Jul 152013

Things don’t always work out the way you planned them. Shortly after I joined the BriefMobile team, the site underwent a change of management. What appeared initially to be a great opportunity to further improve the site turned out differently. With a lack of direction and commitment from the new ownership as far as I could see, I decided to return to familiar grounds.

Oddly enough, some time ago, I had decided to change the site’s name and give it a fresh coat of paint. While focused on BriefMobile, I began to make the move to a new host with the new name. I was not sure why I was doing that at the time but it was oddly prescient in hindsight.

Without further ado, Gadgetorama is now EyeOnMobility. The site’s mandate has not changed so I hope to see you all on the new site (all the posts have been moved over as well). I will keep Gadgetorama running for a while yet but it will eventually simply redirect to EyeOnMobility.

I hope that you’ll make the leap with me – Be sure to follow our new Twitter @EyeOnMobility handle and our new Facebook and Tumblr pages.

Jerome Skalnik

Jerome is Gadgetorama's founder and Editor. His interest in mobile devices goes back to the Compaq PC Companion C120 and there has not been a time since that he has not had a mobile device (or more) on him.

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