HTC firmware update for the Cingular 8525

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Apr 302007

HTC Hermes

HTC has released a firmware upgrade for the Cingular 8525 (also known as the AT&T 8525 now). This is not an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 but it should offer bug fixes and general improvements. Unfortunately, HTC’s download page does not list what the update specifically adds or fixes. Fortunately, Engadget Mobile has done some digging and found the the upgrade will add a functional push-to-talk button, miscellaneous bug fixes from the 8525’s original firmware, and that love-it-or-hate-it AT&T branding.

Note: The ROM update will overwrite the current ROM image and to erase the partnership and all user data and programs on the 8525. Be sure to backup your data before doing the update.

Source: Engadget Mobile

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Sling Media releases SlingPlayer for Mac

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Apr 302007


Sling Media has released the Mac version of its SlingPlayer, its application that lets Slingbox users watch their TV content on their computers. With this software release, Slingbox owners can now view their television directly on their Macintosh computer screen. With full remote control, they can watch content from their home entertainment system whether from cable, DVR, DVD and even a full range of Apple entertainment products including: Apple TV, Front Row, iPod in Apple’s Universal Dock or iPod in an iPod Hi-Fi.

The Apple version of SlingPlayer has been updated to be an Aqua application and adheres to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

The SlingPlayer software is free download but it won’t do you much good without a Slingbox to go with it (and those aren’t free).

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Online Windows Mobile Training from Microsoft

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Apr 302007

Windows Mobile

So you have a new Windows Mobile device and want to learn how to make the best use of it. Head over to the Microsoft Windows Mobile Training to find interactive online courses, downloadable sales tools, and mobile device news.

Among the courses, you will find topics such Windows Mobile 6 Level 1, ActiveSync Level 1 and Level 2, Windows Vista and Windows Mobile Device Center as well as courses specific to some devices such as the Blackjack, Motorola Q and the Audiovox 6700.

There are even a Windows Mobile Training Specialist and a Windows Mobile Training Small Business Specialist designations that you can obtain if you complete the requisite courses(10 in all with six for the former and 4 for the latter). When you pass the Specialist test, you may download a certificate that recognizes your achievement. Even better: The courses required for Specialist status provide you a high level of Windows Mobile platform knowledge and selling skills.

Note: You need to have a Windows Live ID to take advantage of this site.

Source: Pocket PC Paradise

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PhoneWeaver 1.0 released by SBSH Mobile Software

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Apr 302007

SBSH Mobile Software has announced PhoneWeaver 1.0, an application to let you manage your mobile phone profiles (very similar to the just released Spb Phone Suite for Windows Mobile Pocket PC). SBSH PhoneWeaver allows you to create up to 100 profiles that control the state of your phone radio, Wi-Fi, push mail, Bluetooth, ringer, vibrate state and much more! PhoneWeaver also comes with a clean and straightforward Today screen plugin, allowing you to view and control the currently active profile and much more!

Among the features you will find in PhoneWeaver 1.0, you will find:

  • A Profile Manager that lets you create and activate profiles based on time, date, charging state and other parameters
  • A Today Screen plugin that helps you view the current active profile and manually switch profiles.
  • Compatibility with the Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and new Windows Mobile 6 operating systems.
  • Support for VGA devices and all available screen orientations

SBSH PhoneWeaver 1.0 is available for $14.95 USD directly from SBSH. A trial version is also available.

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More Google phone evidence

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Apr 302007


Rumours that Google would move into the phone business have been swirling for a while. Now comes further evidence that Google is at least considering such a move. A recent New York Times article looking at how companies such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are moving their services to mobile devices such as cellphones, there is a mention that Google has already built a prototype to test out the mobile software it is developing.

Whether this phone ever makes it out of the R&D lab is another question though. The article goes on to suggest that rather than making its own phones, Google is looking to partner with existing hardware manufacturers to include the Google software on their phones.

Or maybe Google will just buy a hardware manufacturer and, presto, Google phones galore…

Source: Gizmodo

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HTC P4550 preview

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Apr 292007

HTC Kaiser

The HTC P4550 (codename Kaiser) first surfaced in a leaked HTC roadmap. A Thai site has posted a preview of this upcoming device meant to replace the Tytn. While I can’t read much of it, they do have plenty of pictures of the device and the software it will come with.

In terms of specs, it will be powered by a 384MHz QualComm processor and Windows Mobile 6 Professional. It will come with 64MB RAM and 256MB ROM, quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA, a 2.8-inch QVGA screen, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, integrated GPS, both a 3MP camera and VGA camera, and a microSD slot.

Pricing and availability are not yet available (or they’re buried in the text that I can’t read).

If anyone knows of an online translator for Thai to English, please drop me a note!

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T-Mobile Dash WM 6 upgrade leaked and release date?

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Apr 292007

T-Mobile Dash

It looks like T-Mobile will officially release the Dash Windows Mobile 6 Standard upgrade on May 4th. I expect that you will be able to find it at on that date.

But if you are impatient and cannot wait a week, a post on Howard Forums has leaked the upgrade. It is apparently the official upgrade and a few people brave enough to install it have all reported no issues with the upgrade.

