Samsung aiming to sell 10 million Galaxy S IV smartphones per month?

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Jan 252013

The success of its Galaxy S II and Galaxy III smartphones has set the bar high for the next-generation flagship smartphone. According to Korean website Money Today, the manufacturer has set itself the goal of selling 10 million Galaxy S IV handsets per month, right from its launch.

As a comparison, it took the Samsung 50 days to ship its first ten million Galaxy S III smartphones while the Galaxy S II required five months to do so. Since then, the Galaxy S line has topped sales of 100 million units.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV (or Altius) is expected to come with a 4.99-inch FHD display, a 1.8GHz eight-core Exynos 5 Octa processor, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and optional wireless charging. It is expected to be unveiled at a Samsung Unpacked event in either March or April (although some rumours suggest a MWC announcement).

The report also adds that Samsung has a wide range of tablets in development. Aside from the already rumoured new 7-, 8-, and 10.1-inch models, we can expect to see 12-inch and 14-inch tablet models. There is no mention of an ASUS Transformer-like 13.3-inch tablet with optional QWERTY keyboard dock.

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LG aiming to sell 45 million smartphones in 2013

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Jan 162013

LG appears to be turning its mobile phone business around. Having sold an estimated 56 million mobile phones in 2012 (41 million in the first nine months and an estimated 15 million more in the last quarter), it now hopes to sell 75 million in 2013. The majority, 45 million, will be smartphones which are more profitable.

Little is known about LG’s smartphone roadmap for 2013. According to an executive “from one of LG’s local partners,” LG plans to release “quite a number of new Optimus devices” this year. Among these could be the LG GK with a 5.5-inch FHD display and a quad-core processor which might be unveiled at MWC 2013. The LG Optimus G2 now appears set to follow as the flagship device for the fall, perhaps as one of the first devices to run the next major version of Android.

The same executive also reveals that LG is planning to jump onto the Windows Phone 8 bandwagon. Devices are in development and more than one could be launched this year.

As a comparison point, Samsung, the world’s largest mobile phone and smartphone manufacturer, is aiming to ship 510 million handsets, including 390 million smartphones, in 2013.

Can LG turn it around in 2013 and shed its reputation for lower quality?

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Samsung aiming to ship 510 million mobile phones in 2013

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Dec 262012

2012 has not quite wrapped up but Samsung is already looking ahead to 2013. The company has set some lofty sales targets for itself according to a report by The Korea Times citing “an executive from one of Samsung’s key suppliers.” It may be looking to ship 510 million mobile phones in the next year. This would be a 20% increase over the estimated 420 million devices it expects to ship this year.

Samsung is looking to ship 390 million smartphones to capitalize on the growing worldwide appetite for such devices. While the company does acknowledge that smartphone growth could slow down compared to past years, it expects “new demand for devices using Long Term Evolution (LTE),” according to company executive Kim Hyun-joon.

Samsung may also diversify its smartphone and tablet portfolio in 2013. Along with the expected Galaxy smartphones (including the Galaxy S IV) and tablets, it is planning to launch Windows Phone 8 smartphones (likely under the ATIV brand) as well as devices powered by Tizen.

Most of Samsung’s mobile phone production will come out of Vietnam where it will also invest US$2.2 billion over several years to build up production capacity. Some 240 million devices will be manufactured in Vietnam with another 170 million to come from China, 20 million from India, and 40 million from its Korean factory in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province.

Samsung is set to become both the top cellphone and smartphone manufacturer in the world in 2012. Its goals for 2013 are even more impressive when you consider that the company shipped a “mere” 600,000 smartphones only four years ago, back in 2009.

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HTC cuts smartphone development and shipment goals for Q1 2013?

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Dec 202012

HTCDespite a number of impressive smartphones, HTC has struggled against the Apple-Samsung juggernaut and seen its market share and sales fall significantly in the last year. HTC’s sales woes do not appear to be limited to its Android devices. The report indicates that sales of Windows Phone 8-based smartphones have also not met expectations. That trend looks to continue in early 2013 even as the company tries to turn its fortunes around.

HTC’s struggles are now having an impact in a number of areas for the company. According to Digitimes, HTC has suspended the development of several new smartphones for 2013. It has also revamped its product roadmap for 2013, likely by reducing the number of models it will offer. HTC has also reduced growth targets for Q1 2013 by half to between 10% and 15% from the original goal of between 20% and 30%.

