Gadgetorama is now EyeOnMobility

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Jul 152013

Things don’t always work out the way you planned them. Shortly after I joined the BriefMobile team, the site underwent a change of management. What appeared initially to be a great opportunity to further improve the site turned out differently. With a lack of direction and commitment from the new ownership as far as I could see, I decided to return to familiar grounds.

Oddly enough, some time ago, I had decided to change the site’s name and give it a fresh coat of paint. While focused on BriefMobile, I began to make the move to a new host with the new name. I was not sure why I was doing that at the time but it was oddly prescient in hindsight.

Without further ado, Gadgetorama is now EyeOnMobility. The site’s mandate has not changed so I hope to see you all on the new site (all the posts have been moved over as well). I will keep Gadgetorama running for a while yet but it will eventually simply redirect to EyeOnMobility.

I hope that you’ll make the leap with me – Be sure to follow our new Twitter @EyeOnMobility handle and our new Facebook and Tumblr pages.

A hiatus for Gadgetorama

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Mar 182013

By now you have likely noticed that the pace at which news is posted here has slowed down substantially (okay, pretty much stopped). As is so often the case, there is good news and bad news to explain this.

Let’s start the bad. After 8 years running Gadgetorama as a one-man show, I have decided to put the site on the backburner. The reality is that one person cannot cover the world of mobile gadgets (even as I tried to narrow the site’s focus over the years) without giving up any semblance of a personal life. I’m not ruling out any new posts but it won’t be the coverage that I strove for in the past.

Now the good news (or at least what I see as good news). I am not hanging up my hat completely, just taking it somewhere else. I recently joined the team over at You’ve probably heard of them, they’re the ones who landed the first pictures and video of the Google Nexus 10.

With a team of writers equally passionate about mobile gadgets bringing you the news, it should be a win for everyone. You get a whole more news for your buck and I don’t have to be in six places at once.

See you over at!

Jan 042013

Gadgetorama turns 8Is it me or has the last year flown by even faster than normal? Gadgetorama turns 8 today. Since that fateful day back in 2005, we have posted 10287 stories with 1772 in 2012 alone. Check out the archives if you feel like a trip down memory lane.

It feels like 2012 was a year where a lot of things were being set up for 2013: BlackBerry 10, a mobile operating system able to take on Android and iOS (Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10, Tizen?), new form factors (especially in tablets and laptops with Windows 8 and RT and their new touchscreen focus), and smartphone manufacturers looking for the next big trend (will 5-inch and larger displays catch on or fail like 3D did?).

So, what’s in store for 2012 for Gadgetorama? Much like last year, growing the site will be one of the areas of focus. If Gadgetorama has become a regular stop, be sure to let your friends know, retweet the stories you think others would enjoy reading, like us on Facebook or +1 us on Google+. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to leave a comment about anything you see here.

Needless to say, we will continue to bring the most exciting stories about mobile devices whether they be an exciting new rumour, a new product unveiling, or something completely unexpected.

My thanks to everyone who makes Gadgetorama a regular stop. And now let’s get back to the news (although they may be a bit slow today as I will be spending some time with Gadgetorama’s editors-in-training)…

Happy 2013 New Year from Gadgetorama

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Dec 312012

Happy New YearAs other parts of the world begin to ring in the new year, I would like to take this time to wish everyone a very happy New Year. I hope that 2012 treated you right and that 2013 will do an even better job.

