Verizon completes EV-DO Rev. A deployment

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Jun 302007

Verizon announced that it has completed the upgrade of its CDMA 1x Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) network to the Rev.A version of the technology. The enhancements throughout the company’s wireless broadband network provide customers from coast to coast with access to e-mail, everyday corporate data, the Internet and more at faster speeds and the ability to upload files eight to nine times faster than before. Download and upload speeds could reach 1.4 Mbps and between 500-800 kbps respectively.

To make full use of the upgrade, you must have a device that supports EV-DO Rev. A.

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iPhone dissected by iFixit

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Jun 302007

Apple iPhone

If you are curious to see what components make up the iPhone, the folks at iFixit have taken one apart so that you don’t have to perform a similar dissection on your own. You’ll see exactly what you get for USD$599 if you sprang for an 8GB model. One thing is clear: Apple really tried to build the iPhone solidly (for example, there are 16 screws with 10 along the edges and the antenna wires are glued down).

Think Secret also performed a similar disassembly but with less success. They were not as lucky when trying to open the logic board (which contains the flash memory, processor, and some other chips).

Now we wait for the iFixit re-assembly pictures…

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More details on HTC Advantage docking station

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Jun 302007

HTC Advantage docking station

More information has surfaced about the HTC Advantage X7500 docking station that had been spotted at MEDC Europe 2007.

The docking station comes with the following ports: VGA port, video out, S-Video (4 pin), miniUSB for charging and synchronization and 2 USB ports. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack, a slot to charge a second battery and LED indicators for the second battery, power and synchronization.

It is available now for £69.95 (about US$140) through Expansys.

Source: Engadget

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Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine 2007 Best Software Awards nominees announced

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Jun 302007

Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine has announced its initial list of Pocket PC and Smartphone nominees. This first list was determined by The Board of Experts who select the nominees from the Encyclopedia of Software and Accessories. Now end-users and developers can make their own nominations until July 13th, 2007.

The nominations will be frozen on July 20th after which the judges will evaluate the software and vote. Finalists will be announced in late September and winners will be announced in mid-October and featured in the 2008 Smartphone & Pocket PC Buyers Guide.

Good luck to all!

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Bell Canada launches BlackBerry 8830 World Edition smartphone

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Jun 292007

BlackBerry 8830 World Edition smartphone

The iPhone was not the only phone that launched this week. Bell Canada announced that the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition was now available on its network. The BlackBerry 8830 World Edition from Bell is the first BlackBerry smartphone to take advantage of the world’s two leading wireless network technologies. It offers the high speed Internet access and premium North American coverage of CDMA networks in Canada, the United States and Mexico, and the global reach of GSM/GPRS technology when clients travel around the world.

The BlackBerry 8830 comes with a full QWERTY keyboard and many of the multimedia features (including support for the audio MP3, WMA, AAC and video MPEG-4, WMV, H.264 formats) that RIM first unveiled on the Pearl. It also has 64MB of memory, a trackball (like the Pearl), a microSD slot, a 2.4-inch QVGA display, voice-activated dialing, GPS and Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP.

Prices for the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition range from CAD$299 with a 3 year contract to CAD$699.95 without a contract.

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Hermit in a cave update: Apple iPhone available today

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Jun 292007

Apple iPhone

Just in case Gadgetorama is the only web site that you check for news about the outside world (and you have missed our iPhone coverage in the past), today is the day that the world (well, the US at least) finally gets to get their hands on the Apple iPhone. It will be available today at 1800 local time and lineups are well under way at Apple and AT&T stores. Apple has confirmed that you will be able to purchase a maximum of two iPhones.

Apple has also got a number of iPhone accessories ready for you. Among them is the Bluetooth headset (which includes an iPhone Dual Dock to charge both the iPhone and the headset and a Bluetooth Travel Cable) for US$129, the iPhone Stereo Headset for US$29 and a US$29 USB power adapter among others.

Apple has also released iTunes 7.3 which will let you activate the iPhone service and let you sync it with your PC.

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Weekend fun: Loomies

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Jun 292007


Loomies is a Pocket PC version of the game Lumines originally designed for the Sony PSP. Based on light and sound patterns, it looks a lot like Tetris at first glance. Clear the blocks by arranging the two-color shapes falling down the screen into solid color squares and watch as the sweeper clears them from the play grid. Link combos of blocks together for more points and make the most of special blocks such as detonators, time distorters and super bombs to help clear the level and unlock up to eight new skins.

The game features block shapes not seen in Lumintes, new bonuses, more special blocks and more.

Loomies is available for US$11.95 from our affiliate Clickgamer. A trial version is also available.

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US Apple employees to get free 8GB iPhone

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Jun 282007


It is definitely a good time to be working for Apple. The company is doing incredibly well and probably about to do even better as it launches what is the most anticipated gadget in a very long time. And today, Apple employees got a small gift from Steve Jobs. Every full-time employee in the US (with at least one year of service) will receive a free 8GB iPhone by the end of July.

