RIM ships 37 million BlackBerries in fiscal 2010 but misses analyst expectations

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Mar 312010

Research In Motion

Research In Motion today announced its Q4 and year-end results for its fiscal 2010 year. Revenues were US$4.08 billion for the fourth quarter and US$14.95 billion for the fiscal year. 80 percent of revenues came from device sales which reached 10.5 million in the fourth quarter and 37 million for the entire year.

“RIM has completed another outstanding fiscal year with record revenue, earnings and subscriber results. Our company and partnerships continued to thrive within one of the most dynamic industries in the world. We managed to significantly expand our international market share while also maintaining our longstanding leadership in North America where BlackBerry continues to be the top selling smartphone brand,” said Jim Balsillie, Co-CEO at Research In Motion. “We are off to a great start in fiscal 2011 and expect strong shipments, revenue, subscriber and earnings growth in Q1. We are also very excited about our portfolio of products and services for the coming year and we continue to see exceptional opportunity for sustained growth.”

In the past fiscal year, RIM’s subscriber base grew 65 percent. It now has over 41 million subscriber accounts after adding another 4.9 million in the last quarter alone.

Analyst expectations for the fourth quarter had been higher, triggering an after-market slump in RIM’s stock price. Analysts appear to be particularly worried about RIM’s fortunes in North America. Much of RIM’s growth came from international markets while it faces increasingly stiff opposition in the North American market from Apple and its iPhone and Google Android devices such as the Motorola Milestone/DROID. Will RIM’s upcoming new devices (including the rumoured BlackBerry 9100 and BlackBerry slider be enough to fend off the competition and allow it to remain the most popular smart phone in the U.S. market?

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ASUS planning two tablets to rival Apple iPad

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Mar 312010

ASUS CEO Jonney Shih confirmed in an interview with Forbes that his company is planning to release “at least two” tablet PCs in the coming months, confirming rumours that go as far back as 2008. Shih remarked that there is a niche for iPad-like tablets:

“Netbooks are the best combination of personal computing and cloud computing. But between netbooks and smartphones and e-readers, we think there will be a space for something like a tablet or slate PC.”

One tablet will likely run Google software (Android or possibly the upcoming Chrome OS) while the second will use Microsoft Windows. Shih also recognized the importance of content and promised that the Google tablet would have “a lot of media.” Does Shih have something different in mind for the Windows version?

ASUS could unveil its new tablets at the upcoming Computex trade show in early June.

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Apple iPad to launch in Canada on April 24th?

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Mar 312010

Apple iPad

When Apple announced that the Apple iPad would be available on April 3rd in the U.S., it only provided a “late April” launch date for other countries. We may now have a better idea of the date thanks to iPadinCanada.com.

It reports that a “source with close ties to the Apple Store” has revealed that April 24th and April 25th have been marked as “black out periods” where employees cannot book time off. This suggests that Apple is looking to have the appropriate staff levels for its Canadian iPad launch day.

If Apple adopts the same gap between pre-orders and the actual availability date as in the U.S., Canadians should be able to pre-order their iPads on April 2nd.

It’s also possible that Apple could use the April 24th date to launch the iPad in other countries.

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Rogers Wireless launches Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372 Mobile Hotspot

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Mar 312010

Novatel MiFi 2372 Mobile Hotspot

As had been expected, Rogers today announced the launch of the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot. It joins other devices such as the Rocket Hub and the Rocket Mobile Internet Sticks in the in Rogers’ line of Rocket mobile internet devices.

“Rogers is dedicated to providing customers with innovative solutions to stay connected to coworkers, friends and family while on the go,” said John Boynton, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Rogers Communications Inc. “Our customers, whether small business, mobile workers, families or students, will take advantage of the unrivalled capabilities of the Rocket(TM) intelligent mobile hotspot and the seamless, reliable and easy to use, portable Wi-Fi access.”

The Novatel MiFi 2372 provides wireless access to up to five devices by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot covering a 30 foot (9 meters) radius. Connected to the Rogers HSPA network, devices can then download at up to 7.2Mbps and upload at up to 5.7Mbps. It also comes with a microSD card slot and supports cards up to 16GB in capacity.

Rogers is offering the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372 for CA$49.99 with select three-year plans, CA$99.99 with select two-year plans, CA$199.99 with select one-year plans, and CA$249.99 without a plan.

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BlackBerry Storm2 headed to Bell Mobility on April 13th?

