Mar 082008


If yet another teaser turns out to be true, we could soon see new smartphones from HTC. The Chinese-language Commercial Times is reporting that HTC will release a new series of Diamond smartphones in the second quarter of the year. Unfortunately, there are precious few other details.

Earlier this week, a mysterious HTC smartphone surfaced on the Bluetooth SIG. Could it be one of the new HTC Diamonds?

And what can we expect from the HTC Diamond: A completely new line or a refresh to some of HTC’s current devices? Here is a crazy guess. HTC already has a smartphone series called the Touch family. Could the Diamond series be a refresh with updated hardware and an updated version of TouchFLO? We’ll have to see…

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Jerome Skalnik

Jerome is Gadgetorama's founder and Editor. His interest in mobile devices goes back to the Compaq PC Companion C120 and there has not been a time since that he has not had a mobile device (or more) on him.

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