OCZ Trifecta SD cards combine multiple formats

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Mar 312007

Trifecta SD card

OCZ Technology has unveiled the innovative Trifecta SD card series. In the past, we have seen SD cards that come with a USB port. We have also seen microSD cards that come with SD adapters. Now, OZC has managed to pack all three into one card. At the heart of the Trifecta is a microSD card. Slide it into the SD adapter/reader and you can now use the same storage card in devices with only an SD slot. The same adapter can also work in a USB port.

The Trifecta SD card is available in either 1GB or 2GB capacities. Both come with 66x read speeds.

No word yet on availability or price at this time though.

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Help Proporta with the design of their Alu-leather case

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Mar 312007


Proporta is looking for some customer feedback on the design of one of their cases. Two main designs of the Alu-Leather Case have dominated the product so far, the case with the Side Grip, and the design using a Pouch. We would like to ask you which case design you prefer so that we fully understand your needs as best we can. So far, people have commented on the fact that they enjoy being able to see the entirety of their device, as well as the keyboard accessibility provided by the case with side grips. They have also said that they enjoy the security of a pouch, and the fact that it adds less bulk to the device than the side grip. But what is your preference?

Head over to Proporta and give them your feedback. Prizes will be awarded to 5 lucky Proporta helpers.

Gadgetorama reviewed the Alu-leather Case for the iPod nano a while back.

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Nikon Universcale shows relative size of everything in universe

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Mar 312007

While not gadget related, this a pretty cool web site. Nikon’s Universcale lets you compare the size of objects from the microworld to the universe, from a single perspective. On a single scale you go from protons measured in fentometers to galaxies measures in light years. By setting them up against a scale, we are able to compare and understand things which cannot be physically compared.

The scale is set up such that each time you move an order of magnitude up, the previous order of magnitude will fit into a small square on the left of the scale.

After seeing this, it’s hard not to feel small!

Source: Crave

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More weekend fun: Dr. Pocket

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Mar 312007

Dr. Pocket

Dr. Pocket is a Pocket PC version (now on version 3) of a classic console game. The goal in Dr. Pocket is to combat the viruses in the pill bottle by strategically placing the falling pills to create rows and columns of the same color. When you get four of the same color in a row, everything in the row explodes. Any unsupported pieces will collapse onto the viruses below (which can cause even more explosions, resulting in a much higher score). Extra points are awarded for destroying more than one virus at a time.

Among the features of this latest version are four single player game modes, three multi-player modes, twenty levels, three speed settings, and high scores for each different game combination.

Dr. Pocket is available for $9.95 USD from our affilate Clickgamer. A trial version is also available.

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Swimman waterproofs iPod shuffle from the inside

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Mar 312007

Most of the time, when you want to waterproof an iPod or another gadget, you go out and buy a waterproof case for it (like an Otterbox iPod nano case). Now, there’s an alternative for the 2G iPod shuffle. Swimman has created the first and only completely waterproof iPod shuffle. NO BULKY CASE REQUIRED! In fact, there’s no added case at all. Although details about the process itself are not revealed, it will work in waters up to 3 meters (10 feet) in depth.

You can either send in your iPod shuffle to have it waterproofed for $75 USD (plus shipping) or you can buy one directly from Swimman for $150 USD. Swimman even carries the new shuffle colours.

Source: The Red Ferret Journal

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New shipping delays for OQO Model 02? (Updated)

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Mar 302007

OQO Model 02

Just days after we got confirmation that OQO was starting to ship its Windows XP Model 02 comes word that shipments may be delayed by a few more weeks. According to the iCube blog, among the reasons for the delay is the fact that there are issues with the production of the cover of the wireless antenna made by GE. OQO wants to make sure the quality of the unit that delivered to their customers so this pre-cautionary steps to delay the delivery is necessary.

The delay could also impact the delivery of Vista versions of the OQO Model 02.

Source: jkOnTheRun

Update: According to Mobility Today, there are no delays but it may take OQO four to six weeks to clear the backlog of orders.

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Ubiquio 503G unveiled

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Mar 302007

Ubiquio 503G

The Ubiquio 501 may not have set the world on fire but the new Ubiquio 503G will likely get a more favourable response with the specs it packs. Expansys describes it as an impressive feature-set including Windows Mobile 6 software, a 520MHz Intel processor, Stereo Bluetooth, WiFi and blazing fast HSDPA wireless data, make the UBiQUiO 503G a mobile powerhouse..

Powered by Windows Mobile 6 and an Intel Bulverde 520 MHz processor, it packs 96MB RAM and 192MB ROM, quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and tri-band WCDMA/UMTS support, a 2.4-inch QVGA display, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 1.2 with A2DP, a 2MP main camera as well as a 0.3MP camera for video conferencing, and a microSD slot.

The Ubiquio 503G is available for pre-order from Expansys for about $775 USD. It is expected to start shipping on June 20th.