HTC is expected to unveil its new flagship smartphone, the HTC M7, in early 2013, perhaps at Mobile World Congress.

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Google Nexus 7 shipments to top one million in December

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Dec 122012

Google Nexus 7Despite competition from the new Apple iPad mini and other Android tablets, sales of the Google Nexus 7 tablet remain strong and are even growing stronger. In late October, ASUS indicated that it was nearing sales of 1 million tablets a month and it now appears that it will hit that milestone in December.

According to Digitimes‘ supply chain maker sources, ASUS shipped between 800,000 and 900,000 Nexus 7 tablets in November and will ship over 1 million in December. A breakdown of the sales of the different models (including the new 32GB models) was not provided.

In comparison, Apple’s suppliers are expected to ship two million iPad mini tablets in the same month, up from about 1.5 million in November. Amazon, which does not provide tablet sales numbers, is expected to ship up to 4 million Kindle Fires via its ODM Quanta in Q4 2012.

It looks like more than a few people will find a 7-inch tablet under the Christmas tree this year!

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RIM to ship 35.5 million BlackBerry 10 devices in fiscal 2014?

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Nov 252012

Research In MotionResearch In Motion’s battered stock received a bit of a lift this week after a number of analysts raised their outlook on the company ahead of the launch of its BlackBerry 10 devices. RIM’s stock rally began when Jefferies & Co analyst Peter Misek changed his stock rating from a sell to hold based on “a favorable reaction from telecom carriers to the new devices and the BB10 operating system.”

The stock got another boost when National Bank analyst Kris Thompson wrote in a note that RIM could ship some 35.5 million devices in its fiscal 2014 year (which starts in May 2013). This was up from an earlier estimate of 31.6 million devices. “The shipments boost reflects about one more month of BB10 product availability plus a little extra for the positive sentiment building in the industry from our discussions,” Thompson said. Even before BlackBerry 10 launches, he believes that RIM’s stock could hit US$15.

RIM will unveil its first BlackBerry 10 devices on January 30th. An all-touch device (L-Series?) will launch first followed shortly after by a QWERTY keyboard one (N-Series?). Lower-end models (Curve replacement R-Series and S-Series?) will follow later in the year possibly with a new flagship series as well (the A-Series?).

Could analysts be warming up to RIM once more? It certainly looks that way…

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Surface RT tablet sales to fall short of Microsoft forecasts?

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Nov 142012

Microsoft SurfaceSales of the Surface tablet may not meet Microsoft’s own sales forecasts if a report by Digitimes is accurate. Citing “sources from upstream component suppliers,”, the report suggests that sales started slowly and may only reach about 60% of Microsoft’s forecast by year’s end.

Microsoft is expected to continue to face challenging conditions over the holiday shopping season. Two reasons are provided for this: The first is a lack of a competitive edge in pricing and performance. The second is that the Surface lacks supporting software as previous Windows software is not compatible and relies instead on new software available from the Windows Store.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently described initial sales of the Surface RT as “modest” but pointed out that reception to the tablet had been “fantastic.” He expected sales to improve as availability improved.

The report concludes that Windows 8-based tablet sales may benefit from the slower than expected Windows RT uptake.

For its part, Microsoft has yet to provide any official Windows RT sales numbers.

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Samsung expects to sell 20 million Galaxy Note IIs

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Sep 122012

Samsung Galaxy Note IIWhen Samsung announced the Galaxy Note II late last month, JK Shin, President of IT & Mobile Communications Division, said that he expected it to outsell the original Galaxy Note. Shin has now provided some numbers to back this expectation. He is quoted as saying, “Sales may grow more than two-fold (compared with the previous model.”

Given that the original Galaxy Note has now topped sales of 10 million units, it implies that Samsung expects sales to eventually top 20 million units.

Shin also reconfirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note II will be released in October starting with major European, Asian, and Middle East markets. Its North American launch will follow later.

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9 million Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones already pre-ordered

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May 172012

Samsung Galaxy S IIIThe Samsung Galaxy S III has yet to hit the street but it may already be a major hit for Samsung. Citing an unidentified Samsung official, the Korea Economic Daily reports that Samsung has already received some 9 million pre-orders for its latest Galaxy S flagship.

The report adds that Samsung’s factory is running at full capacity and will make 5 million units per month.

The Samsung Galaxy S III will launch first in Germany on May 29th. It is expected to hit Canada and the U.S. later this summer.