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Mar 302010

RIM BlackBerry Storm2

According to leaked internal Bell documents, Bell Mobility will launch the RIM BlackBerry Storm 2 on April 13th.

The BlackBerry Storm2 is powered by Blackberry OS 5. It will come with a 3.25-inch touchscreen display (480 by 360 pixels), 256MB Flash memory and 2GB of internal storage, built-in GPS/A-GPS, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, a 3.2MP camera with auto-focus and flash, a 3.5mm stereo headset jack, a microSDHC card slot, and a 1,400mAh battery. It supports dual-band CDMA/ED-DO, quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, and single-band (2100MHz) UMTS/HSPA connectivity. As such, it will not work on Bell’s HSPA network and will instead operate on its EV-DO network.

Bell appears set to offer the BlackBerry Storm2 for CA$349.95 with a three-year contract, CA$399.95 with a two-year contract, CA$499.95 with a one-year contract, and CA$549.95 with no contract. Look for the three-year contract pricing to drop to CA$199.95 to match TELUS pricing though.

TELUS has been offering the BlackBerry Storm2 since last November.

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Rumoured specifications of next generation Apple iPhone

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Mar 302010


A number of rumours have recently surfaced about the next generation Apple iPhone (the GSM version rather than the rumoured CDMA one). Here is an overview of what is currently floating around for the next generation Apple iPhone:

  • Apple iPad-like A4-class CPU system-on-a-chip
  • iPhone OS 4.0 with third-party multitasking
  • 960 by 640 display / 3.7-inches / AMOLED
  • Up to 64GB of storage capacity
  • Front-facing camera
  • 5MP camera

Names being bandied about include iPhone 4G (although I suspect that Apple will keep that for a future true 4G iPhone) and iPhone HD.

Apple could unveil this fourth generation iPhone on June 22nd. Apple might use the same strategy it did last year and introduce the new models at the US$199 and US$299 price points and continue to offer a current iPhone 3GS at a lower price of US$99.

Verizon begins to push Android 2.1 update for DROID

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Mar 302010

Verizon DROID by Motorola

After a number of false starts, it appears that Verizon has finally begun to push out the Google Android 2.1 update to its DROID users in earnest. The deployment will be gradual so it may take a few more days for you to see the update notification though.

The update being pushed out is AP: ESE81/BP: C_01.3E.03P). It comes with:

  • Voice recognition for Virtual Keyboard: Text box entry will now support dictation
  • Virtual Keyboard enhancements
  • 3D Gallery: Three dimensional stack view of album art and Picasa Web albums
  • Pinch-to-zoom functionality for web browsing, and Gallery and Google Maps applications
  • News and Weather widgets and applications
  • Google Maps updates (Starred item sync, personalized suggestions, night mode)
  • Improved pattern-lock functionality
  • Improved handset audio when disconnecting a wired headset
  • Live wallpapers

According to Engadget Mobile, only 1,000 user will receive the update in the first wave. A second wave to 9,000 will follow tonight before larger update waves begin tomorrow.

Motorola Canada confirms Android 2.1 update for Milestone but no ETA

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Mar 302010

Motorola Milestone

Motorola Canada has confirmed via its Facebook page that Google Android 2.1 is coming to the Canadian Motorola Milestone (available from TELUS). Unfortunately, there is still no deployment date.

A lot of you are asking about the upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1. Ultimately, we want to ensure you have the best possible experience on your device; as a result, the rollout is taking longer than expected. Though we don’t have the new deployment date to share just yet, we do promise we are working to get you updated information and will let you know as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience. We appreciate it!

Motorola has started to push out the Android 2.1 update in Europe so hopefully it won’t be much longer here in Canada.

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LinkedIn releases BlackBerry app

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Mar 302010

LinkedIn has released a free application for the RIM BlackBerry. Developed in collaboration with RIM, it integrates with a number of BlackBerry functions such as email, the calendar, and contacts. For example, you could use it to look up the background of people with whom you have an upcoming meeting. According to Adam Nash, LinkedIn’s vice-president of search and platform products:

“You’ll have the power of LinkedIn in your pocket. You’ll be able to use your professional network, build it, access it, anywhere you go.”

LinkedIn for BlackBerry supports the BlackBerry Tour, Bold, and Curve (requiring BlackBerry OS 4.3.0 or higher). One notable omission is the BlackBerry Storm.

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Apple iPhone headed to Verizon?

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Mar 292010

Apple iPhone 3GS

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is currently working on a CDMA variant of its Apple iPhone, possibly for Verizon. Should the rumour turn out to be accurate, it will mean the end of AT&T’s U.S. exclusive that dates back to the first iPhone in 2007.

