Welcome to the new Gadgetorama

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May 132011

Welcome to the redesigned Gadgetorama.com. This is the first real overhaul I have done of the site since I launched it over six years ago. I made the decision to move to WordPress from a completely custom CMS that I built myself after realizing that I would never have the time to build all the features that I want for the site.

Forgive the slightly unfinished look as I fix a number of issues and return a few features that I have had to turn off for now. Then it will be on to a more polished look and some overdue enhancements. Using WordPress should make it easier for me to improve the site with new features with significantly more ease. It will also enable a much higher level of interaction, something that I have wanted for the site for a long time (User memberships coming very soon).

So welcome to the new Gadgetorama and my apologies for the work-in-progress feel that it has for now.