First components for iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 spotted?

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Jan 282013

If recent rumours are to be believed, Apple is, for the first time ever, readying to launch more than one iPhone model this year. As many as three different models could be in the works including the iPhone 5S, the iPhone Math with a larger 4.8-inch display, and a third model. Now, pictures of one of the components headed into at least two of these have allegedly surfaced. In themselves, they reveal little but their somewhat different designs suggest that there are indeed different models coming (or Apple is playing wit different prototypes).

The images obtained by French blog show speaker components that are allegedly headed to the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6. In the image below, the iPhone 5S speaker is on the left and the iPhone 6’s on the right:

Rumoured iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 speaker component

The Apple iPhone 5S would likely be an updated version of the iPhone 5, looking quite similar to it but with upgraded components (possibly including a 12MP camera). The iPhone 6 would be a completely new version.

The report adds that the first model will launch sometime between March and July. A second one would then launch late in the year. It’s not clear from the report when the third, the iPhone Math, would be released (earlier rumours suggested it would launch along the iPhone 5S in June).

We’ll continue to follow the story and see it takes us.

Read more: (in French) [Google translation] (Source: CNET)

Rumour: Apple to launch 4.8-inch iPhone model in June

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Jan 212013

The rumours continue to suggest that Apple will abandon its long-held strategy of releasing a single new iPhone model later this year. A new report by the China Times suggests that Apple will release not one but three different models later this year (if I read the Google translation correctly). Alongside the Apple iPhone 5S, we could see a new iPhone handset codenamed “iPhone Math” as well as a third model that would follow somewhat later.

Details are slim on the “iPhone Math” but it will reportedly sport a 4.8-inch display to allow Apple to take on other devices in the phablet space. It should also have an 8MP camera with lenses from Largan Precision. It should launch alongside the iPhone 5S this summer.

Component shipments are set to start in March with production to follow in late April to prepare for the launch. Foxconn looks set to the key manufacturer for both devices.

A third iPhone model, this one sporting a 12MP camera, would follow in the latter part of the year in time for the holiday season.

The report makes no specific mention of a cheaper iPhone model although past rumours have hinted that it would have a larger display. Could the “iPhone Math” be that cheaper model?

Confused? You’re not the only one. For now, take all these rumours with a pinch or two of salt.

Read more: China Times (in Chinese) [Google translation] (Source: AppleInsider)