VITO AudioNotes released

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Feb 282006

VITO AudioNotes

VITO Technology has released AudioNotes, an MP3 and WAV recorder that works with both Smartphones and Pocket PC devices. The focus is to keep keystrokes to a minimum when using the application. AudioNotes supports both microphone auto gain and VAS (voice activated system) options as well as low, middle and high quality options for your audio recordings. An infobar provides valuable information such as creation date and time and the file size which updates dynamically during recordings. Recordings can be saved to either a storage card or main memory.

With Windows Mobile 5.0, AudioNotes will also let you record phone calls.

VITO AudioNotes is available for $19.95 USD from our affiliate PocketGear. A trial version is also available.

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Smallest Pocket PC in the world?

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Feb 282006

Voice Internet Phone Network (VIPN), a specialist in VOIP, has unveiled the Axia 308, a Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone based phone edition device that is no bigger than a Smartphone. VIPN has now confirmed the specs of their new phone: quadband GSM/GPRS with EDGE, 802.11b Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 1.2, a 2.2-inch QVGA touch screen, VOIP SIP support and a 1.3MP camera.

The release countdown is on but unfortunately, the Axia 308 will not make it to North America. In Switzerland and Europe, look for it for 799 CHF (Swiss francs) in about a month.

Source: Pocket PC Thoughts

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The Apple fun product announcement

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Feb 282006

Apple iPod Hi-Fi

As many had guessed, Apple announced the new Intel Mac mini computers. They will come in single-processor and dual-processor chip versions and will include Apple’s Front Row software to let you watch movies and videos, listen to audio and more from your Mac. The mini will also work with a remote control with its new infrared port.

Front Row will also come with Bonjour, a zero-configuration networking tool that will let you share content between your Apple devices.

Apple also unveiled new leather cases for the 5G and nano iPods. They will sell for $99 USD each.

Apple is also claiming to have reinvented home stereo with the new iPod Hi-Fi which looks like a speaker with an iPod dock on top. It is actually a three-driver system in one unit and it comes with an integrated power supply but can also be powered using six D-size batteries. It will also work will all iPods with a dock connector (using inserts if necessary) as well as with the Apple Remote. It will sell for $349 USD.

Fun new products from Apple later today

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Feb 282006

Just a quick reminder to check back with us later today. Apple’s Media Event will start at 1000 PST. The leading rumours appear to be the iPod Boombox and the Intel Mac mini, possibly with digital hub capabilities. Another interesting prediction is that iTunes will begin to offer movie downloads.

Stay tuned! We will know for sure in a few more hours!

Malware between PC and handhelds now a reality

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Feb 272006

Crossover is a proof of concept trojan horse that demonstrates that handhelds are vulnerable to malware just as our desktops are. Crossover was designed to spread from a PC to a Pocket PC device via ActiveSync. In a nutshell, when executed, the virus will check to see what OS is running. If it is Windows CE or Windows Mobile, it will erase all files in the My Documents directory of the device and copy itself so that it can run again when the device is reset. It the OS is not Windows CE or Windows Mobile, the virus will wait for ActiveSync to copy itself over to the PDA.

Keep in mind that it is just a proof of concept but it does mean that someone has now proven that this is feasible.

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Interesting laptop designs

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Feb 272006

ZigZag Designs took a stroll through the US Patent Library and put together an interesting summary of different laptop designs. You will see laptops with pivoting screens, split keyboards, dual or even three screens and even projection displays.

Sure, some look a little crazy but you never know when that patent might be worth millions!

Source: Digg

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New storage card offerings from SanDisk

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Feb 272006

SanDisk SD - USB card

SanDisk has announced a number of new options in their memory card lineups.

Its SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus cards come with a built-in USB connector and will be available with a 2GB capacity ($134.99 USD) in June. Capacities of 512MB ($69.99 USD)and 1GB ($89.99 USD) are available now.

The Extreme III card lineup, designed for for professional digital cameras, will offer an 8GB CF card ($559.99 USD), a 2GB SD card ($199.99 USD)and 2GB ($209.99 USD) and 4GB ($419.99 USD) Memory Stick PRO Duo cards starting in March. The Extreme III cards offer some of the fastest performances (minimum write and read speeds of 20 MB/sec for the CF and SD cards and 18 MB/sec for the Memory Stick PRO Duo) currently available.

SanDisk also announced the 4GB SanDisk Ultra II Memory Stick PRO Duo card. It will be available starting in March for $239.99 USD.

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A Review of Pocket PC Mail Clients

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Feb 272006

If you use your Pocket PC device to do some or all or your email, you need to have a look at The Definitive Pocket PC Mail Client Roundup written by Menneisyys and posted over at Pocket PC Thoughts. As he writes, this is not a tutorial of each e-mail application (make some Google searches / look around on the developers’ homepages for simple tutorials / reviews). It’s a very thorough test and comparison with a lot of of practical usage tips.