Steve Jobs also talked about what the iPhone means for Apple. He described it as adding a third leg to a chair with only two legs. The first leg is Apple’s Mac lineup which promises to be off the charts when new products come out next year. The second leg is the iPhone and associated iTunes online store. Steve Jobs also hopes that Apple TV will become the fourth leg but the immediate focus will remain on the iPhone for now.

Jobs also dropped a hint that future iPods could be powered by Mac OS X (as the iPhone is).

I bet Apple also gets a few more resumes tomorrow!

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20 more Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 devices by end of year

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Jun 282007

Microsoft Windows Mobile

Microsoft Taiwan has indicated that some 20 additional Windows Mobile 6 devices will see the light before the end of the year. This will be on top of the more than 140 devices that have already been launched by some 48 companies this year.

Among the manufacturers expected to announce new devices this year are Asustek Computer, Gigabyte Communications, E-Ten Information Systems, Samsung Electronics and Hewlett-Packard (HP).

Microsoft also reiterated that its goal is to ship some 20 million Windows Mobile licenses in its 2008 fiscal year (which starts in July), giving it a 20 percent market share of the global mobile devices market.

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HTC announces the P6300

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Jun 282007

HTC P6300

HTC Europe announced the HTC P6300 today. Known as the HTC Panda during development, it is aimed at the enterprise market. Featuring an over-size touch screen and generous on-board/expandable memory, it’s the perfect choice for industries that demand flexibility and reliability of communication and application usage.

The HTC P6300 is powered by a 400MHz Samsung processor and Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition. It comes with tri-band GSM/GPRS support, a 3.5-inch QVGA touchscreen display, 128MB RAM and 256MB ROM, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, a 2MP camera and an SDIO card slot.

The HTC press release does not specify when it will be released or its price.

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O2 Xda Zinc Windows Mobile 6 upgrade now available

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Jun 282007

O2 Asia has released another Windows Mobile 6 upgrade, this time for the O2 Xda Zinc. O2’s aim is to embrace technology innovation that enhances the user experience of our products, whether hardware or software. We are therefore pleased to offer a free upgrade of the latest Windows Mobile 6 operating system for all Xda Zinc customers.

The Windows Mobile 6 upgrade is available both in English and Chinese. You will need to register with O2 Asia to be able to download the upgrade.

As with any ROM update, all your existing programs and data will be wiped out so be sure to back up all your data before you proceed.

As with the earlier Xda Atom Life, O2 only supports the upgrade using Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP with ActiveSync 4.5 or later. Vista users are warned that other operating systems are NOT supported and may result in damages to your devices. Come on, O2, Vista has been out for half a year now!

Source: the::unwired

Chinese Scroll concept mobile phone

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Jun 282007

Chinese Scroll concept mobile phone

Flexible displays are quickly becoming an affordable reality and will soon appear in mobile devices. Designer Yun Liang has come up with a Chinese scroll mobile phone concept that illustrates just how a flexible display could be used.

As the name implies, the design was inspired by how traditional Chinese paintings are unfurled. When needed, a flexible screen rolls out of the scroll. The scroll body features a numeric keypad so that calls can be made without having to open the screen. The unfurled screen would be used to access media and data.

Source: The Uber-Review

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Skweezing Gadgetorama

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Jun 272007


One the many things I have neglected to do on Gadgetorama so far is deliver a good mobile experience. You have the Mobile News page but that’s about as far as I have gone to really make the site accessible to mobile devices. Fortunately, a solution exists and will hopefully make it easier to use the site until I find the time to get the site revamped to better support mobile devices. Simply let Skweezer format the site for your mobile device.

Skweezer is a free service that reformat web pages for mobile devices to improve their legibility and to make them faster to load.

Save the URL to your Bookmarks. I’ve also added it to the navigation bar at the left.

Thanks to Pocket PC Mauritius for the idea.

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SanDisk announces 6 and 8 Gigabyte microSDHC cards

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Jun 272007

SanDisk 8GB microSDHC card

SanDisk announced today that 6 and 8GB microSD High Capacity (microSDHC) flash memory cards are on their way. The cards are currently being tested and evaluated by major phone manufacturers and mobile network operators.

Even SanDisk cannot avoid mentioning the Apple iPhone. “With these new cards, any mobile phone with a compatible microSDHC slot will have just as much storage as the largest-capacity iPhone,” said Jeff Kost, vice president and general manager of the Mobile Consumer Solutions division at SanDisk.

The cards are currently being tested and evaluated by major phone manufacturers and mobile network operators and will be released later in 2007. Pricing information has not been released yet.

SDHC is a specification for SD-based cards that have a capacity larger than 2GB. They adhere to the new SD 2.00 specification. Presumably that means that you will need a device that supports the SDHC format to take full advantage of these cards.

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