Apr 282012

Developers attending next week’s BlackBerry 10 Jam conference will be given a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha, a prototype device which will run a modified version of the PlayBook OS to help them prepare their apps for the upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Pictures of the device have now surfaced courtesy of CrackBerry:

Rumoured RIM BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

Rumoured RIM BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

Given all the rumours that the first BlackBerry 10 device will be a touchscreen device, it’s no surprise that the Alpha device is one as well. Just how much of a hint it gives about the first official BlackBerry 10 device’s design remains to be seen. RIM was quick to point out, “Just to be 100% clear – it’s not the final hardware or OS for BlackBerry 10 – it’s a device to help developers get started with designing for what’s coming.” If it is, it owes more to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet than to the rumoured BlackBerry 10 Colt renders seen last year.

There are no details as to specifications but we should have those next week with BlackBerry World amd BlackBerry 10 Jam taking place then.

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