As usual, rather than another 2012 list, here is another installment of our own Gadgetorama tradition: Looking at the stories we found most interesting over the last year:

  • Despite the setback of having to push the launch of its BlackBerry 10 devices to 2013, Research In Motion remained in the news as the topic of numerous rumours and its own build-up to the launch of its new operating system and devices in January 2013. RIM seems to have weathered the transition better than most expected. It still has 79 million subscribers and anticipation is very high for its new devices. Will we see a RIM turnaround in 2013?
  • The ongoing domination of Google and Apple in the mobile space continued in 2012 with the two accounting for over 90% of all smartphones shipped in Q3 2012 (Expect similar numbers for Q4). Can RIM, Microsoft or another player really establish a viable third player? 2013 may hold the answer for us. It’s no different in the tablet space. iOS dominates but Android is catching up fast. Meanwhile, Microsoft looks to have a steep road ahead of it with Windows RT and Windows 8.
  • Google picked LG as its partner for the launch of its next smartphone, the Google Nexus 4. With a strategy to sell it unlocked at an aggressive price, the Nexus 4 could have been a real market disruptor. Instead, who would have guessed that two industry giants would so badly bungle the launch of this device? It sold out in minutes with Google Play clearly unable to cope with the “huge demand” and supply has since been “scarce and erratic.” Google may be a giant in the mobile OS space but it has a ways to go in the e-commerce space.

The stage is set for 2013 to be yet another exciting year in the world of smartphones, tablets, and other mobility gadgets. We look forward to bringing you the top stories once again. Thank you all again for your ongoing support and for making Gadgetorama a regular stop for your mobile gadget news.

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Gadgetorama

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Dec 242012
Merry Christmas

Just before we step away from our computers and gadgets to celebrate Christmas here, we would like to wish each and everyone of you a safe and very merry Christmas and happy holidays. For those who don’t celebrate at this time of the year, may you enjoy the break!

As is usual here, news coverage will be sporadic over the next few days but will quickly gear back up once the holidays wrap up.

All the best to everyone and may you find those gadgets that were your wish list under your tree!

It’s Gadgetorama vacation time!

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Aug 182012

VacationThat time of the year is finally here: Vacation time. In fact, it started a few days ago, hence the reduced news coverage this week. As with other near annual vacation breaks, it is now time for Gadgetorama to disconnect from the world a bit and replace the world of gadgets with lazy days by and in the water, campfires, a spot of hiking, and a much slower pace.

News coverage will resume upon our return.

Catch you all in a few days!

Gadgetorama comments now easier

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Jun 162012

Just over a year ago, I moved Gadgetorama over to WordPress from a platform I had developed myself. I made the decision after realizing that I simply did not have the time to manage the site and develop new features at the same time. Since then, I have been able to leverage plugins and new WordPress releases to add features and make it easier to use others.

I’ve just made such a change to how replies work. You will now be able to use your, Twitter or Facebook accounts to log in and post your comments to current Gadgetorama stories.

So, have at it…

News coverage slow down

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Feb 072012

I expect that news coverage over the next two weeks will slow down quite a bit. I will be traveling and a pretty heavy schedule means less time for keeping up with all the development that are bound to happen – especially rumours that might shed some light on what we can expect to see at MWC at the end of the month.

I’ll try to post a daily summary of key stories. I’ll also post more coverage directly on Twitter and Google+ to keep everyone up to date. Be sure to follow one or even both not to miss anything.

Regular coverage will resume upon my return.

Birthday time: Gadgetorama turns 7

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Jan 042012

Birthday hatIt was 7 years ago today that I launched Gadgetorama. Along the way, we have posted 8509 stories with 1598 in 2011 alone. It is quite amazing how much our mobile gadgets have changed over this time.

The first official Gadgetorama story was about leaked pictures of the still unreleased Windows Mobile 5.0. And now we’re only days away from Nokia’s big CES launch of Windows Phone in North America. Six years ago on this day, Palm launched its Palm Treo 700w powered by Windows Mobile 5.0. Palm is no more and webOS, on which it bet its future, is now headed to the open-source realm where it will hopefully live on.

As for what is in store for Gadgetorama this year, with the site finally off the custom CMS I had built so many years ago, I am now going to focus more on the site’s growth. And that’s where I need your help. If Gadgetorama is a useful and usual stop on your Internet sojourn, please let others know: Subscribe to our Twitter feed, retweet the stories you find interesting, like us on Facebook, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment about anything you see here.

