Jan 242013

After seemingly opening the door to an Android-powered Nokia device at some point in the future, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop closed that door again during the company’s latest earnings call. Asked about the possibility of using Android for low-end devices, Elop said,

“We are clearly innovating with Microsoft around Windows Phone, and are focused on taking that to lower and lower price points. You will see that over time compete with Android. But at the same time we’ve said consistently — and we’re just beginning to see it in the Asha full-touch products — that we will continue to innovate around our Asha smartphone line in order to compete with the very lowest levels of Android.

“We are not in a situation where we are considering something other than Windows Phone combined with what we’re doing with Asha.”

On the Windows Phone front, Nokia will continue to differentiate its devices from those of competitors through “additions” such as its City Lens augmented reality app and Nokia Music streaming service as well as its PureView technology.

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