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Weekend fun: Puzzle solving with NEXT

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Mar 302007


Think you’re smart? Make your NEXT move to solve this 64 level game. NEXT is the first game to be released by Mobigloo and it promises hours of puzzle solving fun. You start with a field of colored blocks, stacked in various positions. Each block can be pushed to one side or the other, falling to the bottom if there are no blocks below it. When two blocks of the same color get next to each other, they obliterate. To solve each puzzle, you push the blocks around, destroying groups until they have all disappeared.

NEXT is available for $9.95 USD from our affiliate Clickgamer. Versions are available for the PalmOS, Pocket PC and Smartphone devices, RIM BlackBerry and other operating systems. A trial version is also available.

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Philips Xenium NRG can run on AAA battery

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Mar 292007

Philips Xenium NRG

Philips has partnered with Energizer and Techtium to unveil the Xenium NRG, a mobile phone that can run on AAA batteries. Using a technology called BackuPower, the phone’s standard lithium-ion battery is complemented by an additional compartment that will accept any type of standard sized AAA battery (for example, alkaline, NiMH rechargeable or the Energize e2 Lithium battery). With this added power, users can continue to enjoy mobile multimedia such as listening to FM radio, playing music, making video recordings and taking pictures. Heavy phone users can now have the reassurance they need that their phones can be instantly powered-up by simply inserting a single AAA battery, readily available anywhere.

A single AAA battery can provide up to 3 hours of talk time and 1 week of standby time.

Philips did not disclose when the Xenium NRG would be available and for how much.

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Microsoft unveils Deepfish

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Mar 292007

Microsoft Deepfish

If using Pocket Internet Explorer on sites not optimized for mobile devices leaves you wanting, you will be happy to know that Microsoft is working on enhancing that experience with a new technology called Deepfish. Deepfish is a lightweight client application that leverages a powerful server side technology for delivery of content such as web pages to a Windows Mobile device. Content is displayed in a familiar desktop format that requires no additional work by the content or site author.

It is very similar to the way Safari works on the iPhone in that it lets you zoom on the section of the site that you are focused on. Using a preview of the whole page, you decide where to zoom (by tapping that area).

Keep in mind that this is only still a work in progress. As a technology preview, Deepfish is early in its development cycle (still a few releases from beta quality). As a result some features are not implemented or are only partially implemented. Currently, the technology preview does not support ActiveX controls, AJAX, cookies, Javascript, and HTTP POST.

Microsoft offered limited enrollment to test Deepfish but it’s already closed. You can still sign up to get an email in case they decide to provide additional installations.

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iTunes Store now credits single purchases against album purchases

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Mar 292007

Apple has implemented a new feature on the iTunes Store where you will now get a credit for any songs you purchased earlier if you later decide to buy the corresponding album. In the past, if you bought a single and then later decided to buy the entire album, you were charged again for album version of the song. Apple hopes that this feature will stop deterring and perhaps even encourage people from buying full albums after purchasing a single.

There is a catch though. You must purchase the album within 180 days of the single purchase in order to get the credit back. Mac Rumors also indicates that this feature does not work on all albums.

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Label your plugs

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Mar 292007

ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels

Does a tangle of power cords live beneath your desk like it does at my place? Do you know which plug to pull when you want to turn off a piece of equipment? A solution is now at hand fortunately. The ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels are labels with a drawing of the device on it. Stick them on the plugs of the appropriate device and the next time you are trying to figure out which plug is which, the task will be that much easier.

The ID Pilot Wire Identification Labels are made of pliable vinyl and measure 1.6 centimeters (5/8-inch) in diameter.

They are available in three different themes: Office (22 office computer labels and 10 office equipment labels), Electronics (16 home computer labels, 16 audio/video equipment labels and 8 charger labels for wireless devices) and Household (8 kitchen basics labels, 8 gourmet kitchen labels, 24 household labels and 8 workshop labels).

Each ID Pilot Wire Identification Label kit is available for $6 USD.

Source: The Uber-Review

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Zune firmware 1.3 upgrade now available

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Mar 282007

Microsoft Zune

The Zune firmware expected in mid-March is finally out, about two weeks behind schedule. As expected, the upgrade should fix skipping issues experienced by some with content purchased from the Zune Marketplace. It also delivers improved device and software reliability including better device detection and synchronization, and a fix for battery draining issues with the FM tuner.

As expected, no new functionality is included in the update.

Your Zune should automatically detect the update but you can also force the detection through the Zune software.

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Minimo 0.2 released

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Mar 282007

Remember Minimo, the Mozilla Windows Mobile browser?. The drought of news and updates is over as version 0.2 has been released. Unfortunately, I could not find any details on what is new and what was updated in this latest version.

The Minimo has been focused on code-size and runtime footprint reduction, small screen usability, and porting to small consumer devices. We hope to make Minimo the browser of choice on small devices, or machines with limited system resources; taking advantage of Mozilla’s support for a broad and comprehensive set of standards and the variety of content on the web, proven security, international support, and cross platform capability.

Version 0.2 is for Windows Mobile 5.0 and up so if you’re using an older Windows Mobile version, continue to use version 0.016.

Source: Pocket PC Mauritius

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