Oct 052011

ASUSASUS is still on track with its plans to release a second generation Eee Pad Transformer tablet this year, according to the company’s CEO Jerry Shen. Responding to rumours that the tablet was delayed and that ASUS would also cut prices on its first generation Eee Pad Transfomer, Shen indicated that its second-generation model was on schedule and would sell for US$499 when released. He also dismissed rumours of any price cuts on the first generation tablet.

Shen did not give specific timelines but older rumours point to an October announcement (which could follow Google’s expected Ice Cream Sandwich announcement next week at Samsung’s Unpacked event).

Shen also expects that the upcoming release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich will allow Android tablet manufacturers to compete much better against the Apple iPad.

ASUS is holding to its shipment forecast of 1.5 to 2 million tablets this year.

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Jerome Skalnik

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