Is Apple already testing the iPhone 6?

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Jan 012013

There is little doubt that Apple is already at work on the successor to the iPhone 5 and the next version of iOS. Signs that Apple may have begun to do some early testing surfaced today courtesy of The Next Web. A number of developers have contacted it with reports of a new iPhone identifier and OS number showing up in app usage logs.

One iOS developer showed entries for a device identified as ‘iPhone6,1’ powered by iOS 7. Given that the current iPhone 5 models are identified as ‘iPhone5,1’ and ‘iPhone5,2.’ The entries also point to IP addresses originating from Apple’s Cupertino campus, suggesting that someone from Apple is playing with a device we know little about. Sadly, the logs reveal nothing about device specifications or new features we can expect in iOS 7.

Given the length of development cycles, it is not implausible that Apple is already doing some testing on its next-generation smartphone and operating system. Then again, it is not particularly difficult to spoof this type of information. So take all of this with a grain of salt for now. But one thing is sure: The Apple iPhone 6 and iOS 7 rumours have begun!

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