Dec 282011

A leaked Windows Phone roadmap obtained by WMPowerUser reveals what Microsoft could have in store for its mobile operating system in 2012. Two releases are planned based on the document which dates back to October. Tango will arrive sometime in Q2 with Apollo to follow in Q4. The timelines align fairly well with an earlier roadmap leak.

Rumoured 2012 Windows Phone roadmap

Tango will focus on “products with the best prices.” This supports earlier rumours that suggested that Microsoft will focus on opening Windows Phone to cheaper devices. Tango could also bring with it some new features (NFC perhaps?) for more powerful devices. Other rumours have also suggested that it could include LTE and new form factors.

Apollo will follow in Q4 and its focus will be on “competitive superphones” and the business market segment. This suggests we could finally see support for dual-core processors, LTE (if not delivered in Tango), and higher-resolution displays on Windows Phone devices.

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