Palm releases webOS 1.2 update for Sprint (Updated)

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Sep 282009

Palm Pre

Palm has released an update for its webOS mobile operating system. The widely expected version 1.2 which had been leaked earlier this month comes with quite a few updates. Among these are the following:

  • The App Catalog application will now let you store credit card information in preparation for the debut of paid apps. Support to reinstall purchased applications has also been added. Purchased applications will also require that you accept an end-user license agreement.
  • AmazonMP3 songs can now be purchased over a phone network connection.
  • There are some improvements to Bluetooth including improved support for car kits.
  • The Calendar, Clock, Contacts, Email, Media Sync, Memos, Messaging, Music, Phone, Photos, Tasks, and web browser applications have all been enhanced.
  • Sprint Navigation now pulls Google contacts from the phone, as well as Exchange and Palm profile contacts.
  • A number of system and security improvements are also included.

Sprint should begin to push the update out to users shortly. You can also check to see if it is available manually by using the Updates utility.

Update: The webOS 1.2 update is also available north of the border for Bell customers. Interestingly, the update log for the Bell version does not make mention of the App Store improvements. I hope that this is an omission and not a sign that paid apps are not coming to Canada.

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Apple iPhone OS 3.0 to be available today (Updated)

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Jun 172009


Apple is set to release the free upgrade to iPhone 3.0 (with over 100 new features, including cut/copy/paste across all applications, tethering over USB or Bluetooth, an updated Safari browser, push notifications, a landscape keyboard in key applications, and more) today. A link circulating on Twitter suggested that the release had been pushed back day (to the 18th) but a closer look at the link reveals that this is Apple’s Singapore site. It’s likely that the one day difference is due to timezones. If Apple releases the iPhone OS upgrade around noon EST today, it will already be the 18th in Singapore.

For the record, both Apple’s U.S. and Canada sites still show a June 17th release date. It’s now a matter of when today it will become available.

Don’t forget also that the Apple iPhone 3G S will be available this Friday, June 19th in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

Update: The iPhone 3.0 upgrade is now available for download. The iPod touch version is also available.

Rogers Wireless HTC S621 Windows Mobile 6 upgrade now available

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Oct 032007

HTC S620

Rogers Wireless has released the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the HTC S621, its version of the HTC S620 (Excalibur). Great news! Windows Mobile 6 upgrade is now available for the HTC S621. Better yet, it’s easy to upgrade and the software is free! Now you can take your smartphone’s capabilities to the next level – saving you even more time and becoming even more productive while on the go.

This upgrade applies only to the Rogers Wireless version of the Excalibur and should take about 25 minutes.

Note that this a full ROM update and all user data and programs as well as partnership information will be erased in the upgrade process. Also make sure you read all the instructions and prerequisites before attempting to flash your ROM.

Source: Smartphone Thoughts

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T-Mobile Dash Windows Mobile 6 upgrade available tomorrow

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May 032007

T-Mobile Dash

As reported earlier, T-Mobile has confirmed that it will release the Dash Windows Mobile upgrade tomorrow. Designed by HTC and available exclusively from T-Mobile, the T-Mobile Dash is the first device in the U.S. to be powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 6, offering faster access to contacts; the ability to view and edit Microsoft Office documents; even richer Web, e-mail and messaging experiences; and access to Microsoft Windows Live for Windows Mobile — a set of Windows Live services — uniquely designed to work with Windows Mobile-powered devices, such as the T-Mobile Dash.

As expected, the download will be free.

Starting in June, T-Mobile retail stores will carry the Dash with Windows Mobile 6.

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E-TEN Glofiish to get Windows Mobile 6 upgrade

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Mar 272007

Glofiish X500

E-TEN has announced that it will provide Windows Mobile 6 upgrades for the Glofiish X500 and M700 Pocket PC Phones. These updates ensure owners of Glofiish devices will be able to enjoy the benefits of the Windows Mobile® 6 platform without the expense of having to purchase new hardware, according to Teresa Chou, Sales & Marketing Director, E-TEN.

The Glofiish X500 and M700 Pocket PC Phones offer all-in-one connectivity for consumers and professionals on the move. Both handsets include support for GSM, EDGE, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth® and include a 400MHz Samsung CPU and 128MB of Flash ROM. At just 15.55mm, the Glofiish X500 is one of the thinnest Pocket PC Phones available, while the Glofiish M700 includes the convenience of a sliding keyboard for easy and efficient editing, emailing, and messaging while mobile.

The upgrades will be available by download from the Glofiish web site starting in May. It’s not clear from the press release whether the upgrade will be available for free or not.

More info on HTC Windows Mobile 6 upgrades

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Feb 202007


Rumours surfaced earlier this month that HTC would not offer any Windows Mobile upgrades for current devices. New information has since surfaced. It’s not all good news though.

In an interview with French site Mobinaute, Frédéric Tassy of HTC France indicated that three HTC devices will receive free upgrades to Windows Mobile 6. They are the X7500 Advantage, the P4350 and the S620 (which we already knew about). These upgrades are expected to be available before June.

It’s unclear whether this means that HTC will not offer upgrades for other devices or if they will offer these upgrades but at a cost to customers.

In the interview, it was also revealed that HTC plans to release about 15 devices in 2007.

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iPAQ hx4700 WM 5.0 Upgrade coming in March

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Feb 022006

iPAQ hx4700

The long-awaited iPAQ hx4700 Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrade looks like it will be released on March 1st (This date is for Europe). It will be available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish (You must order the uprade in the same language as is preinstalled on your iPAQ Pocket PC).

In the United Kingdom, the upgrade will cost £26.00 (excl. VAT & Shipping). In countries where the currency is the Euro, the cost will be €39.

I expect that we will see a similar announcement for North America fairly shortly.

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