Among the clients reviewed are the built-in Pocket Inbox and Messaging client, WebIS Mail, Qmail and others.

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The iPod tie

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Feb 262006

The Pink Commuter Tie

UK-based Thomas Pink, renowned men’s outfitter, is now offering a limited edition Pink Commuter tie. If your office still requires a formal dress code, this tie will let you discreetly take your iPod nano with you. It comes with a pocket on the back of the tie where you can fit your nano as well as a fabric loop to help with the cable management. Of course, the tie is 100 percent silk.

It is available for $95 USD.

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Engadget pics of the HTC Breeze and Trinity

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Feb 262006

Engadget has landed pictures of the HTC Breeze and HTC Trinity. Both are Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphones with UMTS and capable of video conferencing.

Information leaked earlier suggests that the quad-band HTC Breeze will be powered by a TI OMAP 850 processor and will come with 64MB RAM, 128MB ROM, a QVGA screen, a Micro SD slot and a 1.3MP camera with flash. Aside from UMTS, it could also support HSDPA (still to be confirmed) as well as EDGE and GPRS.

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What is the Origami Project?

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Feb 262006

The Microsoft Origami project?

A lot of rumours have been swirling around about what the Origami Project is. So far, we know that the domain is owned by Microsoft and that a big announcement should happen on March 2nd. Not much else is on the web site except for the fact we can expect the site to continue to unveil information over a 3 week period (according to the timeline).

Fortunately for the curious and impatient among us, a post on Engadget may have shed a lot more light. Visit the DigitalKitchen (a marketing firm) web site, enter the site and select ‘WORK’ and then ‘BRANDTHEATRE’. THe first entry is called Microsoft Origami. Check out the video and we could have our answer: an ultra-portable PC very similar to the OQO.

We will know more on March 2nd.

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No RIM shutdown for now

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Feb 242006

RIM will not have to shut down its service in the US today. Judge James Spencer did impose an immediate injunction in the case between RIM and NTP. He will first issue a ruling about damages and then move on to a decision on the shutdown that NTP is looking for. But he did take a swipe at both companies for not coming to a settlement yet. “In plain words, the case should have been settled, but it hasn’t, so I have to deal with that reality,” he said.

Interestingly is the fact that Judge Spencer indicated that he would factor in the needs of the US government when making his rulings.

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Lots of BoxWave new products

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Feb 242006

My mailbox is full of BoxWave announcements for new products. Let’s have a closer look.

For the O2 XDA Atom, BoxWave is now offering the Active Case and ClearTouch Anti-Glare screen protector. The Active Case is a custom-contoured clear plastic case that lets you see your screen and use the device while in its case thanks to its cutouts (We reviewed the Active Case for the iPAQ hx2450 last November). It comes with a detachable belt clip. The ClearTouch Anti-Glare screen protector combines anti-glare protection, optical clarity and protection for our screen..

The ClearTouch Anti-Glare and ClearTouch Crystal (99% visual transparency and glass-like clarity) screen protectors are also available for the Motorola SLVR, SLVR L7 and Samsung MM-A900.

Lastly, the Armor Case is now available for the Palm Z22. The Armor Case is a form-fitting anodized aluminum case lined on the inside with a layer of foam. Its cutouts give you quick access to the stylus, memory slot, headphone jack, IR port, and charging/synchronization port. It also comes with a detachable belt clip.

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Comparing the calling plans of the “Big Four” U.S. Wireless Providers

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Feb 242006

If you live in the US, you might find this article handy. It looks at calling plans offered by Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon and does a quick comparison. If you’ve ever tried to do a comparison, you know that it gets confusing pretty quickly. The friendly folks at have done a lot of the legwork using a relatively common scenario: 400-600 of weekday minutes and unlimited night and weekend minutes, nationwide toll-free calling and roaming, up to 500 text messages, at least 2MB of wireless handset-only internet data traffic, voicemail, call waiting and caller ID.

Packages change very often unfortunately but this will at least give you a rough idea that you can then build on for your own needs.

Source: Smartphone Thoughts

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One final NTP patent rejection from US Patent Office

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Feb 232006

Just ahead of a court hearing that could have significant ramifications for RIM in the US, the US Patent Office has issued a final rejection on one of the five patents that NTP claims have been infringed on by RIM. Unfortunately, this does not end here as NTP can still appeal this final decision to a three-judge panel at the Patent Office as well as federal court.

Meanwhile, the decision whether or not an injunction against RIM in the US is expected on Friday, February 24.

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