Oct 302009

WIND Mobile

WIND Mobile has issued a statement in regards to yesterday’s CRTC ruling that WIND Mobile (and its parent company Globalive) do not meet Canadian ownership requirements. Not surprisingly, the company is disappointed by the decision:

“Having already received approval from Industry Canada, we are extremely disappointed that the CRTC has come to a different conclusion,” said Anthony Lacavera, Chairman, Globalive Wireless Management Corp. “This is a bad day for Canadian consumers. Canadians deserve competition in wireless and this decision represents a major step backwards.”

Ken Campbell, CEO of WIND Mobile, has revealed that they are looking at options to move forward. A number of options are open to Globalive: It could make the changes requested by the CRTC (board of director changes, changes to Orascom conditions of sale or exit, higher Orascom veto threshold, and reduction of debt financing provided by Orascom to Globalive), it could appeal the CRTC ruling, or it could appeal directly to the Canadian government which has been looking to increase competition in the wireless industry.

At this point, it is not clear when WIND Mobile will be able to launch but it is looking less likely that it will be this year.

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