May 052011

New products are not traditionally announced through Securities and Exchange Commission filings. But it appears that Barnes & Noble may have revealed an upcoming eReader announcement in an 8-K filed with the SEC. The document indicates that “it expects to make an announcement on May 24, 2011, regarding the launch of a new eReader device.”

The filing reveals no details about this new eReader. The Wall Street Journal conjectures that it could be “a more powerful combination tablet and e-reader, perhaps running a more advanced software like Google Inc.’s Honeycomb software.” It is also possible that the company will launch a successor to its original Nook which was first released in November 2009 (and later joined by a Wi-Fi-only version).

Barnes & Noble recently updated the Nook Color (launched in October 2010) to Android 2.2, enabling a number of tablet features previously not available.

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Jerome Skalnik

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