Rumour: Motorola X Phone launch date and pricing revealed

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Jan 222013
Motorola Mobility

On the heels of rumours that the mysterious Motorola X Phone would be announced at Google I/O, new details have emerged about availability and pricing. Many of these align with those of the previous report including that it will be a multi-carrier device and that it will not be a Nexus device.

The Motorola X is set to go on sale on July 8th (U.S. only?) through all carriers (likely the big four). Verizon will offer it for US$299 with a contract. Pricing for the other carriers was not revealed but will likely fall in line with Verizon’s pricing. There is no indication of what the Motorola X will cost without a contract.

Verizon will allow users to unlock the bootloader for US$15 per month. This restriction will not be in place for devices bought through Google Play as they will be unlocked.

Despite not being a Nexus device, it will come with stock Android but some bloatware will be added. Fortunately, it will be possible to remove unwanted apps when the device is unlocked.

Droid-Life describes the details provided by its source as a “wild rumor” so take it all with a grain of salt for now. The original forum thread is no longer available but the source is described as someone “who has long been a source of Motorola information.”

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Verizon getting ready for BlackBerry Z10 launch?

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Jan 182013

If you need more evidence that Verizon will be among the U.S. carriers to launch new BlackBerry 10 devices, a screenshot by the usually reliable @evleaks will be welcome.

Verizon BlackBerry Z10 screenshot

The screenshot lends further credibility to the rumours that RIM’s first all-touch BlackBerry 10 device will be called the BlackBerry Z10, will sport LTE and be available in both black and white.

RIM will unveil its BlackBerry 10 devices on January 30th at a series of worldwide events, including Toronto and New York.

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BlackBerry 10 coming to all four major U.S. carriers

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Jan 132013
RIM BlackBerry

A number of Canadian carriers have now announced that they will carry BlackBerry 10 devices when they launch. The same happened this week in the U.S. where all four major carriers made similar announcements. First, a report by Reuters indicated that AT&T, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon would all carry the upcoming devices. Then came confirmation from Sprint that it would also offer at least one device in 2013.

At least two carrier executives expressed cautious optimism about their upcoming launches and the devices themselves:

  • T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere: “We’re extremely optimistic that it’s going to be a successful product and our business customers are extremely interested in it.”
  • Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam: “We’re hopeful its going to be a good device,” adding, “We’ll carry it.”

AT&T Chief Marketing Officer David Christopher confirmed that they would support the platform and handset executive Jeff Bradley added, “It’s logical to expect our current (BlackBerry) customers will have the best BlackBerry devices to choose from in the future.”

For its part, Sprint only indicated that it “plans to bring BlackBerry 10 to our customers later this year. We will share more details soon.”

Research In Motion is now working with more than 150 carriers across the world and many have now confirmed that they will offer BlackBerry 10 smartphones shortly after their launch.

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Will HTC announce HTC M7 flagship smartphone at CES 2013?

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Jan 022013

There is little to go on but a tweet from the usually reliable @Football4PDA indicates that HTC may announce its next flagship device, known so far only its HTC M7 codename, at CES 2013. An earlier rumour suggested that the announcement would instead take place at MWC in late February.

The tweet also suggests that the HTC M7 could come with software buttons rather than hardware ones.

A launch by HTC with the rumoured Sprint and Verizon would give it a head start over other flagship devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S IV and the Sony Xperia Z.

Earlier reports have suggested that the HTC M7 will be powered by a 1.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and Google Android with HTC Sense 5. It will come with a 4.7-inch or 5-inch Full HD (1920×1080) SoLux display, LTE connectivity, and a rear 13MP camera.

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Motorola to launch DROID RAZR M HD with larger display and battery?

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Dec 282012
Motorola Mobility

The mysterious X Phone is not the only smartphone Motorola is working on. The Google-owned smartphone maker is apparently readying a successor to the Verizon DROID RAZR M. Known as the DROID RAZR M HD, it will improve upon its predecessor with a better display and a much larger battery. Despite many specs such as the processor set to remain unchanged, it will remain a mid-range device like the DROID RAZR M is today. An international version could also launch as the RAZR M HD (model XT905).

Rumoured Motorola Droid Razr M HD specifications:

  • Processor: 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960
  • Operating system: Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • Display: 4.5-inch HD (1280×720)
  • Input: Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen
  • Memory: 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM
  • Storage: 16GB onboard and microSD cards up to 32GB
  • Battery: 3,300mAh
  • Dimensions / weight: 130.81 x 64.01 x 8.89 millimeters / 148 grams

That huge 3,300mAh battery rumoured to be going into the DROID RAZR M HD would be of the same capacity as the one that went into the DROID RAZR MAXX HD.

