Mar 232012

AppleEarlier this week, rumours suggested that the next iPhone would sport a 4.6-inch display. The latest rumour now suggests instead that Apple will stick with its 3.5-inch display or only change it slightly. iMore adds that it will sport LTE connectivity and a new smaller dock connector. The next major version of iOS is also a strong possibility.

The “micro dock” would give Apple more room for other components. The importance of the dock has also been diminished recently with the introduction of OTA updates in iOS 5 and Apple’s new iCloud service. A variety of accessories can also connect wirelessly. The same connector would also make its way to future iPods and iPads.

With the iPad now sporting LTE connectivity, it also makes sense that it would be offered on the next iPhone.

Every new iPhone has launched with an updated version of iOS, leading iMore to predict that the same will hold true for the next iPhone. What features will be included though remains a mystery at this point.

The report adds that Apple will launch the iPhone 5 in the October timeframe, roughly a year after the launch of the iPhone 4S. Given Apple’s sucess with the current iPhone, it is certainly not in a rush to launch a new model. A fall release is supported by some rumours while others suggest an earlier launch is also possible.

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