until December 31, 2005, all ClearVue software is 50 percent off. The ClearVue Suite Professional is regularly priced at $49.95. Use the promotion code 50HOLIDAY123 at our affiliate Handango to get the discount. The components of the suite are also available separately (eg, ClearVue Presentation or ClearVue Worksheet).

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Devices coming in January 2006

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Dec 282005

It looks like 2006 will get a great start with some new device announcements in early January. The Treo 700w is expected on January 5th, the same day that the Audiovox XV6700 (aka HTC Apache) will be available from Verizon B2B (and retail outlets on January 19th). On the heels of these two, you can expect the Samsung SCH-i830 on January 10th on the Verizon B2B and January 24th in retail outlets. It is expected to cost $699.99 USD or more depending on contracts. It is very similar to the i730 but replaces Wi-Fi with GSM international roaming capabilities.

The Audiovox XV6700 will run Windows Mobile 5.0 and come with 64MB RAM and 128MB of Flash memory. The i830 will come with the same amount of memory but with Windows Mobile 2003 SE instead! Both also come with slideout QWERTY keyboards, EVDO, GPS and Bluetooth.

PC World 2005 Winners and Losers

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Dec 272005

As the year ends, we will all start looking at the best and worst technology stories of the year. PC World has already done so and come up with some interesting winners and losers.

Oddly enough, the launch of Gadgetorama in January 2005 did not make the winners list!

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Turn your Smartphone into a RAZR

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Dec 272005

Nightblade RAZR V3 skin

If you love the backlit RAZR V3 keypad and would like something like it on your Pocket PC Phone Edition, you’re in luck! A company called Nightblade has come up with a skin that replaces the dialpad with the blue-LED RAZR number pad. The skin supports both normal and landscape modes.

The Nightblade RAZR V3 skin is available for $1.95 USD from our affiliate Handango.

Source: PDA France

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VITO Technology releases VITO ActiveTrace

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Dec 262005

VITO ActiveTrace

Combine the new VITO ActiveTrace and your GPS-enabled Pocket PC Or Smartphone device and you will immediately have a wealth of data on your sports performance like your speed, overall time, distance covered and more at your fingertips. With VITO ActiveTrace you get the total control over your training performance. Use it to record your tracks and have all the necessary stats displayed on-line while a track is being recorded. This information is carefully saved for further references and thorough investigation after you finished recording your track. You can always find out your speed and altitude at a certain track point.

VITO ActiveTrace comes with different view modes to let you compare different routes, statistics and more.

It supports major windows mobile powered Pocket PCs and Smartphones (including WM 5.0 devices) and is available for $29.95 USD from our affiliate Handango (Pocket PC version and Smartphone version). A trial version is also available.

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Online music pricing under investigation

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Dec 262005

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is investigating the possibility of collusion in online music pricing. Subpoenas have been sent to Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group Corp. and Universal Music Group.

Currently, all single songs on the iTunes Music Store cost 99 cents each but Apple is facing pressure from music labels to introduced tiered pricing where more popular songs would cost more than less popular ones.

Note: You will need a WSJ subscription to read the article.

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Best wishes for the holidays

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Dec 232005

Christmas holidays

I would like to take this time to wish everyone the very best for the holiday season. I hope that everyone gets to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones and hopefully everyone will get at least one new gadget to play with. And if you don’t celebrate any of the holidays, go buy yourself a new gadget! You should not be left out!

For the next week or so, site updates will happen less frequently but I’ll try to to miss any major news.

Free iTunes TV shows

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Dec 232005

Apple’s iTunes store is offering two new video clips for free. The two are a Saturday Night Live short called Lazy Sunday (just over 2 minutes long) and Sci Fi Inside: Battlestar Galactica (just over 21 minutes). This marks the first time that Apple offers free TV content since it launched video content.

Free HP ProtectTools for iPAQ hw6500

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Dec 222005

iPAQ hw6500

A misprint in the CD User Guide for the HP iPAQ hw6500 mistakenly indicated that the software bundle includes the HP Protect Tools security software. The reference has been removed from the Mobile Messenger CD but HP has also decided to offer the HP Protect Tools security software for free for hw6500 users.

Before you can download the software, you will need to supply your serial number. As well, the software will not operate correctly on any other HP iPAQ models.

Nicely done, HP!

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