Apr 182012

Nokia Lumia 900Nokia Canada today confirmed via Twitter that a software patch to fix a data connectivity issue that plagued some Nokia Lumia 900 devices will be available “around April 20th:

Good news, all! The latest software update to the Lumia 900 will come around April 20th. ow.ly/an9X5

The update will be available through Zune for Windows (or Windows Phone 7 Connector if you have a Mac).

Nokia Canada is also offering a CA$100 Rogers Wireless bill credit to everyone who has already purchased a Nokia Lumia 900 or who will purchase one before April 21st.

The patch has been available in the U.S. since late last week.

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Apr 172012

Nokia Lumia 710WIND Mobile will soon be launching the Nokia Lumia 710. The Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone is now listed on WIND Mobile’s site as one of the “hottest phones.”

It will join the HTC Radar, its first Windows Phone device.

There is no word yet on specific availability or pricing. Rogers already offers the Nokia Lumia 710 for CA$229.99 with no contract so expect WIND’s pricing to fall in that ballpark.

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Apr 132012

Nokia Lumia 900Very good news for Nokia Lumia 900 owners! Nokia today released a patch for a data connectivity issue that plagued some Nokia Lumia 900 devices.

We promised a software fix for April 16th but today, we’d like to share with you that the update is already available – three days ahead of schedule.

The update is now available through Zune for Windows (or Windows Phone 7 Connector if you have a Mac).

The offers that Nokia made earlier in the week remain in effect: Customers can replace their affected Lumia 900 with an upgraded one through AT&T stores and anyone who purchases a Lumia 900 by April 21st will get a $100 credit (both in Canada and the U.S.)

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Apr 112012

Nokia Lumia 610Nokia today announced an NFC (Near Field Communication) version of its Nokia Lumia 610. Windows Phone itself does not support NFC; Nokia developed its own software for its Lumia devices. Its NFC implementation will support pairing with NFC accessories, the reading of NFC tags and NFC payments and ticketing. It has also been certified for contactless payments with MasterCard PayPass technology and Visa payWave.

“Nokia continues to lead the field in NFC with this latest implementation on the Windows Phone platform, in which we have the full support of Orange,” said Ilari Nurmi, head of product marketing for Nokia’s Smart Devices business unit. “We’re bringing NFC right across our portfolio, and together with our ever-growing range of NFC accessories we’re making it easy for people to connect via a single tap. We’re also enabling operators and other service providers to build NFC payment and ticketing solutions on top of our smartphones.”

The Nokia Lumia 610 NFC will first launch with Orange in the UK early in the third quarter of 2012. There is no word yet on whether it will make its way to North American shores. Nokia also confirmed that it will be bringing NFC to its other devices but no timelines were provided.

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Apr 112012

Nokia Lumia 900On the heels of the launch of the Lumia 900 in both Canada and the U.S., Nokia has confirmed that it has identified “a memory management issue was discovered that could, in some cases, lead to loss of data connectivity.” If there is good news to be found here, it is that the issue is purely a software problem rather than hardware or even something with AT&T’s network.

A fix is already in the works. Nokia is aiming to release a software update to correct this issue on April 16th. The update will be pushed through Zune.

In the U.S., Nokia is also offering to swap out affected units with new upgraded ones. It will also give anyone who purchased or will purchase a Lumia 900 by April 21st a US$100 credit on their AT&T bill.

Update: Good news! Nokia has also confirmed that Canadians will also be entitled to the refund: According to Phil Schwarzmann, Nokia’s Head of Social Media for North America: “For our friends in Canada – Anyone who has already purchased the Lumia 900 or purchases it from now until April 21st, will be getting a $100 credit on their Rogers bill.”

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Apr 102012

Nokia Lumia 900Nokia Canada today announced that the Nokia Lumia 900 is now available exclusively from Rogers. It is Nokia’s first Windows Phone device to sport LTE support.

“The launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 in Canada signals our commitment to bringing the best phones into the Canadian market,” said Richard White, General Manager for Nokia Canada. “It is impeccably designed with clean lines and a camera that rivals stand-alone digital cameras on the market today. Combine that with the people-first Windows Phone experience and the Rogers’ LTE network – and it’s clear that this phone delivers an unsurpassed mobile experience.”

The Nokia Lumia 900 joins the Lumia 710 which Rogers already carries. Together, they are the only Windows Phone devices it offers at this time.

Rogers is offering the Nokia Lumia 900 for CA$99.99 with a three-year contract, CA$424.99 with a two-year contract, or CA$474.99 with a one-year contract. It is only available in black at this time. It is not yet listed on Rogers’ site but a quick search will reveal it.

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Apr 072012

Slides of an alleged Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia PureView device have surfaced on Chinese website IT168. The site claims that the pictures of the device, bearing the same 41-megapixel sensor as the Nokia PureView 808, is just a concept at this time. Assuming that these are authentic, Nokia is definitely trying something new with the form factor. Whether it would catch on or not with customers remains to be seen.

Rumoured Nokia Lumia PureView smartphone

To go along with the pictures, the site climas that the device will sport a 4.3-inch curved glass HD display. It will be powered by a dual-core processor with Adreno 320 GPU (the future 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro?).

Rumoured Nokia Lumia PureView smartphone

The pictures reveal one interesting detail. The device sports a new Windows Phone key, one that shares much with the one from the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft could be bringing the branding of its Windows Phone and Windows operating systems closer together even as the lines between the two are set to blur in their upcoming releases.