The report adds that the Motorola DROID RAZR M HD will eventually be upgraded to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

PhoneArena does warn that there is little substantial proof to go with this rumour so take it with a pinch (or more) of salt for now.

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Verizon announces DROID DNA by HTC

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Nov 132012

Verizon DROID DNA by HTCAs expected, Verizon and HTC today unveiled the DROID DNA by HTC. Often the topic of leaks, there were few surprises today as it was announced.

“It’s no secret that people depend on their smartphones more and more every day which rightfully raises expectations for performance, speed, and design. The DROID DNA by HTC embodies a smartphone that pushes the envelope in all of these areas with the first true 1080p HD display, latest quad-core processor, and Verizon’s 4G LTE network, all wrapped in a beautifully crafted design,” said Jason Mackenzie, president, HTC Corporation. “The DROID DNA by HTC is sure to top wish lists this holiday season.”

Verizon DROID DNA specifications:

  • Processor: 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro
  • Operating system: Google Android Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean with HTC Sense 4+
  • Cellular connectivity: LTE / CDMA1x/EV-DO Rev A / UMTS / GSM
  • Other connectivity: GPS/GLONASS, 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi (2.4 & 5GHz), Bluetooth 4.0, NFC
  • Display: 5-inch HD (1080×1920) SLCD 3 (440 PPI)
  • Input: Touchscreen
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Storage: 16GB onboard
  • Rear-facing camera: 8MP with LED flash, 1080p video capture and f/2.0 aperture
  • Front-facing camera: 2.1MP with f/2.0 aperture
  • Connectors: 3.5mm audio jack
  • Battery: 2,020mAh
  • Dimensions / weight: 70.61 x 140.97 x 9.7 millimeters / 140.05 grams
  • Colours: Black
  • Other: Wireless charging

The Verizon DROID DNA by HTC will go on sale on November 21st for US$199.99 with a two-year contract or US$599.99 with month-to-month service. Pre-orders start today at

Another look at the Verizon DROID DNA before its announcement

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Nov 112012

Verizon and HTC are widely expected to announce the much-rumoured Verizon DROID DNA by HTC (which as gone by many codenames in its many rumours) on Tuesday, November 13th. Just in case you want another look at the upcoming 5-inch 1080p HD smartphone, here is another picture from @evleaks:

Rumoured Verizon DROID DNA by HTC

There are no new details to go with the latest picture but past rumours have indicated that it would come with a 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, Google Android 4.1.2, 1.5 to 2GB of RAM, 16GB of onboard storage, a 12MP rear camera, a 2MP front camera, and a non-removable 2,500mAh battery.

Verizon could launch the DROID DNA as early as mid-November.

Read more: @evleaks [via Twitter]

Motorola begins pushing out Android 4.1 to DROID RAZR M

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Nov 092012

Verizon DROID RAZR MMotorola and Verizon both announced today that they had begun pushing out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to the Verizon DROID RAZR M.

Jelly Bean includes enhancements and new features like Google Now which shows relevant information based on time and current location. Users can get the local weather forecast before starting their day or see how long their commute will be before even leaving the house.

Customers will also experience an enhanced notification panel that displays missed calls and emails, and lets them return the call or reply to the email right from the notification. Jelly Bean’s smart keyboard has improved accuracy and suggests the next word before it is even typed.

The update will also make the DROID RAZR M ISIS-ready. Customers will be able to make payments by simply tapping their phone at any ISIS Ready merchant.

The deployment will be done in phases starting today. No ETA was given as to when all customers will have been upgraded though. Customers will also be able to manually download the update starting sometime next week.

Read more: Motorola [via Twitter] and Verizon

HTC and Verizon Wireless holding November 13th event

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Nov 062012

HTC and Verizon Wireless today sent out press invitations to an event set to take place on November 13th in New York City. It promises to let attendees “experience our latest collaboration” but reveals little else.

November 13, 2012 HTC and Verizon event

HTC and Verizon could use the event to unveil the oft-rumoured DROID DNA by HTC (formerly known as the HTC DLX as well as other names), a smartphone with a 5-inch 1080p display. It could launch as early as a week after the announcement.

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Verizon accidentally confirms HTC DROID DNA name

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Nov 042012

Verizon effectively confirmed rumours that its upcoming 5-inch 1080p HD HTC smartphone was not only real but that it would be known as the DROID DNA (formerly known as the HTC DLX). The upcoming device bearing model number ADR6435 was briefly listed on one of its support pages. The page was quickly updated to remove the reference but not before a screenshot was taken by DROID Life.

