Oct 282009

Verizon Wireless

It looks like Verizon will use its DROID brand for more than just the just announced DROID by Motorola. The DROID name will reportedly apply to all Android-powered devices that Verizon will offer. In fact, Verizon could also launch a second DROID, the DROID Eris, on November 6th.

According to details obtained by The Boy Genius Report, the Droid Eris is apparently powered by a 528MHz Qualcomm processor and Android 1.5. It would also come with EV-DO connectivity, a 3.2-inch display, a trackball for navigation, a 5MP camera and a microSD card slot. The Eris appears to be none other than the HTC Desire and appears to be an HTC Hero CDMA variant.

If DROID is to be a family of devices, it is conceivable that the Motorola Calgary, also reportedly headed to Verizon, will end up with a DROID moniker.


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