Smaller Apple iPhone model rumours resurface

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Apr 232012

AppleRumours of a cheaper and smaller iPhone have been around for some time. They have now resurfaced courtesy of a China Times report. The claim (as usual) is that the new model would allow Apple to better compete against cheaper devices, especially lower-end Android ones.

Such rumours have surfaced a number of times but never materialized. Each time, Apple has chosen to simply continue offering an older model at a reduced price along with the new model. With rumours that the next iPhone will sport a larger display, the current iPhone 4S could by default become the smaller model. Does Apple really need another smaller model?

The report adds that the iPhone nano could be introduced at the same time as the next generation iPhone.

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Forget those smaller Apple iPhone rumours

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Feb 212011


The New York Times is dismissing recent rumours that Apple will soon release a smaller iPhone form factor. Citing “people briefed on Apple’s plans,” the report indicates that Apple has no plans to introduce such a device any time soon.

Not only would a smaller iPhone not be significantly cheaper to manufacture, it would also likely force developers to rewrite their apps to support the smaller display, something that Apple wants to avoid. There are also suggestions that it would be more difficult to operate. Instead, Apple will continue its current practice of offering older models at reduced prices when it introduces the next version, expected to be released this summer.

Aside from the latest iPhone, Apple is also at work on new voice commands that will make it easier to operate the device. It is also apparently enhancing its MobileMe service with new capabilities such as cable-free file syncing. It could also drop the price of this service from the current US$100 to free to compete against similar offerings from rivals such as Google.

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Apple working on smaller and cheaper iPhones?

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Feb 122011


A report by Bloomberg suggests that Apple is working on new iPhone form factors. People “who have been briefed on the plans,” report that one version would be both smaller and cheaper than the current models.

The cheaper device would allow Apple to compete against the growing number of Google Android devices which are available from entry-level up to high-end handsets. Apple has considered selling this smaller device as low as US$200 without a service contract. It would achieve the lower price by using current components rather than next-generation components that will likely make into the next full-size iPhone.

Apple is also looking at a dual-mode phone which would support both GSM and CDMA. This would allow a user to switch networks without having to switch SIMs.

Rumours of a cheaper iPhone model first surfaced back in early 2008 and have never really gone away. It appears that Apple has been considering such a device for a while. The question is whether it will ever hit the market.

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iPhone nano coming before Christmas?

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Aug 032008


Rumours of a lower-end iPhone have surfaced again. This time, The Daily Mail reports that Apple will launch an iPhone ‘nano’ before Christmas. In late March, Piper Jaffray predicted that Apple would launch such a product to make inroads into the lower end of the market.

The iPhone nano is expected to be offered by O2 (and presumably others) and sell for up to £150 (about USD$300) in the pay-as-you-go market.

The Daily Mail sources describe the iPhone nano as a candybar device that could have a touch wheel on the back and display on the front.

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