More details on the iPAQ rw6800

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Mar 312006

iPAQ rw6800

More information about the HP iPAQ rw6800 Mobile Messenger has been posted on HP’s site. Most of the specifications match what we told you about back in early March. In terms of additional details, the rw6800 will come with an FM tuner and not all models will come with 802.11b Wi-Fi. The rw6818 will not have Wi-Fi but the rw6828 will.

In terms of where the rw6800 will be sold, the models listed include an Asia Pacific english model, a generic Australia and New Zealand version, a Malaysia English model and Chinese models for China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Pricing information has not bee disclosed yet.

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BoxWave Styra coming for the Audiovox 6700

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Mar 312006

BoxWave Styra

The BoxWave lineup of Styra sylii now includes a stylus for the Audiovox 6700. The Styra takes the traditional stylus and combines it with a ballpoint pen and reset pin in a package that will still fit into your built-in stylus holder. It comes in black ink and refills are available.

If you need to replace your stylus, the Styra stylus is available for $11.95 USD or a special 2-pack bundle for $19.95 USD.

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.mobi domains coming in May

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Mar 312006

Starting in May, .mobi domain names will be available for sale. The idea behind .mobi sites is that they will follow a set of design standards that will ensure improved accessability and readability on small screens (such as those found on Smartphones and PDAs). The standards will ensure content works for Web browsing, mobile messaging and device compliance on mobile devices, according to dotMobi chief executive officer Neil Edwards. More information on the standards can be found on the .mobi site.

While some companies such as 3 Mobile, Google, Nokia, Microsoft, T-Mobile and others are setting up new sites, it is not required. Any site can be designed to support small screens and mobile devices (eg, Google, Yahoo and Amazon).

The registration process will take place in 3 phases: Industry organizations will go first from May 22 to May 29, trademark copyright holders will follow from June 12 through August 21 and general registration will begin on August 28.

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Treo 700w: A reviewer changes his mind

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Mar 302006

Palm Treo 700w

Oftentimes, reviewers only get products for a limited time before sitting down to write their reviews. As a result, they may not have the opportunity to really put the product through all its paces and what may seem like a good feature after 30 minutes of play may become more of an annoyance when used on a daily basis for a longer time.

James Turner over at has discovered this with his Treo 700w. I was impressed enough with the unit to actually buy one from Verizon a week or so later. Now, three months later, I’ve compiled a list of issues that would have probably kept me from buying one had known about them. Three issues have forced James to reconsider his original assessment: The limited memory (24MB) available to run programs, the 240×240 screen is too small and worse of all, is the pitiful stability of the software. He found the the phone to often be sluggish, unresponsive for minutes a time and that it locked up often (requiring a reset).

For James, the Treo 700w still holds a lot of promise but daily use has also exposed lots of frustrations that his original review had not.

Source: Digg

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Toshiba Canada: Recycle and get a free USB key

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Mar 302006

Many electronics companies are getting more involved in making their products more environmentally friendly and ensuring that customers can recycle old hardware rather than having it end up in landfills. Toshiba is such a company. And they go one better with their TERRE (Toshiba’s Environmental Recovery and Recycling Effort ) project by offering a new USB 128MB flash drive as a further incentive. We want to ensure that TERRE is an appealing initiative to ensure that we recover as many non-functioning devices as possible.

Basically, you sign up for the TERRE project and follow their process to have any manufacturer’s notebook computer, LCD monitor, or pocket PC sent back to them free of charge. 4 to 6 weeks later, you will have a new USB key for your troubles.

Kudos to Toshiba Canada for this program! Hopefully TERRE will be offered in other countries as well.

Source: Gizmodo

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Mobile Instant Messenger for Windows Mobile 5

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Mar 292006

There is a new alternative to MSN Messenger available for Windows Mobile devices. Webmessenger Mobile Instant Messenger for Windows Mobile 5.0 is a wireless instant messenger application that supports the AOL, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk and Jabber networks. Log into WebMessenger and you are logged automatically to any networks you have chosen. WebMessanger is a client/server application so you will be connecting to the WebMessenger data center when running it.

Webmessenger will also let you know if your contacts are online, busy, away or not available and it will tell you if they are connected through a desktop or mobile device. It also supports contact imports from all the supported networks and organize them into different groups. A message history with timestamps is also available.

Webmessenger is currently available for $21.95 USD (regularly $29.95 USD) as a one-year subscription directly from Webmessenger. A trial version is also available.

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Volume limiter now available for iPod

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Mar 292006

iPod nano

Apple has announced a software update for the iPod naon and 5G iPods to allow customers to set a maximum volume limit. The udpate also comes with a parental control (with combination code) so that parents can set the limit and not have their children change it later. The volume limiter works with any headphones, any accessory plugged into the iPod headphone jack and the iPod Radio Remote.

The new update, version 1.1.1, is already available for download.

