Rogers delays LTE launch in Winnipeg to 2013

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Dec 082012

RogersRogers has had a busy 2012 when it comes to deploying LTE. Announcements of new coverage have occured several times over the past year. The last one was in early October when Rogers launched LTE in 18 new markets. With 2012 wrapping up, at least one market Rogers had been hoping to get to will have to wait until next year unfortunately.

Rogers earlier this week announced that the Winnipeg launch would be delayed until 2103:

Rogers now expects to launch LTE in Winnipeg next year. Rogers offers the largest and growing selection of the most popular LTE smartphones, tablets and mobile Internet devices. LTE-enabled, devices work on the Rogers 4G HSPA+ network in Manitoba today and will be ready when we launch LTE in Manitoba. In addition, as Rogers customers travel across Canada their Rogers device will automatically benefit from LTE coverage in the many markets where LTE has already launched.

No reason was given for the delay.

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Samsung 1080p display production issues to delay Galaxy S IV launch?

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Nov 212012

SamsungThe launch of the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S IV may not happen as quickly as we all want. Rumours last week suggested that it could launch as early as Q2 2013 but warned that Samsung was facing production challenges. A report today also suggests that Samsung Display is having a hard time ramping up mass production of the display intended for Samsung’s next flagship smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV could launch with a new 4.99-inch 1080p Super AMOLED display. Samsung is looking to unveil the display at CES 2013 but mass production is hampered by a lack of sufficient high-end technology. According to Digitimes, it has turned to 3M for help but challenges remain despite the more advanced LITI technology now used. For some reason, blue-colored materials are especially difficult to work with.

Given that Samsung has yet to announce the Samsung Galaxy S IV, let alone release dates, it remains to be seen how these challenges could affect its plans. At risk are its own internal timelines but how that affects us remains to be seen.

At this time, it would appear that the Samsung Galaxy S III may remain king of Samsung’s smartphone hill for a while longer.

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Microsoft delays some Surface tablet pre-order shipments by a week (Updated)

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Oct 202012

Microsoft SurfaceThe launch of the Microsoft Surface tablet appears to have hit a bit of turbulence. A number of customers in Canada and the UK who pre-ordered the tablet through the Microsoft Store as early as the first day have received emails indicating that their shipments will be delayed by a week:

The release date for the preorder product has changed. The product listed below will now be available on November 2, 2012.

Microsoft has not provided any explanation for the delay.

Microsoft’s online store shows that orders for the 32GB model without Touch Cover will now ship in three weeks in the U.S. It is also “temporarily sold out” in Canada and cannot even be ordered at this time. Other models still show that shipment will take place in “1-2 weeks.”

The Microsoft Surface is scheduled to go on sale on October 26th. Delays with pre-orders could be a sign that there will only be limited Surface tablet availability at Microsoft Stores (and Holiday Stores) at launch.

Update: Good news! Microsoft has looked into this matter and found that the emails were sent to customers in error. It provided the following statement to confirm that the pre-order original shipment dates will stand:

“Unfortunately, an incorrect email was sent to several of our international customers who pre-ordered Surface from the Microsoft Online Store in the past week. All customers should expect their devices by the original date given when orders were placed. Microsoft is following up with customers to confirm their original shipping date remains unchanged, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

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Microsoft struggling to complete Windows Phone 8 development on schedule?

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Sep 112012

Windows Phone 8Microsoft and its partners are working overtime to ensure that Windows Phone 8 device launch in early November. The Verge has learned that Microsoft has yet to complete Windows Phone 8. According to its sources, Microsoft had planned to launch Windows Phone 8 in early October, ahead of Windows 8. Instead, delays and bugs have now pushed the release beyond that of the PC operating system. As per earlier rumours, Microsoft is now aiming for an October 29th software launch with devices to follow in November.

To ensure that devices ship in time for the critical holiday season, Microsoft is apparently working with carriers to ship devices without additional customizations to reduce testing times as much as possible.

The report adds that HTC in particular is struggling to complete testing of at least one of its three expected Windows Phone 8 devices. This could explain why it has chosen announce its Windows Phone 8 later than Samsung and Nokia.

This would also explain why Samsung and Nokia have not been able to provide availability details for their devices. While Microsoft expects to hit its Release to Manufacturing (RTM) milestone this week, any delay could affect both the software announcement and device launch dates.

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Google delays Nexus Q launch to make improvements

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Aug 012012

Google Nexus QGoogle yesterday announced that it was indefinitely delaying the consumer launch of its Nexus Q media player. Google first announced it at Google I/O only weeks ago and now describes it as a “preview” device. It met with lukewarm reviews due primarily to its limited functionality and relatively high price.

We have an important update about your Nexus Q pre-order.

When we announced Nexus Q at Google I/O, we gave away devices to attendees for an early preview. The industrial design and hardware were met with great enthusiasm. We also heard initial feedback from users that they want Nexus Q to do even more than it does today. In response, we have decided to postpone the consumer launch of Nexus Q while we work on making it even better.

To thank you for your early interest, we’d like to extend the Nexus Q preview to our pre-order customers and send you a free device. If you had other items in your order, your credit card will be charged for those items only.

