Mobilicity gets CRTC conditional approval

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May 072010


Another new player in Canada’s wireless space got approval from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to begin operations. As with other recent reviews, the CRTC wanted to ensure that Mobilicity’s (formerly DAVE Wireless) ownership structure met Canadian ownership rules.

As with Public Mobility’s review last month, the approval is conditional upon some modifications to the company’s Shareholders Agreement.

The Commission finds that, upon completion of the required modifications to the Shareholder Agreement set out in the Appendix to this decision, DAVE Wireless will be Canadian‑owned and controlled, meeting the requirements set out in section 16 of the Act, and will be eligible to operate as a telecommunications common carrier.

Mobilicity is expected to launch in Toronto this spring with Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa to follow later on.

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