iPhone interface for a Windows Mobile device

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Feb 282007

If you have not already seen this, a developer has implemented the iPhone interface on their Eten M600 and posted a video showing how it works. Something similar has been done before but this seems to be even more sophisticated. I’ll let the video do the talking.

If duplicating the iPhone interface was not enough, you’ll also see the pPod application, a media application with an iPod interface that Apple quickly quashed.

Definitely very slick!

Grundig unveils new Linux mobile phones

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Feb 282007

Grundig B700

Grundig, better known for audio equipment, also has a mobile device product line. Among its latest models are the B700 and U900, both powered by Linux.

The B700 Ultra Slim Communicator is a quad-band GSM/GRPR/EDGE phone with a 2.4-inch QVGA screen, 100MB of internal memory, a 2MP camera, a microSD slot, Bluetooth and USB, an FM tuner, and support for push email.

The U900 is a clamshell design with quad-band GSM/GPRS and dual-band UMTS/EDGE support. It comes with a 2-inch screen. Other specs are the same as the B700 except for the push email support which is not listed on the specs and the addition of an additional VGA camera for video.

The U900 uses a single-chip architecture by NXP, a semiconductor company founded by Philips.

Both were unveiled back the 3GSM World Congress.

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Add a big screen to your mobile device

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Feb 282007

Tired at squinting at tiny pictures on the small screen on your mobile device? A company called Neochroma is working on an attachment that would effectively enlarge that tiny display to the size of a desktop monitor. Already in prototype, users would slide their device into it. Lenses would then enlarge the display and effectively show the image with a viewing angle roughly equal to that of 19-inch monitor at a 30-inch distance.


The device will consist of plastic parts and lenses only, ensuring that it can be sold for a relatively inexpensive price. With some 850 million camera phones already sold and growing ot 1.5 billion by 2010, Neochroma is hoping that there are many who are frustrated with current device screen sizes and would find such a device handy. “Our strategy relies on a product that provides excellent image quality, since the picture is shown in a viewer that protects it from stray light. That also ensures perfect privacy,” says Patrick Amaru, founder and MD of Neochroma.

Neochroma expects that its devices will hit the market within two years.

Source: Mobinaute

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iPhone still on track for June release

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Feb 282007

Apple iPhone

Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, Tim Cook, confirmed yesterday that the iPhone is on track for release in June during the Goldman Sachs 2007 Technology Investment Symposium Conference. Apple also still expects that some 10 million iPhones will be sold in 2008.

Apple is not sure yet whether iPhone sales will eat into iPod sales or if it will complement them instead.

There was no mention of additional iPhone models although rumours surfaced late last week that a 3G version of the iPhone was expected in early 2008.

Source: iLounge

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Parallels updates Mac virtualization application

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Feb 272007

Parallels has updated its Parallels Desktop for Mac virtualization application with some very interesting new features. This application lets users run Windows, Linux or another operating system at the same time as Mac OS X on Intel-powered Macs without having to reboot.

Among the new features is Coherence which lets you run Windows applications like they are native applications. When users switch to Coherence mode, the Windows desktop disappears, leaving Windows applications, such as Outlook and Internet Explorer, running directly on the Mac desktop and from the Mac application dock. It is completely customizable, providing numerous options for loading and running applications and viewing the Windows task bar and Start menu.

Also new is Transporter, a migration tool that moves not only data but system settings, applications and everything else to a Mac without having to reinstall Windows. Transporter is particularly important for users switching from Windows to OS X because it allows them to keep the “security blanket” of their familiar Windows PC while they learn how to leverage the power of their new Macs. It also eliminates the hassle of having to “start from scratch” with a new Windows installation, which for many non-technical users can be a daunting experience.

The new version also adds Plug and Play USB 2.0 support, support for Boot Camp partitions, and Windows Vista compatibility.

Best of all, Parallels Desktop for Mac is a free upgrade for all existing users! Otherwise, it is available for $79.95 USD. A 15-day trial version is also available.

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Ms. Pac-Man lands on the iPod

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Feb 272007

Ms. Pac-Man

Apple has added Ms. Pac-Man (celebrating its 25th anniversary this year) to its catalog of iPod games offered through iTunes. Chomp your way to a champion score as you gobble dots, chase down delicious bouncing fruit and eat up the ghosts when they’re feeling blue.

The game features an Original gameplay mode, a Normal one that has been adapted for the iPod and an Easy mode. All original 256 levels with their animated intermissions, the four mazes and the original sounds are included

Ms. Pac-Man is available through iTunes for $4.99 USD ($5.99 CAD).

Mind-controlled pigeons in China

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Feb 272007

Pigeons in China are probably very afraid today. Chinese scientists have apparently succeeded in controlling the flight of pigeons using micro electrodes implanted in their brains. The electrodes let the scientists command the pigeons to turn left or right or up and down. The implants stimulate different areas of the pigeon’s brain according to signals sent by the scientists via computer, and force the bird to comply with their commands. Basically, these signals mimic natural signals generated by the brain.

The same team already had done similar experiments with mice in 2005 and hope to put the technology to practical use in the future.

