Jan 292013

Google NexusAccording to Digitimes, Google is teaming up with ASUS again for a second generation of its Nexus 7 tablet. Recently released engineering samples suggest that the new model will feature a Full HD (1920×1080) display and thinner bezels. It adds that it will run Jelly Bean but that could be bumped to Key Lime Pie should the next major version of Android be announced before or at the same time.

The report adds that the next-generation Google Nexus 7 will be announced at Google I/O in May and will sell for the same price as current models (between US$199 and US$249). It’s not clear if the first generation models will simply be retired or continue to sell albeit at a lower price.

Total Google Nexus 7 shipments are expected to top six million units by the end of the month. With the expected second generation models, they are expected to exceed 10 million in 2013.

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