Dec 062012

Google Nexus 4LG has confirmed what many had predicted: It is struggling to keep up with the demand for the Google Nexus 4 [product information]. Not only did it sell out in minutes on its debut on November 13th but it has remained difficult to find since then. The Google Play Store continues to sell out of it in mere hours (including Canada) wherever it is is made available again.

Asked about the Nexus 4 stock situation, Andy Coughlin, the head of mobile at LG UK, told CNET UK that the phone “had proven extremely popular, and as such retailers have been met with huge demand”. LG’s Korean headquarters added that Google underestimated initial demand for its latest Nexus smartphone, explaining why Google so quickly sold out of its initial supply.

LG is working with Google to address the demand. “We are working closely with Google to ensure that those who wish to purchase a handset are able to do so,” he said.

Neither Google nor LG have given any timelines as to when they expect supply to catch up for demand for the Google Nexus 4. Nor have they provided any specific figures for either the first dale of sales or cumulatively.

Read more: CNET UK (Source: BGR)


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  1. i could bought it the last time, but then i think that waiting two months was very dissapointing, now i have the hope that in the next “google I/O” they’ll show a new version of this nexus4, maybe more memory, maybe even a better price, or something for us who have to wait so much to have the device.

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