Whether this is an official concept or a fan-based mockup, Nokia has already confirmed that it would bring its PureView technology to its Windows Phone Lumia devices. A Windows Phone 8 PureView device is certainly not to be ruled out…

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Apr 062012

Nokia has launched a new promotion giving away a free Xpress-on color cover to U.S. Nokia Lumia 710 owners until the end of April. The promotion has in fact been running for a while and anyone who purchased a Lumia 710 between January 11, 2012, and April 30, 2012 is eligible.

The Xpress-on covers are offered in yellow, fuchsia, cyan, and white.

Nokia Lumia 710 Xpress-on cover offer

You will need to submit a completed online submission form as well, your original sales receipt showing purchase price and store and the 15-digit IMEI of your device, and the original UPC and barcode panel from the box (hopefully you kept it).

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Apr 022012

Nokia Lumia 900Rogers will launch the Nokia Lumia 900, the first Windows Phone LTE smartphone, sometime this month. To date, it has only revealed that it would sell for CA$99.99 with a three-year contract. MobileSyrup has now landed full pricing details:

  • CA$99.99 with a three-year contract
  • CA$424.99 with a two-year contract
  • CA$474.99 with a one-year contract
  • CA$524.99 with no contract

MobileSyrup also expects the launch to fall on April 10th.

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Apr 012012

Nokia today unveiled its latest smartphone prototype, the Nokia Ice. The most impressive feature about the Nokia Ice is the new material it uses. Promising to reduce material costs and the environmental impact, it is made, as the name implies, of ice.

Nokia has its roots in Finland, a land full of ice and snow. Having tried to understand this material for centuries, we’ve finally managed to tame it. It’s a true triumph of man understanding nature.

Nokia Ice prototype

The Nokia Ice is unique in many ways: You charge it by placing it in the freezer. Its superhydrophobic coating ensures that the internal hardware remains intact and waterproof – even if the outside melts. While the initial model is oval, future models could sport different shapes made by ice sculpters.

Nokia is still working on the Nokia Ice prototype and still has to solve one challenge: Due to the materials used, it cannot leave the lab for extended periods of time.

No word on when the Nokia Ice will hit the market but I suspect it will do so on a specific calendar day: April 1st.

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Mar 302012

Nokia Lumia 900AT&T today started to take pre-orders for the Nokia Lumia 900. It is available for US$99.99 with a two-year contract. New customers can also take advantage of AT&T’s current promotion that gives them up a US$100 discount to get it for free.

AT&T will ship pre-orders on April 5th. This should ensure that you have it in your hands a few days before it hits stores.

If you prefer to pick it up on launch day, you will need to wait until April 8th, the same day that AT&T launches the HTC Titan II.

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Mar 292012

Nokia Lumia 800Nokia today announced a new software update for its Lumia 800. Firmware version 1600.2487.8107.12070 focuses on “significant improvements in battery performance and power management.” Also included are enhancements to the bass in the audio and improvements to the soft keys illumination. One anticipated feature not included is Wi-Fi tethering will be available. That will need to wait for a future update.

Nokia has provided a tracker to show for which countries and carriers worldwide the update is available. In Canada, the TELUS version of the update is not yet available. In the U.S., the only one currently available is for the Lumia 800 with product code 059M182.

Nokia will deploy the update over the next four weeks starting today. The next phases will take place on April 4th, 11th and 18th.

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Mar 262012

AT&TAT&T today confirmed to CNET that it will launch both the Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II on April 8th. The devices will be the carrier’s first 4G LTE Windows Phone devices.

Confirming rumours, AT&T will offer the Nokia Lumia 900 for US$99.99 with a two-year contract. This makes it one of AT&T’s cheapest flagship devices ever. The HTC Titan II, with its larger 4.7-inch display and 16MP camera, will sell for US$199.99.

With its aggressive pricing, Nokia is hoping that the Lumia 900 will prove to be a strong seller and allow the manufacturer to begin to reestablish its U.S. presence.

AT&T will begin taking pre-orders for the Nokia Lumia 900 on March 30th. Both black and blue models will be offered.

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Mar 262012

MicrosoftUnderlying the importance of a strong app market to support a mobile operating system, Microsoft and Nokia will each invest up to €9 million (about US$12 million) over the next three years in a new mobile application development program at Aalto University in Finland. The AppCampus program will focus on Windows Phone as well as Nokia’s Symbian and Series 40 operating systems.

“AppCampus offers an unprecedented opportunity for entrepreneurs to put their ideas into practice and create world-class mobile products,” said Klaus Holse, president, Microsoft Western Europe. “We want to turn a new leaf in the mobile industry and foster Finland’s role as a center of excellence for mobile technology. Such investment into early-stage concepts has rarely been seen in this sector, and this demonstrates how highly both Nokia and Microsoft value Finnish mobile expertise.”

AppCampus will kick off in May 2012 and will focus on comprehensive support, training in mobile technology, design and usability, and funding to create innovative new mobile apps and services.

Grant application within the AppCampus program will begin in May 2012. More information can be found at http://appcampus.aalto.fi.

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Mar 222012

Rogers Wireless today announced via Twitter has now begun to take pre-orders for the upcoming Nokia Lumia 900. Details are identical to what was announced earlier when the pre-order details temporarily launched ahead of schedule.

Rogers Nokia Lumia 900 pre-order screen

Those who reserve could also win a prize consisting of a private screening of The Dark Knight Rises or a Special Edition The Dark Knight Rises Nokia Lumia 900.

Rogers Nokia Lumia 900 pre-order screen

Pricing starts at CA$99.99 with a three-year contract (minimum CA$45 per month plan).

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