Jan 152012

Nokia Lumia 900If you have been eyeing the new Nokia Lumia 900 but not willing to sign up with AT&T, there may be some good news for you. A rumour now suggests that the carrier’s exclusive will only last 45 days. After that, other U.S. carriers could ask to carry it as well. The single “source at a rival wireless carrier” adds that T-Mobile appears quite interested with Verizon and Sprint somewhat more undecided (and waiting to see how well it sells at AT&T first). A launch at any of these carriers could occur as early as sometime in Q3 2012.

The source adds that versions of the Lumia 900 released by these other carriers may also be improved to sport a 12MP camera rather than the 8MP one.

WinSuperSite‘s Paul Thurrott warns that has not validated this rumour with other sourecs and warns to take it “with the necessary grain of salt.”

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