Soon, you won’t know if the bird that just dive-bombed you is angry or under control of your angry neighbour!

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HTC Vox unboxing

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Feb 272007


The latest unboxing to take place over at The Boy Genius is for the HTC S710 (codename Vox). This device sure looks sweet!

It is a quad-band Windows Mobile 6 Standard Smartphone with a spring-assisted slide-out keyboard. It also comes with a 200MHz TI OMAP processor, a 2.4-inch QVGA screen that will autorotate when the keyboard is slid out, 64MB ROM and 128MB ROM, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, a 2MP camera (which the Boy Genius raves about calling it simply outstanding!), a microSD slot and mini USB. As expected, it will not come with 3G though.

At 18mm thick, HTC has managed to keep the Vox relatively slim.

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Umbrella for a Jedi master

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Feb 272007

How does a Jedi master stay dry? With the Lightsaber Umbrella of course which looks like a lightsaber with an umbrella canopy on it.

My Korean is sadly lacking but it looks like you have a choice of blue, red or white lightsaber colours (or the closest LED equivalent available on Earth). The handle can also work as a flashlight should you need one. It seems that a smaller version is also available for those younger jedis-still-in-training.

The price is around $40 USD before shipping.

Source: Ubergizmo

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Apple TV launch delayed to mid-March

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Feb 262007

Rumours that surfaced earlier this month suggesting that the Apple TV wireless media hub would not be ready in time for shipments at the end of February have turned out to be true despite earlier denials by Apple. Apple spokeswoman Lynn Fox indicated today that “Wrapping up Apple TV is taking a few weeks longer than we projected, and we now expect to begin shipments mid-March.” No specific reason was given for the delay.

The $299 USD device was formally announced back at MacWorld 2007 after a preview back in September 2006.

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Microsoft provides free Windows Mobile 6 upgrades to vendors

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Feb 262007

Smartphone Thoughts is reporting that Microsoft will give vendors free Windows Mobile 6 upgrades to upgrade their devices. I think it’s clear that Microsoft understands the frustration that all of us feel when a new OS is released and are trying to change things. It’s expected that HTC will offer upgrades for any device with a keyboard – as all of you Dash/Excalibur users are already aware. Unfortunately we don’t know what Motorola or Samsung plan to do about this. The ball is in the carriers and manufacturers court.

While this does increase the likelihood that more devices will see upgrades, device manufacturers will still need to develop ROMs for devices that they may no longer be selling and then the carriers would still likely want to certify these upgrades on their networks. And will other manufacturers follow HTC’s lead and only offer upgrades for devices with keyboards?

I expect that we will hear many complaints about the lack of upgrades in the upcoming months!

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Share your GPS info with your friends with Navideo 2.0

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Feb 262007


If your Windows Mobile device comes with GPS, you know exactly where you are at any time. With Navideo 2.0, you can now easily forward this information to others so that they know where you are as well. Navideo is a multi purpose application for your PDA and PC that combines navigation with mobile communication. Exchange your GPS location with others by clicking just one button! This can be useful in everything from the mundane (like meeting up with friends) to emergencies (like where your car broke down).

Navideo 2.0 comes with features like

  • the ability to send Navideo.net maplinks via instant messaging, email or SMS
  • the ability to receive coordinates from others and use them as a destination
  • the ability to work with TomTom, GoogleMaps and other navigation software
  • a speedometer that shows your driving time, distance, speed and other stats
  • up to 20 SMS numbers stored in a Friendlist
  • And still more

Navideo 2.0 comes in different versions including a free basic edition. The Pro version adds features like SMS and email messaging and increased precision to 10 meters (from 100 meters) for 39€. At the top of the range is the Ultimate version for 599€.

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Useful web site for HP Media Vault owners

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Feb 262007

If you own an HP Media Vault, a network-attached storage system for home and small business, a useful resource on how to get the most of it is the HP Media Vault Frequently Asked Questions/Knowledge Base.

The site covers a wide number of topics, including how to add a second drive, how to do backups and restores, remote file sharing, technical documentation, and Vista incompatibilities.

Check it out to get the most out of your HP Media Vault.

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Apple iPhone commercial at the Oscars (Updated)

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Feb 252007


There had been rumours that Apple would air an iPhone commercial during the Oscars tonight. Well, it did happen. It featured some 28 movie scenes of people saying hello into telephones. It wrapped up with pictures of the iPhone and the tag lines “Hello” and “Coming in June”.

If you missed it, The Boy Genius was able to capture it and has it on his web site.

The 30 second ad cost $1.7 million USD to put on the air, according to Gizmodo (Still cheaper than a Superbowl commercial!).

Update: I have updated the title to link to the Apple web site where the ad has also been posted.

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Opera Mini updated to 3.1

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Feb 252007

Opera has released an upgrade to Opera Mini, its mobile browser. Version 3.1 adds the ability to manage RSS feeds and comes with a number of bug fixes, improved connectivity and support for some new devices, including the T-Mobile Dash and a number of Motorola i models.

Check Opera’s list of supported devices to see if Opera Mini will run on yours.

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