Mar 122012

AppleLast week, Digitimes reported that Apple’s upcoming mini iPad would sport a 7.1-inch display rather than a slightly larger 7.85-inch one. In its latest report, it seems to have changed its mind. Citing its “sources in the upstream supply chain,” it now suggests that Apple will use “slim bezel displays” for its 7.85-inch tablet.

The report adds that the mini iPad will not use a Retina Display like the ‘New iPad’ but will use IPS/FFS panels supplied by LG Display and possibly AU Optronics.

Apple is looking to have the price come in between US$249 and US$299 to take on similarly priced 7-inch Android tablets such as the Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Rumours of 7.85-inch displays, thin bezel displays, and even 7.1-inch ones suggest that Apple may not yet have finalized its mini design and is instead looking at different options. The thin bezel could make holding the iPad interesting and could cause some accidental presses. If Apple goes with such a design, it will be interesting to see how they solve this issue.

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