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Apple’s new iPad top three million in sales over launch weekend

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Mar 192012

Apple new iPadReferring to the new iPad’s first weekend on sale, CEO Tim Cook said this morning that “We had a record weekend and we’re thrilled with it.” The company has followed up that statement with a press release where it announced that it has sold 3 million new iPads since Friday.

“The new iPad is a blockbuster with three million sold―the strongest iPad launch yet,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “Customers are loving the incredible new features of iPad, including the stunning Retina display, and we can’t wait to get it into the hands of even more customers around the world this Friday.”

Not a bad increase over the 300,000 first generation iPads Apple sold when the iPad first launched.

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Apple “thrilled” with new iPad launch

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Mar 192012

Apple new iPadOn the call today where Apple announced its dividend and share repurchase programs, Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked about sales of the new iPad. Without revealing specific numbers, Cook said, “We had a record weekend and we’re thrilled with it.” This follows comments that initial demand had been “off the charts” and that stock allocated to pre-orders had sold out.

Cook also announced that Apple had sold 55 million iPad as of last quarter.

Apple launched its third generation iPad, its first with a Retina Display and LTE connectivity, on Friday.

Nokia Lumia sales top 1 million in 2011?

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Jan 232012

NokiaNokia’s resurgence may well be underway. The company has been estimated to have sold some 1.3 million Windows Phone-powered Lumia smartphones in 2011. The Bloomberg report is based on an average estimate of 22 analysts. The sales figures are to operators and retailers, suggesting that sales to customers will fall somewhere below that number. Just how far remains unclear. WithNokia scheduled to announce its latest financial results later this week, we may find out a bit more quite soon.

Individual analyst estimates ranged from 800,000 to over 2 million units sold. Only one analyst suggested that sales would have come up short of 1 million units.

Nokia first launched the Lumia 710 and 800 in Europe. The North American launch began this year with T-Mobile offering the Lumia 710. The Nokia Lumia 800 will also be offered as an unlocked device while the LTE-enabled Nokia Lumia 900 will be offered by AT&T starting in March (and possibly other carriers later). In Canada, the Nokia Lumia 710 is headed to Rogers while the Nokia Lumia 800 will be offered by TELUS.

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Samsung wants to grow mobile phone shipments by 15% in 2012

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Dec 282011

SamsungComing off a record year where it shipped over 300 million mobile phones, Samsung is reportedly looking to grow its annual shipments by 15% in 2012. The Korea Economic Daily adds that this translates to a goal of 374 million handsets, up from the 325 million units the company projects to sell this year. Smartphones alone could account for 150 million devices.

Samsung is clearly aiming to dethrone Nokia as the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer in the near future. Nokia’s shipments are predicted to fall about 5 percent to 399 million units in 2012 (based on data from Strategy Analytics). Nokia is planning a big launch in North America for its Lumia smartphones but it remains to be seen how it will fare against competition from Apple and Android device manufacturers.

With both the Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress around the corner, we will hopefully soon see the devices that Samsung plans to offer in order to meet its sales targets. It’s likely that we will see new models in the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab lineups (along with lower-end devices).

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95,000 Kindle Fire tablets pre-ordered on first day?

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Oct 012011

Kindle FireDigital marketing firm eDataSource estimates that Amazon may have seen as many as 95,000 pre-orders for its first tablet, the Kindle Fire, on the first day alone. The number is roughly a third of sales Apple recorded for the first day the original iPad was available.

eDataSource apparently came up with its estimates by tracking email purchase receipts in 800,000 inboxes.

Amazon unveiled the Kindle Fire tablet this past Wednesday. Selling for US$199, it will begin to ship on November 15th.

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RIM slashes internal Q2 2011 PlayBook sales target?

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Jun 222011

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook

Digitimes is reporting that Research In Motion has slashed its internal Q2 sales target from 2.4 million units to between 800,000 and 900,000 units. The moves follows its recent announcement that it had shipped some 500,000 units during its fiscal year 2012 first quarter.

Digitimes sources indicate that PlayBook demand dropped lower than expected after a strong start. The trend suggests that RIM will not be able to meet its original goal, forcing the downward revision.

RIM’s PlayBook expectations could pick up again when it releases models with 3G, LTE and WiMAX connectivity likely in September.

The news is not all bad for RIM though. Despite not meeting its own expectations, the PlayBook has outsold a number of competitors including the Motorola XOOM and is “one of the front-end players within the non-Apple tablet PC group, especially for products mainly selling in the US and Europe.”

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