Feb 042013

HTC’s next flagship device, the HTC M7, will use a new “ultrapixels” camera sensor that promises to take much better pictures than we are used to from our smartphones. Past rumours have suggested that the HTC M7 would come with a 13MP camera but Pocket-lint has learned that the camera will instead come with three 4.3MP sensor layers (adding up roughly to the rumoured 13MP figure) that will work together to deliver a single image.

Effectively, each final pixel, or “ultrapixel” as HTC will describe it, will be generated using the data from all three sensors. The image generated will not be as large as that of a 13MP camera but promises to be crisper and cleaner and offer better colour accuracy.

Similar techniques have been used by other companies with other devices to achieve similar results. Notable in this category is the Nokia 808 PureView with its 41MP camera sensor.

HTC will make its new Ultrapixel sensor a key feature of the HTC M7 when it is announced. The name will presumably help distinguish it from more traditional higher pixel cameras and emphasize the uniqueness of what it offers.

HTC is expected to unveil the HTC M7 at a press event set for February 19th.

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