So, welcome to all those who found Gadgetorama this year and decided to make it a regular stop. And a warm thank you to those who have been making the stop for longer than that. Now let’s get back to the news…

Welcome 2012! Happy New Year from Gadgetorama

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Dec 312011

Happy New YearWith parties breaking out in other parts of the world, I would like to wish everyone who stops by Gadgetorama a very happy new year. As always, thank you for your ongoing support.

2011 proved to be an important year for Gadgetorama if only for the fact that I finally got around to redesigning the site (albeit I recognize that there is still work to do on the new design). It only took more than 6 years! With the new platform, new features and improvements should come a bit faster!

And now on with the Gadgetorama tradition of looking back at the stories that I found the most interesting in 2011:

  • The promise and demise of webOS: The year started with much anticipation for HP’s upcoming webOS products. Who would have guessed that it would all come crashing down only weeks after the HP TouchPad hitting the market? After promising so much for webOS, by the end of the year, HP open-sourced the mobile operating system. It will be interesting to see if it can rise again like the proverbial phoenix.
  • RIM’s ‘anno horribilis’: Nothing seemed to go right for Research In Motion this year. From poor sales of its PlayBook to an oft-delayed update, from trademark infringements to service outages, RIM seemed unable to do right. 2012 is shaping up to be another tough year with BlackBerry 10 devices not expected until the latter portion of the year. Will BlackBerry 10 devices launch or will they be further delayed? Will there be a management shake-up? Or could RIM even find itself bought out?
  • Steve Jobs and Apple: 2011 was another banner year for the manufacturer. The iPhone remained a bestseller (despite there being no iPhone 5) and the iPad continued to trounce the competition. The unfortunate death of Steve Jobs in late 2011 set the stage for the next chapter of Apple’s story. Can the string of successes continue without Jobs at the helm?

As always, the year ahead promises to be another exciting one in the world of mobility and gadgets! What are you most looking forward to?

Again, thank you for all your support and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Gadgetorama

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Dec 242011

ChristmasThe weather may not be cooperating and a green Christmas is likely this year. No matter, the tradition of setting aside the computer to celebrate with friends and family is upon us again. Before I wrap up, I would like to wish everyone who has visited Gadgetorama a safe and very merry Christmas. Enjoy the festivities and the holidays!

As always around this time of the year, news coverage will be sporadic over the next few days but will gear up once more once the holidays wrap up.

All the best to everyone and may Santa bring you those gadgets that you put on your wish list!

Gadgetorama goes on vacation

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Aug 132011

It’s time for Gadgetorama’s annual time to disconnect from the world and get away from the world of gadgets. Instead, our days will be spent by the water with our toes buried in the sand.

News coverage will resume upon our return from the great Canadian hinterlands.

All the best until then…

Improved Gadgetorama support for mobile devices

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Aug 052011

With Gadgetorama now running on WordPress, one of the benefits is that adding new features is a lot easier than when I had to code everything by hand. I’ve just added a plugin that should make the site friendlier to mobile devices. The plugin should automatically redirect you and you can turn it off if you prefer to see the full site.

If you experience any issues, please let me know

A short Gadgetorama vacation break

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Jul 272011

I’m taking a few days off to step away from technology and into the world of campfires, roasted marshmallows, and lazy days by the water. News coverage will resume early next week.

Catch you all in a few days!

Welcome to the new Gadgetorama

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May 132011

Welcome to the redesigned This is the first real overhaul I have done of the site since I launched it over six years ago. I made the decision to move to WordPress from a completely custom CMS that I built myself after realizing that I would never have the time to build all the features that I want for the site.

Forgive the slightly unfinished look as I fix a number of issues and return a few features that I have had to turn off for now. Then it will be on to a more polished look and some overdue enhancements. Using WordPress should make it easier for me to improve the site with new features with significantly more ease. It will also enable a much higher level of interaction, something that I have wanted for the site for a long time (User memberships coming very soon).

So welcome to the new Gadgetorama and my apologies for the work-in-progress feel that it has for now.