A word of warning: You are on your own if you install this leaked upgrade and run into issues. And remember that as with any ROM update, all your programs and data will be wiped out. Don’t forget to do a data backup first!

Secrets of Da Vinci on sale at Clickgamer

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Apr 292007

Secrets of Da Vinci

Earlier this month, I told you about Secrets of da Vinci, the latest adventure game from Tetraedge where you try to uncover the last secrets of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Taking place in Paris in 1522, this adventure game features puzzles based on some of Da Vinci’s works like the Mona Lisa and his flying machine, a highly detailed representation of the the Clos Lucé, Da Vinci’s last residence, ambient sounds for an immersive experience, voice acting in four languages and more.

Before you buy the game, make sure you have enough storage: it requires 24MB of program memory and 280MB of storage memory.

Secrets of Da Vinci will be on sale this week for $17.45 USD (instead of the usual $24.95) from our affiliate Clickgamer. A trial version is also available.

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Dopod to offer HTC Love as Dopod D802

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Apr 292007

Dopod D802

It looks like Dopod is getting ready to announce the Dopod D802, their version of the HTC P3350 (codename Love).

The Dopod D802 is powered by a 200MHz TI OMAP processor and Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC Phone Edition (with AKU 3.3.1). It comes with quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM, a 2.8-inch QVGA display, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth with A2DP, a 2MP camera, an FM tuner, a miniUSB port and a microSD slot. Software focused on multimedia, including equalizers and a media hub application, is also included.

So far, I have not found any information on pricing but it should hit the street any day now.

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Xda terra: First Windows Mobile 6 Professional device ships

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Apr 282007

O2 Xda terra

Arne over at the::unwired is reporting that O2 Germany has begun to the O2 Xda terra, making it the first Windows Mobile 6 Professional to ship in the world. It replaces the Xda Mini S.

The Xda terra is an update HTC Herald. Powered by a TI OMAP 200MHz processor, it comes with quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, a 2.8 QVGA touch-screen, 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM, a slide-out keyboard, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a microSD slot and a 2MP camera.

Available now from the O2 Germany web site, it is available for as low as 79.99 € with a two year contract. Without a contract, it will cost 519.99 €

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A mousepad worthy of your mouse

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Apr 282007

Why should your mousepad not match the rest of your office decor? That’s the idea behind the MouseRugs. These mousepads come in a number of traditional handmade rug patterns. Now that Turkish Star Ushak on your floor can be matched up with a mousepad that won’t cause visiting interior decorators to gasp in horror.

Over 50 different patterns are available in several collections, including the Museum, Persian, Native American and Woolrich Collections.

While not quite as exotic as the Formula 1 mousepad, the MouseRugs are a bit more affordable at $18.98 USD each.

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iTunes Europe to offer movies in 2007

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Apr 282007


In an interview with French business newspaper Les Echos, Pascal Cagni, Apple’s vice president for Europe, revealed that movies are coming to the European iTunes store by the end of the year. Apparently, one of the reasons for the later launch is that Apple is having to re-encode all the video content for Europe.

In the same interview, Cagni confirmed that the iPhone will also arrive in Europe by the end of the year.

Now, what about Canada?

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Watch live TV on your Pocket PC device

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Apr 272007

Makayama has released Pocket Live TV, an application that will let you watch 100 channels from 10 countries live on your Pocket PC device. The content is broadcast over the Internet and works over Wi-Fi and 3G connections. For example, you can pop into a coffee shop, connect to their Wi-Fi hotspot and watch that episode of Lost that you were so desperate not to miss.

Among the countries from which you can watch content are the US, Canada, France, Italy, Spain and others. Among the channels you will find are CNN, BBC, Sky News, MTV, Eurosport, the Weather Channel and many others.

Best of all, Pocket Live TV does not use subscription fees. A one time purchase and you are all set to watch as much television as you want.

Pocket Live TV is available for $19.95 USD directly from Makayama. A trial version is also available (useful to see what channels are available in your country before you buy).

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More DRM-free content coming to iTunes

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Apr 272007

MacRumors is reporting that Apple has notified its iTunes partners that they would soon be able to offer DRM-free music and music videos through the iTunes store. It’s not clear whether partners would be able to charge a slightly higher fee for this content like EMI will be doing (videos will be sold DRM-free for the same price as today). I would expect that partners would have the option though.

The first DRM-free content should appear on iTunes starting in May.

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Weekend fun: Pocket Heroes

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Apr 272007

Pocket Heroes

Pocket Heroes is a game that combines elements of turn-based strategy with those of a role-playing game. If you ever played Heroes of Might and Magic, you’ll be right at home. In the game, you manage a team of heroes and their armies. Your armies will lay sieges to enemies’ castles and battle monsters and enemy heroes. At the same time, you must also manage your castles (used to recruit your armies), defend them from enemies and scour the land for resources to improve them. You will definitely be busy!

The game features 6 different races with their own strengths and weaknesses, 36 heroes to choose from to lead your armies, 22 secondary skills to help your heroes get more powerful, 7 resource types, over 35 different creatures, different schools of magic, 73 unique artifacts, more than 60 external dwellings, 35 maps and 5 difficulty levels.

Pocket Heroes is available for $19.95 USD from our affiliate Clickgamer. A trial version is also available.

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