Gadgetorama reviews the Google Nexus 7 Proporta Leather Style Case

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Nov 182012

Google Nexus 7 Proporta Leather Style CaseIf you recently picked up a new 32GB Google Nexus 7 or even have had a 16GB or 8GB model for a while, you may be looking for a case for it. While the number of cases now available has grown, the Proporta Leather Style Case was among the first to be available.

Made from the finest faux-leather, this Google Nexus case is made specifically to protect and accessorise the Google Nexus 7 tablet. This strong and soft-feel Google Nexus cover ensures that your tablet is safe from the inevitable knocks, drops and scratches it faces from everyday life.

We strapped our Nexus 7 into the Proporta Leather Style Case and took it for everywhere we went for over a month. Did it live up to its promise and our expectations? Read on to find out.

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A closer look at the Sony Tablet S

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Aug 312011

I was fortunate enough today to have an early look at the Sony Tablet S announced today. This is Sony’s first Android tablet and Gadgetorama’s first YouTube product sneak peek (we start slow but it gets better):

One feature I did not capture but saw is for users to “throw” pictures and video to a DLNA compatible television. Rather than a gesture (which might lead to a few broken tablets and TVs), the throw is a button press that allows the user to push an image from the tablet to a nearby TV. The same feature can be used to share music wirelessly.

Among the accessories that will be offered with the Sony Tablet S are the Sony Tablet S Cradle (CA$39.99) and the Sony Tablet S Bluetooth ‘Android keyboard’ which as dedicated Android keys (CA$79.99).

The Sony Tablet S is now available for pre-order (Sony Store Canada / Sony Store US) and will go on sale in September. The 16GB version will sell for $500 and the 32GB one for $600 in both Canada and the US. Aside from Sony, it will be available from Best Buy, Future Shop, and London Drugs.

Help Proporta with the design of their Alu-leather case

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Mar 312007


Proporta is looking for some customer feedback on the design of one of their cases. Two main designs of the Alu-Leather Case have dominated the product so far, the case with the Side Grip, and the design using a Pouch. We would like to ask you which case design you prefer so that we fully understand your needs as best we can. So far, people have commented on the fact that they enjoy being able to see the entirety of their device, as well as the keyboard accessibility provided by the case with side grips. They have also said that they enjoy the security of a pouch, and the fact that it adds less bulk to the device than the side grip. But what is your preference?

Head over to Proporta and give them your feedback. Prizes will be awarded to 5 lucky Proporta helpers.

Gadgetorama reviewed the Alu-leather Case for the iPod nano a while back.

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Gadgetorama reviews Aces Blackjack

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Nov 132006

Aces Blackjack

In our latest review, we return to the virtual casino with Aces Blackjack from Concrete Software. While Blackjack may not be as popular as poker these days, it has been around just as long if not longer. The concept behind Blackjack is straightforward and it is a fairly simple game to learn. Like poker, it’s another thing to get really good at it. Playing against the dealer, the object is to score the highest hand total without exceeding 21.

Does the game deliver or is it a bust? Find out in our latest review.

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Gadgetorama reviews Master Kick

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Feb 012006

Master Kick

After a number of hardware reviews, it’s time to kick back and do a game review.

Master Kick from Industry Entertainment takes the classic game of foosball, shrinks the table and players into a version that will fit on your Pocket PC and throws in a pinch of soccer (or football depending on where you’re from) realism for more entertainment. It also promises a great atmosphere, addictive gameplay, amazing visual effects and vivid sound effects.

Let’s find out if the game delivers on its promises.

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Gadgetorama reviews the iPod nano Advanced Screen Protector

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Jan 092006

Proporta Advanced Screen Protector

Screen protectors are extremely popular accessories for PDAs. Other devices with displays can also benefit from screen protectors, especially when the screens are exposed to the elements or a fair amount of wear and tear. There can also be other benefits such as UV glare reduction.

When the iPod nano first came out, there were a number of complaints about how easy the display could get scratched up. Fortunately, Proporta Music was among the first to offer a screen protector for the nano. The Advanced Screen Protector is made of a ultra high-clarity plastic that allowed Proporta to increase the thickness (and the protection) without affecting screen clarity.

Does your iPod nano need a screen protector? Does the Proporta Advanced Screen Protector live up to its promise? Read our review and decide for yourself.

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Another hw6515 review

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Jun 082005

iPAQ hw6500

Jørgen Sundgot, Editor-in-Chief of InfoSync World, has written a review of the hw6515 using a pre-production model. There are a lot of positives in his opinion but there are also some negatives that detract from what could have been a very compelling PDA.

It will be interesting to compare this pre-production unit review to reviews of the production model to see if HP can address the issues flagged.

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