Dec 292011

AppleDigitimes is reporting that Apple will its next-generation iPad in January as part of the iWorld (formerly MacWorld) show. In fact, two new models will be unveiled. Together with the iPad 2, the new models will target the entry-level, mid-range and high-end market segments.

Supporting earlier rumours, the rumoured 7.85-inch model will not be announced in January. Instead, both new models will feature 9.7-inch displays (like previous models) but will offer a higher QXGA (1536×2048) resolution and dual-LED light bars to improve brightness). At least one of the new iPads (and perhaps both) will use a quad-core A6 processor (manufactured by Samsung). One model could come with a 5MP camera while the other would sport a higher 8MP camera.

A separate Digitimes report adds that the new high-end model will sport a battery sporting a capacity twice that of the current model. Rather than a 6,500mAh battery, it could use a 14,000mAh one.

Apple has not attended iWorld in the last two years. It’s not clear if the announcement could be made around the time of the event or if Apple would in fact return to unveil its new tablets. It also remains to be seen if the announcements will confirm the new iPads’ launch on Steve Jobs’ birthday.

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Jerome Skalnik

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