Feb 062012

SamsungA report by Korean Electronic Times News sheds new light on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III. Citing unnamed sources, it provides not only a possible launch date but new details about the device itself.

The report begins by indicating that the Samsung Galaxy S III will launch in May (a bit later than earlier rumours suggested). It does not indicate where the launch will take place although Samsung’s home country of South Korea is likely with other markets to follow.

The report adds that the Samsung Galaxy S III will be among the thinnest smartphones. It could be as thin as 7 millimeters (a sizeable reduction over the Galaxy S II’s 8.5 millimeters) although there may be bump around the camera module as it will be the same as the Galaxy S II’s. Supporting other reports, it also has it coming with Android 4.0, a quad-core processor, a Super AMOLED Plus display, an 8MP rear-facing camera, and a front-facing 2MP camera.

The Google translation is difficult to follow but Samsung could, as it has done with the Galaxy S II, release different variants, including ones supporting improved cameras, 3D (something we already heard) and pen-technology.

For its part, Samsung has only confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S III will not be unveiled at Mobile World Congress but will get its own event later.

Read more: ETNews (in Korean) [Google translation] (Source: BGR)


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  1. With the RAZR MAXX coming out, I hope big batteries becomes a new trend. Otherwise WTF are they doing making these skinny ass phones with small ass batteries.

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