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Computer woes

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Mar 292006

My apologies in advance if news and response to emails seems slow over the next few days. Aside from the long days that have been my life over the last 6 weeks or so, you can add computer woes in the form of a router not behaving too well. I will try to troubleshoot/replace the delinquant piece of hardware as quickly as I can. In the meantime, my apologies in advance for slow news days.

Scratch-less discs a reality?

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Mar 292006

Scratch-less disc

A US company is now offering what it calls the “the world’s safest optical disc”. The Scratch-Less Disc is supposed to offer improved reliability and damage protection than regular discs. Whereas regular discs can easily get scratched and then stop working as well, these discs come with “Aero Bumps”, essentially 20 small bumps, that keep the disc’s surface off from surfaces that could scatch it. The disc also comes with a scratch resistant polymet coating to prevent scratches.

But do they work? It would appear so according to a review by French site Les They subjected the discs to steel wool as well as a 40 kilogram Labrador. In both cases, the discs remained completely usable whereas regular discs (CD-R’s in both cases) either barely survived (the Labrador test) or not at all (the steel wool test).

Scratchless-Disc LLC seems to have distribution agreements with resellers in a number of countries across the world (including North America).

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Still looking for an RSS reader for your Windows Mobile Device

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Mar 282006

If you’re still looking for an RSS reader for your Windows Mobile device, you might be interested in Dealexec RSS Reader. It’s a completely free RSS reader lets you keep track of your favourite RSS feeds (like Gadgetorama’s for example). It supports OTA (Over The Air) updates (although the authors strongly suggest that you have a good data plan if you do so as every sync might take up to 100K. It comes with features like support for read and unread items, filters to only see items you’re interested in and integration with PIE when you click on a story that you’re interested in.

Dealexec RSS Reader supports Smartphone 2003SE and up and Pocket PC 2003SE and up and requires the .Net compact framework. A data plan is also required.

Best of all, Dealexec RSS Reader is completely free.

Source: Mobinaute

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Brighthand and BargainPDA join forces

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Mar 282006 and have merged together their two sites into one. The merged site will operate under the brand with personnel from both sites. So what becomes of the new Brighthand site? Well, aside from the design changes and a few new tools, we’re not planning on making any wholesale changes to the Brighthand or BargainPDA you’ve come to know and love.

The new site also merges the forums, combining over 1.3 million posts from Brightand with the discussion threads.

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Flexible paper batteries

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Mar 272006

Enfucell\'s paper battery

As we get increasingly dependent on having all our gadgets with us at all times, a lot of research is going into battery tehnology. Anyone here not interested in a smaller and more powerful battery? What if it’s environmentally friendly to boot? For a look at one direction where things could be headed, we can look to Finnish company Enfucell and its SoftBattery.

The SoftBattery is a paper battery which means that it will be thin and flexible. While still in development, its manufacture promises to be cheap given that it is based on traditional battery and printing technologies. The battery works by converting chemical energy directly into electricity. Metal is oxidized at one side of paper and manganese oxide or other oxides is reduced at another side of the paper when the battery is connected to applications. The paper-containing electrolyte is used as separator. The metal might be zinc, aluminum, nickel and so on. The process generates electricity without any environmentally harmful by-products and goes on at a very wide temperature and humidity with a stable power output.

For now, the SoftBattery will only be suited for low-energy applications like e-ink but future research into fuel cell or hybrid technologies will likely improve that.

Source: Engadget

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Fizz Weather gets an update

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Mar 272006

Fizz Weather is a application that brings comprehensive weather reporting tools to your Pocket PC and Smartphone mobile device. Over 58,000 cities across the world are covered. Fizz Software has just released version 2.2, adding support for VGA screens, square-screen displays, landscape and portrait orientations and Windows Mobile 5.0.

Fizz Weather 2.2 is available for $14.99 USD from our affiliate PocketGear. A trial version is also available.

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French Apple enthusiast sites go on strike for 24 hours

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Mar 272006

French Apple enthusiast sites are on a 24 hour strike to protest the passing of last week’s law around interoperability of various DRM solutions. The protest is not so much against the law itself but the fact that its current implementation will have a tremendous impact on the smaller players like open-source softwares, webradio and legal online music stores. The sites feel that the French government has given in to large corporations (which ones is not clear) at the expense of author rights and consumers of these services.

Sites like,, are all on strike today.

Lightning 0.1: Calendar extension for Mozilla Thunderbird

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Mar 262006

As easy I found to make the leap from Internet Explorer to Firefox, I can’t say that I have left behind Outlook in favour of Thunderbird, the Mozilla email client. Part of the reason is simply that Outlook is so much more than just an email client. I still rely heavily on its calendaring features and its ability to synchronize with my iPAQ.

The Mozilla group has been working on a calendar application called Sunbird but it works as a separate application. Fortunately, Lightning is a new calendaring component designed to integrate calendar functionality into Mozilla Thunderbird. It is in its very infancy but future functionality promisess email and task linkage, integration with the Thunderbird address book, cached calendar support for offline calendar use and device synchronization (this last one has me very intrigued).

Could there be an end to my dependence on Outlook?

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