Apr 252012

Google AndroidThe same report that indicates that HTC and Facebook are collaborating on a new Facebook-branded smartphone provides a possible explanation for this deepening relationship. Digitimes‘s “industry sources” indicate that Samsung will likely manufacture the next Google Nexus smartphone (to go along with Jelly Bean).

The report gives two reasons for the ongoing partnership. It will allow Google to leverage Samsung’s “innovation ability” and “its ability to control the supply of key components.” A third reason may also driving this: With Google set to acquire Motorola, one might have expected the next Nexus device to come from there. But not only has the merger not closed yet but Google is likely not willing to upset its Android partners. Not having Motorola manufacture the next Nexus device would help address concerns about preferential treatment.

A number of Android partners have reportedly approached Google about manufacturing the next Nexus smartphone. Among them are LG and HTC (who manufactured the original Google Nexus).

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