Click for a larger version

And here is another peak at the DROID DNA, courtesy again of @evleaks.

Rumoured Verizon DROID DNA by HTC

Verizon is rumoured to be launching the DROID DNA in the upcoming weeks. There is still no information on pricing.

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Another Verizon DROID DNA image leaked

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Nov 022012

If a new leaked image courtesy of @evleaks is to be believed, Verizon and HTC have settled on the name DROID DNA for their upcoming 5-inch 1080p smartphone. Unfortunately, no new details to go with the new picture. In fact, there appear to be two of them: One of the device itself in the usual DROID marketing shades and one of the DROID DNA name.

Past rumours referred to the DROID DNA as the HTC 6435LVW and HTC DLX (among others), naming elements that appear again in what appears to be the device’s model number, ADR6435 Deluxe.

Rumoured specifications include a 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, Google Android 4.1.2, 1.5GB of RAM, and 16GB of onboard storage, a 12MP rear camera, a 2MP front camera, and a non-removable 2,500mAh battery. It looks to share many of the characteristics of the HTC J Butterfly launched in Japan.

According to @evleaks, Verizon will launch the DROID DNA in December. Pricing details are still unknown.

Read more: @evleaks [via Twitter]

Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 begin shipping

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Oct 302012

Nokia Lumia 920Nokia yesterday confirmed that both the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820 have begun shipping. Both will be available in France and the UK this week but the honour of first carrier to offer the Lumia 920 looks to be going to Rogers. The Canadian carrier yesterday announced that it would begin selling the Lumia 920 today in “select stores,” starting at CA$99.99 with a three-year contract.

“After seeing the enthusiastic response to the incredible innovation in the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820, we’re eager for people to start experiencing the phones for themselves,” said Jo Harlow, executive vice president, Nokia Smart Devices. “We are focusing our efforts on working with partners who recognize the value of that innovation, and who are committed to helping Lumia and the Windows Phone platform break through in key markets around the world.”

Nokia’s new Lumia devices will launch in the U.S. in November although specific dates are still not available. AT&T will launch the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. Verizon will offer the Nokia Lumia 822 while T-Mobile will offer the Lumia 810.

Pricing and exact availability will be announced by individual carriers.

Update: Rogers has also confirmed that it shipped “a limited supply of Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones in black” to some customers who reserved one through its Rogers Reservation System.

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Nokia Lumia 822 announced for Verizon

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Oct 292012

NokiaNokia and Verizon Wireless did not wait for today’s Windows Phone 8 launch event to announce the Nokia Lumia 822. The announcement came without any specification details or photos but the Lumia 822 is expected to be very similar to the Lumia 820 in terms of hardware.

“Bringing the Nokia Lumia 822 to Verizon Wireless allows us to expand our award winning Lumia brand to even more customers here in the United States,” said Olivier Puech, President of Nokia Americas. “With the Nokia Lumia 822, first-time smartphone buyers – and those ready to switch – will get high-quality performance on both their device and Verizon Wireless’ incredibly fast 4G LTE network.”

The press release confirmed that the Nokia Lumia 822 supports LTE connectivity and sports a 8MP rear camera and a 1.2MP HD front camera. It will also support an wireless charging exchangeable shell which will be sold separately.

No availability and pricing details were announced. Hopefully more will be revealed at Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 event or shortly after.

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Another HTC DLX image surfaces

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Oct 252012

Another image of the rumoured 5-inch 1080p HTC DLX has been leaked courtesy of @Football4PDA. There are no new details to go with the picture unfortunately except to reaffirm that it is headed to Verizon.

Rumoured HTC DLX for Verizon

Past rumours have suggested a number of names for the device also known as HTC 6435LVW. These include Droid Incredible X, DIX, DLX, and more recently HTC DROID DNA. It remains to be seen which if any of these will become the official name.

There is still no word yet on availability and pricing.

Read more: @Football4PDA [via Twitter]

Image: Nokia Lumia 822 spotted with charging pad

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Oct 232012

The Nokia Lumia 822 (also known as the Nokia Atlas) has made another appearance. The latest image, courtesy of @evleaks, shows it in white along with a matching charging pad. Sadly, this latest image is not as sharp as the last one.

Rumoured Nokia 822 with charging pad

The Nokia Lumia 822 is rumoured to be headed to Verizon with the necessary CDMA radios in tow. It sports a decidedly more rounded body than the Nokia Lumia 820 but under the hood, they should be quite similar.

There is no word on when the Nokia Lumia 822 could be announced but with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 launch event scheduled for next week, it might not be too long.

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