Your Nexus Q will be on its way soon and you will receive a notification and tracking number from Google Play when it ships.

The Nexus Q Team

Those who pre-ordered the device should be happy to know that Google intends to honour those orders for free. It remains to be seen if these devices will be upgradeable to the final version when it is released.

Google has stopped taking Nexus Q orders on Google Play and now lists the device as ‘coming soon.’ There is no indication at this point of a more specific availability date.

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RIM delays BlackBerry 10 to Q1 2013

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Jun 282012

Research In MotionResearch In Motion today announced that BlackBerry 10 has been delayed until Q1 2013. During its latest financial results announcement, Thorsten Heins, President and CEO, said that “major” progress has been made but that getting BlackBerry 10 ready would require more time than originally anticipated. He attributed the delays to the integration of key features into the new OS as well as the large volume of code involved.

“RIM’s development teams are relentlessly focused on ensuring the quality and reliability of the platform and I will not compromise the product by delivering it before it is ready. I am confident that the first BlackBerry 10 smartphones will provide a ground-breaking next generation smartphone user experience,” said Thorsten Heins, President and CEO. “We are encouraged by the traction that the BlackBerry 10 platform is gaining with application developers and content partners following the successful BlackBerry Jam sessions that we have held around the world since the beginning of May. Similarly, the reception of the BlackBerry 10 platform by our key carrier partners has been very positive and they are looking forward to going to market with BlackBerry 10 smartphones in the first quarter of calendar 2013.”

Heins also reiterated that RIM was looking at licensing BlackBerry 10 to other companies.

While rumours have suggested that the BlackBerry 10 device hardware was ready ahead of schedule, it won’t do the company much good without the software to go with it. And will that hardware still be relevant when BlackBerry 10 is finally ready?

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UK retailers confirm Samsung Galaxy S III shipment delays

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May 282012

Samsung Galaxy S IIIRumours last week suggested the Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S III was facing production delays due to some manufacturing issues. The UK retailer Clove today provided an update to its customers confirming that both the Marble White and Pebble Blue versions would be late. Delays appear slight at this time with the white version to ship June 1st rather than May 30th and the blue slipping to June 5th but warns that “this is still to be confirmed.”

Similarly, Vodafone UK is reporting delays on the 32GB white model as well as both the 16GB and 32GB blue models. The 16GB white model is unaffected and will be available on May 30th on schedule.

It’s unclear if the white model is facing the same production issues or different ones.

No official launch dates have been announced for North America although rumours suggest that June 20th will see it launch with a number of Canadian carriers (and some U.S. one as well). It’s unclear if the North American launch dates will be affected by these delays.

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Apple iPhone 5 facing production issues?

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Sep 162011

AppleThe rumours swirling around Apple’s next generation iPhone are pointing to Apple unveiling a slightly redesigned iPhone 4 as well as a new iPhone 5 (possibly with a tear drop design and larger display) in the coming weeks. Today, a new plot twist was introduced into the saga.

According to, Apple is facing “continued design and production delays” for the iPhone 5. As a result, availability could be delayed “slightly at the very least.” If production yields are an issue as well, shortages could persist all the way into 2012.

Apple is not facing any challenges with the updated iPhone 4. It is already being manufactured in substantial numbers and will be available at launch.

Current rumours suggest that Apple will announce its new iPhones on October 7th.

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RIM delays launch of upcoming devices including 4G PlayBook

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Jun 162011

Research In Motion

As Research In Motion today announced financial results for its first quarter for fiscal 2012 (more on this in a bit), Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis indicated that the 4G versions of its BlackBerry PlayBook would launch in the fall. In the past, RIM had indicated that these would launch in the summer.

RIM is planning at least three 4G versions of the PlayBook. These include the WiMAX model for Sprint, an LTE version for Verizon, and an HSPA+ headed one to AT&T.

As rumours had already suggested, RIM also confirmed that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 would not launch until the end of August.

Google denies Android 3.1 delays

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Jun 052011

Google Android Honeycomb

After rumours surfaced that Google would delay the release of Android 3.1, affecting the release of some upcoming tablets, Google reached out to to dispel these.

In particular, upcoming launches of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Android 3.1 are on schedule including a “summer” launch for an LTE version for Sprint.

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Jun 032011

Google Android Honeycomb

Two unsubstantiated tweets (tweet 1, tweet 2) from Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin suggest that Google has decided to delay the launch of its latest version of Honeycomb in “most countries.” The decision will affect the launch of a number of tablets, including the European launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1. An August launch appears to be in the cards now for Samsung.

It’s unclear what triggered this late decision (assuming it it accurate). Motorola has already begun to push out Android 3.1 to some XOOM users. In North America, Samsung and ASUS have also already announced plans to start shipping Android 3.1 tablets and pushing out Android 3.1 updates in the next few weeks. It remains to be seen if those plans will have to be delayed as well.


Jun 032011

RIM BlackBerry Bold Touch

Citing “multiple sources,” is reporting that RIM has delayed the global launch of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 until September from its original summer target. No reasons were given for the delay. is also reporting that RIM will release one more major BlackBerry OS version, possibly called BlackBerry OS 7.5, before it launches its QNX-based OS on its smartphones.

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