According to WSJ sources, the next generation GSM iPhone, likely to be unveiled this summer, will continue to be manufactured by Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. while the CDMA-variant will be made by Pegatron Technology. The CDMA versio could be available as early as September.

The CDMA Apple iPhone could also be sold by Sprint in the U.S. as well as other CDMA operators across the world.

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Google outlines Android fragmentation remediation plans?

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Mar 292010

Google Android

Engdaget is reporting that Google is looking to make some significant changes to the next major version of Google Android (codename Froyo) to deal with the fragmented state (1.5, 1.6, 2.0 and 2.1 are all available currently on one device or another) of its mobile operating system. It’s not the first time we hear such rumblings but these apparently come from “people whose words carry weight.” The “off the record” discussions took place during CTIA last week.

Starting with Froyo (and possibly carrying over in Gingerbread), Google is looking to decouple many of the standard Android applications and move them to the Android Market (something it has already done with Google Maps). A number of core elements could undergo the same move. It would allow Google to release updates without tying them to a ROM update that requires manufacturer or carrier certification or approval to reach customers.

At the same time, Google expects that the frenetic pace of development will slow down as Android reaches a more mature state. As a result, there should be fewer core updates and less need for ROM updates.

Together, the two changes should result in a more consistent Android environment in the years to come. At least that appears to be the plan…

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WIND Mobile extends $150 credit offer to April 30th

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Mar 292010

WIND Mobile

WIND Mobile has extended the deadline of its CA$150 credit offer for customers transferring their number to WIND to April 30th 2010.


Can I really get $150 credit when I join WIND?


Yep. Bring your number over to WIND Mobile by April 30, 2010 (extended from March 31) and we’ll give you a $150 credit toward WIND services.

The credit will be applied to your account in five $30 monthly installments.

If you ported your number before March 31st, your credits will be applied starting April 1st, 2010.

If you port your number during April, your credits will be applied starting in May, 2010.

I wonder if this is a sign that the promotion has been effective in getting customers still under contract with other carriers to come to WIND?

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Upcoming Q2 2010 Fido devices and plans leaked?

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Mar 292010


Some screenshots leaked to MobileSyrup.com may have just revealed Fido’s upcoming Q2 launch of new devices and plans. In all, five mobile phones and an HSPA+ modem will be unveiled, starting on April 13th:

  • LG GW300 (in grey): April 13th
  • BlackBerry 9100 (in black): May 4th
  • Nokia X3 (in blue) and Nokia 3710: May 18th
  • Novatel Wireless MC988DF modem: May 2010
  • Sony Ericsson Aspen: June 2010

Fido will also revise its data plans to include the following:

  • 1GB/1GB (BIS) for CA$30 per month
  • 2GB/2GB (BIS) for CA$40 per month
  • 5GB for CA$50 per month
  • 8GB for CA$80 per month
  • 15GB for CA$150 per month
  • FidoUNO to be retired on June 1st

There is no word on when we could see an official Fido announcement confirming these details.

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Fusion Garage JooJoo and Apple iPad tablets begin to ship

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Mar 292010

Fusion Garage JooJoo

The tablets are coming at last! For those who placed pre-orders for the Fusion Garage JooJoo and Apple iPad, the next few days could mark the end of a long wait. Both companies have announced that their tablets are now shipping.

Last week, Fusion Garage announced that it had begun to ship its JooJoo tablet and that customers would start to receive them this week.

Fusion Garage announced that its category-creating joojoo Internet tablet has begun shipping from the factory today. joojoo devices are now on their way to U.S. customers who pre-ordered them. Devices should be received by Monday, March 29.

Similarly, Apple customers who placed their Wi-Fi-only Apple iPad pre-orders on the first day have begun to receive shipment notifications. These customers can expect to receive their iPads on April 3rd unless some overeager UPS delivery man fails to see the notice to hold deliveries until then.

Apple secures iPad trademark from Fujitsu

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Mar 272010

Apple iPad

When Apple announced the upcoming iPad, the trademark was owned by Fujitsu. Now, only weeks before shipments are scheduled to begin in the U.S., Fujitsu has turned over the trademark to Apple. There are no details about what agreement the two companies struck, it is very likely that Apple paid some sort of compensation to Fujitsu.

Apple had to go through similar negotiations when it first announced the iPhone as Cisco owned the iPhone trademark at the time.

Fujitsu first registered the iPad trademark back in 2003.

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