Dec 172011

EastLinkA new wireless carrier is set to launch on Canada’s East Coast in 2012. EastLink will offer both voice and data services, according to Jill Laing, manager of public and media relations for EastLink.

“If you look at the exploding demand for voice and data … and the kind of mobile applications that people are using their hand-held devices for these days, that’s what this will be for, as well as advanced business data services,” Laing said.

EastLink has begun to build out the necessary network with applications for 13 new towers and installation of some 20 rooftop antennas in Halifax. Similar work is also underway in other areas of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

EastLink already offers other services including telephone, television and internet. Much as others do, it is likely that it will offer new bundles with wireless service when it launches.

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Source: MobileSyrup


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