More evidence that HTC Shift will ship in 2008

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Dec 142007

HTC Shift

If you’re waiting to get your hands on an HTC Shift, you will have to wait a bit longer. As reported earlier and now further supported by a report from DigiTimes, HTC has delayed volume shipments of the HTC Shift. Originally expected in November 2007, the Shift is now expected in January 2008.

DigiTimes sources indicate that the delay is due to integration problems between the hardware and software. The HTC Shift features both Microsoft Windows Vista as well SnapVUE, an always-on mode that provides you instant access to critical information – including e-mail previews, local weather, calendar, and SMS – even if the device is not switched on. This unique configuration appears to have given HTC a bit more trouble than it originally expected.

The HTC Shift is powered by a 800MHz Intel processor and a 400MHz Qualcomm processor. It comes with quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and tri-band UMTS/HSDPA connectivity, 1GB RAM for Vista and 64MB and 128MB ROM for SnapVUE, a 7-inch WVGA touchscreen display that slides and tilts out to sit above the QWERTY keyboard, either a 40 or 60GB hard drive, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, integrated GPS, a fingerprint sensor, a VGA camera for video conferencing, and an SD expansion card slot.

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HTC Shift to begin shipping in early November?

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Sep 292007

HTC Shift

We expect that HTC will formally unveil the HTC Shift at its events next week. Further evidence that we are close to a shipment date comes to us courtesy of Expansys. Their UK store now has it listed with an availability date of November 6th.

The HTC Shift will run Windows Vista Business and will come with a 800MHz Intel processor and a Qualcomm MSM7200 chipset, 1GB RAM, a 7-inch widescreen display (1024×768 resolution) that slides and tilts out to sit above the keyboard, a 40GB hard drive (a 60GB option is also available), quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and tri-Band UMTS/HSDPA, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, a biometric finger scanner, a VGA camera for video conferencing, and an SD card slot.

THe HTC Shift will be available for £909.95. The US store shows it at US$1,559.95 (but without an availability date).

Source: UMPC Portal

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RIM to buy MusicGremlin?

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Feb 032007

MusicGremlin MG-1000

CrunchGear is reporting that it has heard a rumour that Research In Motion (RIM) is about to buy MusicGremlin. The rumour reads: I heard from a **highly credible** authority that RIM will be buying MusicGremlin… so look for a Blackberry-WiFi enabled music player mashup coming soon. No other details are available.

MusicGremlin is a service that lets you download music directly to your device, including over Wi-Fi. Customers can buy individual songs ($0.99 USD) and albums or sign up for an "all-you-can-hear" subscription plan ($14.99 USD a month). It also lets you share music with other subscribers. The MusicGremlin MG-1000 player comes with 8GB of storage and Wi-Fi for $249 USD.

So, is RIM about to throw its hat into the digital music download space?

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Another picture of the Apple maybe-still-to-be-called-iPhone

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Dec 222006

Amobileme has landed a second picture of what could be Apple’s upcoming phone device. The first set of pictures showed what appeared to be a touchpad where a mobile phone keypad is normally located. This new picture provides a better view of what it could look like. Amobileme’s source indicates that the touch pad has backlight possibilities to show click wheel, Numbers or other input-interface… or just a track pad… Could this touchpad use the Synaptics’ clear capacitive touch screen that we first saw on the Onyx concept phone?

Source: GearDiary

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More on Crossbow (Updated)

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Oct 092006

It looks like the pictures we brought you back in late September of Crossbow are genuine. Additional information suggests that we will Crossbow will be sent to manufacturers by the end of the year with devices sporting the new OS appearing in early to mid 2007 (Other sources suggest a mid to late 2007 release though). Crossbow will feature a UI that takes after Vista, strong links with Office 2007 and Exchange 12 as well as a new version of Office Communicator. Crossbow will be based on the current CE kernel while Photon (the next version) will use the CE 6.0 kernel (codenamed Yamazaki).


Details on how Microsoft plans to further integrate the Pocket PC and Smartphone versions have not yet been revealed.

Update: New screenshots added.

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Windows Mobile 6.0 screenshots?

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Sep 242006

Screenshots of the next version of Windows Mobile may have been leaked to French web site Le Journal du Geek. It’s not clear if these pictures are supposed to be screenshots of Crossbow (an update to Windows Mobile 5) or Photon (Windows Mobile 6).

Windows Mobile 6?

Aside from the pictures, the leak also suggests that we will see improvements in the area of VGA graphics as well as a new icon set.

If these pictures and details are real and not some hoax, we could see a new Windows Mobile version in early 2007 (again, according to the source of the pictures).


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iPAQ hx2790 to come with 320MB ROM?

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Apr 112006

HP iPAQ hx2000 series

We know that HP quietly updated the hx2190 and hx2490 to 192MB ROM. Could a similar move be taking place for the iPAQ hx2790? It currently comes with 192MB ROM but Mobinaute found that the HP France specs now show it with 320MB ROM as well as 64MB RAM. With 192MB ROM, you have up to 144 MB of user available persistent storage memory. With 320MB ROM, that jumps up to 256MB.

I also checked HP UK’s site and it shows 320MB of ROM as well. On the other hand, HP’s US, Australian and German web sites still show the iPAQ hx2790 as having 192MB ROM so it remains to be seen if this is a typo or if the update is still making its way to all the different sites.

Source: Mobinaute

Neowin reveals Windows Mobile 2005 beta screenshots

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Jan 042005 has revealed some details and screenshots of the upcoming Windows Mobile 2005. Apparently, Beta 2 (v5.0.1512 Build 14207) is currently being tested on the Motorola MPx220 Smartphone. Among the changes are the next generation of ActiveSync which will allow the synchronisation of Outlook contact pictures, improved finger accessibility of communications methods (does that mean new input methods?) and Windows Media Player 10.x Mobile with support for the new Janus DRM system.

One of the coolest new features will be “Pocket PC Persistent Store” which will prevent loss of data that occurs when you run out of battery power. Mobile Office and Internet Explorer Mobile will also be enhanced.

Also look for Wi-fi support on Smartphones, WPA supported, and the ability for Smartphone users to be able to talk on their phones and use Wi-fi simultaneously.

This sounds very cool!

Update: At Microsoft’s request, the article was pulled down by

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