Jan 282013

With all the BlackBerry 10 rumours swirling ahead of the official announcement this coming Wednesday, one new BlackBerry 10 has managed to stay out of the limelight until now. Revealed by Rick Mercer, “Reversal of Fortune” comes with the tag line “We’re out of the shame and into the light.” It comes with a stock tracker that lets you see how much RIM stock is climbing while Apple’s is tumbling, Smug Wipe which lets you watch the smirk disappear from iPhone users’ faces, and Waterloo StreetView which lets you see web designers flock back to Waterloo from California.

The app even reveals the truth behind Apple’s Siri app.

It’s not the first time that Rick Mercer has had a bit of fun with RIM. Back in October, he revealed the BlackBerry Outàge and before that, dealt with the impact of RIM’s troubles on average Canadians.

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Jan 012013

With a new year upon us, it’s once again time for that tradition where we make resolutions that most of us will struggle to keep within weeks. It may be even more difficult to keep resolutions in the world of technology where things change so fast but that has not prevented the following company executives from making some of their own:

Joy of Tech - December 31, 2012
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Did you make any technology-related resolutions for 2013? The only resolution we have at Gadgetorama is one that we have kept for years: Not to make any more resolutions.

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Humour: Happy Thanksgiving!

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Nov 222012

To everyone else celebrating today, Gadgetorama extends a very happy Thanksgiving. May it be filled with plenty of football, turkey with all the trimmings, Black Friday shopping planning and your family around you (not necessarily in that order).

Here is a bit of advice on how to make sure that technology does not interfere with Thanksgiving dinner this year:

Happy Thanksgiving
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Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating today!

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Oct 052012

Who knew that RIM had one more BlackBerry device to launch before the debut of BlackBerry 10 devices next year? Rick Mercer unveiled the BlackBerry Outàge:

“It does everything an iPhone 5 can and conveniently goes out of service in Africa and Europe occasionally, saving you big money on roaming fees. Where will it drop service next? No one knows.”

It’s not the first time that Rick has poked a bit of fun at RIM. Here’s another classic.

See you all in the lineup to get our hands on this bad boy…

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Sep 242012

Comedy troupe Satire has put together a funny Apple iPhone 5 parody video. Imagine what could have been: No more “scrolling fatigue,” an enhanced version of FaceTime called BodyTime, and panoramic photography made so much easier. Called “A Taller Change Than Expected,” it is a look at “the tallest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone.”

Such a design could also see Apple expand another market: Musical instruments. Why carry a guitar when there is an app for this for your extra-tall iPhone? Two iPhones and you have a violin…

Good laugh or are you getting tired of the all the iPhone parodies?

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Sep 172012

With all the new devices recently announced and still to be announced in the coming weeks, how does a smartphone such as the Nokia Lumia 920 make sure that the spotlight remains on it? The Joy of Tech may have the answer:

Nokia Lumia 920 humour
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With a veritable plethora of new devices coming, including the Apple iPhone 5, Windows Phone 8 devices from HTC, the LG Optimus G, is the Nokia Lumia 920 still your next device or has something else now caught your attention?

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Sep 132012

After the Apple iPhone 5, Jimmy Kimmel took to the street to show the new device to people. The only catch: The device people got to play with was not an iPhone 5 but an iPhone 4S. Hilarity ensued:

It would have been interesting to see the reaction of people who figured out that this was the iPhone 4S. But probably not as funny…

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Aug 052012

The latest rumours suggest that Apple will announce the iPhone 5 along with the iPad mini on September 12th. The iPhone 5 could then be available as early as nine days later on September 21th. This is all speculation and only Apple really knows when it will announce its latest smartphone. This uncertainty makes for an interesting dilemma: Do you grab the current iPhone 4S or do you hold off, not knowing exactly how long you may have to wait?

Should you wait for the iPhone 5?
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Anyone holding out for the iPhone 5?

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May 122012

Apple’s Siri has weighed into the best cell phone debate and its answer might surprise you. Asked “What’s the best cell phone ever?” Siri did not name the iPhone 4S or any of the previous models. Instead, it named the Nokia Lumia 900 in Cyan.

Apple Siri weighs in on best smartphone

Siri’s answer actually comes from the Wolfram Alpha analytical engine. It will return the same answer when prompted with the same question.

Definitely a fun trick to show your iPhone friends!

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Apr 272012

If you’re looking for a good laugh this weekend, you’re bound to find it with Monty Python. They have just launched their first Monty PyPhone app for iOS devices, promising that it’s “probably the most fun you can have with one hand.”

Python Bytes is the first of the official Monty PyPhone Series apps. It brings you the 22 best sketches from the first series of the legendary Monty Python TV shows. Not just that, it has back-stories about the sketches from the Pythons themselves.

Python Bytes is complete anarchy. Just shake your iPhone and up pops another random sketch.

Among the sketches are the classic “Dead Parrot,” and “Lumberjack Song.” I still crack up when I hear that the parrot is “pining for the fjords.”

Python Bytes – Monty Python Series 1 is available from iTunes for US$2.99 (for when Youtube Monty sketches are out of reach).

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Apr 212012

Apple and Samsung were this week ordered to hold settlement talks over their lawsuits in the U.S. Both Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Choi Gee-sung will attend the meetings along with their general counsels. We now have a clearer understanding of the rules under which the meeting will be conducted:

How Apple and Samsung plan to settle their lawsuits

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It would appear that we can now expect a swift resolution to this dispute…

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Apr 012012

Google has come up with an ingenious new keyboard input method for mobile devices. Instead of a 26 key keyboard, there are only two keys: One for dots and one for dashes. Google has reached back into the past and tapped (pun intended) Morse code for its new input method. The video below shows how this will work.

Gmail Tap also introduces a new mode, multi-email. It lets you double your productivity by typing two different messages simultaneously using two keyboards.

Here is everything you need to get started:

Gmail Tap

Gmail Tap is available as of April 1st for both Android and iOS.

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Apr 012012

Nokia today unveiled its latest smartphone prototype, the Nokia Ice. The most impressive feature about the Nokia Ice is the new material it uses. Promising to reduce material costs and the environmental impact, it is made, as the name implies, of ice.

Nokia has its roots in Finland, a land full of ice and snow. Having tried to understand this material for centuries, we’ve finally managed to tame it. It’s a true triumph of man understanding nature.

Nokia Ice prototype

The Nokia Ice is unique in many ways: You charge it by placing it in the freezer. Its superhydrophobic coating ensures that the internal hardware remains intact and waterproof – even if the outside melts. While the initial model is oval, future models could sport different shapes made by ice sculpters.

Nokia is still working on the Nokia Ice prototype and still has to solve one challenge: Due to the materials used, it cannot leave the lab for extended periods of time.

No word on when the Nokia Ice will hit the market but I suspect it will do so on a specific calendar day: April 1st.

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Apr 012012

Toshiba today announced a number of new tablets all part of a new “exclusive” line designed for those who want to stand out in a crowd. It consists of the Oblong (“Technology that’s come full circle”), the Rhombus (“More than just a convex quadrilateral”) and Amore (“This is one heart that you can play with”).

“Consumers have been telling us that they’re eager for products that match their personality and style. I think it’s safe to say that Shapes by Toshiba shows that we’ve listened. And we’re not going to stop either. We’ve got a begy of other shapes in the pipeline too,” said Bob Forma, Product Manager, Shapes.

As Toshiba asks, “What share are you?”

All three Shapes by Toshiba tablets are on sale as of April 1st.

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