Apr 272012

If you’re looking for a good laugh this weekend, you’re bound to find it with Monty Python. They have just launched their first Monty PyPhone app for iOS devices, promising that it’s “probably the most fun you can have with one hand.”

Python Bytes is the first of the official Monty PyPhone Series apps. It brings you the 22 best sketches from the first series of the legendary Monty Python TV shows. Not just that, it has back-stories about the sketches from the Pythons themselves.

Python Bytes is complete anarchy. Just shake your iPhone and up pops another random sketch.

Among the sketches are the classic “Dead Parrot,” and “Lumberjack Song.” I still crack up when I hear that the parrot is “pining for the fjords.”

Python Bytes – Monty Python Series 1 is available from iTunes for US$2.99 (for when Youtube Monty sketches are out of reach).

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