Details emerge about late 2013 Sony flagship smartphone

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Dec 162012

SonySo far, rumours about Sony’s upcoming flagship devices for 2013 have pointed to two similar devices, the Sony Odin and the Sony Yuga. Now comes word that there could be an even more impressive device in the works for the second half of 2013.

According to two different reports, Sony is developing a smartphone that will be powered by a quad-core Cortex-A15 SoC. It will also come with a 5-inch 1080p display, 3GB of RAM, 128GB of onboard storage, a 16GB camera and a 3,000mAh battery. It could also be dust-proof and waterproof like the recent Xperia go. At this point, it looks like it will be about the same size as the Yuga but that could still change before launch.

The Chinese-language MyDrivers website adds that the processor in question would be none other than a Samsung Exynos. Could it be rumoured Cortex-A15-based Exynos 5440 SoC?

With such specifications, it definitely looks like Sony is seriously looking to take on Apple and Samsung in the smartphone arena in 2013.

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WIND Mobile launches Sony Xperia ion

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Dec 132012

Sony Xperia ionWIND Mobile today announced that it has added the Sony Xperia ion to its smartphone lineup.

“WIND strives to bring Canadians the best phones on the market and the Sony Xperia Ion will make another incredible addition to our handset lineup.” said Mirko Rugarli, Chief Marketing Officer of WIND Mobile. “This smartphone is perfect for those who want to capture the little details of their life and when teamed with one of WIND’s truly unlimited plans, our customers will really be able to share their HD creations without worrying about data overages and hidden fees.”

Currently running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the Sony Xperia ion is scheduled to be upgraded to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean sometime in 2013.

WIND Mobile is offering the Sony Xperia ion for CA$149 with its WINDtab and a CA$40 plan, CA$375 with its WINDtab and a CA$25 plan, or CA$529 outright.

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Sony Xperia and Box extend cloud storage partnership into 2013

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Dec 092012

Sony Mobile CommunicationsSony Mobile Communications this week announced that its partnership with Box would be extended into 2013.

Announced before the 2011 festive season and initially running for a year – Xperia smartphone and Sony tablet users can now grab free 50GB cloud storage for life, by signing-up or accessing existing Box accounts from their devices before 31st December 2013.

Sony and Box first announced their partnership last year. Unlike many similar offers, this one is for life!

The Box app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. All Sony Xperia 10 smartphones and more recent devices (except for the Xperia X10 mini, X10 mini pro and devices with Android versions prior to 2.1) and Android tablets are eligible for the 50GB of storage from Box.

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Sony announces Sony Xperia E and Xperia E dual

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Dec 062012

Sony Xperia ESony Mobile Communications yesterday announced the Sony Xperia E. Billed as an “affordable addition to its Xperia smartphone range,” it will be offered in both single and dual-SIM variants.

“Consumers looking to take their first steps into the world of Xperia smartphones would be well advised to look at Xperia E or Xperia E dual. They are perfect for those seeking affordable access to the quality and functionality more traditionally associated with high-end Android smartphones,” said Calum MacDougall, Director Xperia Marketing at Sony Mobile Communications.

Sony Xperia E specifications:

  • Model (Xperia E): C1505/1504
  • Model (Xperia E dual): C1605/1604
  • Processor: 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 MSM7227A
  • Operating system (Xperia E): Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • Operating system (Xperia E dual): Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Cellular connectivity: HSPA/EDGE/GPRS/GSM
  • Other connectivity: GPS/A-GPS, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, DLNA
  • Display: 3.5-inch HVGA (320×480)
  • Input: Capacitive touchscreen
  • Memory: 512MB RAM
  • Storage: 4GB onboard and microSD cards up to 32GB
  • Rear-facing camera (Xperia E): 3.2MP AF with FWVGA video capture
  • Rear-facing camera (Xperia E dual): 3.2MP AF with VGA video capture
  • Front-facing camera: None
  • Connectors: 3.5 mm audio jack, micro-USB 2.0
  • Battery: 1,500mAh
  • Dimensions / weight: 113.5 x 61.8 x 11.0 millimeters / 115.7 grams
  • Colours (Xperia E): Black, White, Pink
  • Colours (Xperia E dual): Black, Gold

The Xperia E will launch with Android 4.0 but will be upgraded to 4.1 Jelly Bean at some future point.

Both the Sony Xperia E and Xperia E dual will be available sometime in Q1 2013. More specific availability details and pricing have not been announced yet.

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Vidéotron launches Sony Xperia T

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Nov 302012

Sony Xperia TThe Sony Xperia T [product information], the smartphone used by none other than James Bond in his latest adventure, is now available from Vidéotron.

You can enjoy state-of-the-art technology with the new Sony Xperia T – the Bond phone. With its 13 MP HD camera, 1080p HD recording capability, and the fact that it can go from sleep to snap in just over a second, the Xperia T captures it all in stunning detail. And with its 4.6-inch HD Mobile BRAVIA® Engine screen, it captures videos and pictures that are crisp in every detail. In short, you won’t believe your eyes!

Vidéotron is currently offering the Sony Xperia T starting at CA$89.95 on a “reduced price” plan and up to CA$549.95 with no contract.

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Sony Xperia T now available from MTS

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Nov 232012

Sony Xperia TThe Bond Phone, also known as the Sony Xperia T [product information], is headed where James Bond has likely never been. MTS today launched the Bond Phone in Manitoba.

“With Xperia T, Sony Mobile raises the bar when it comes to smartphone design, function, and next-generation features,” said MTS President Kelvin Shepherd. “I am thrilled that MTS is among the first in Manitoba to make this new smartphone available to customers.”

With MTS’ recently launched LTE network in the Brandon and Winnipeg areas, Sony Xperia T users will see download speeds of up to 75 Mbps. Outside of LTE coverage, it will fall back to HSPA+.

MTS is offering the Sony Xperia T for CA$79.99 with a three-year contract, CA$179.99 with a two-year contract, CA$404.99 with a one-year contract, or CA$559.99 with no contract.

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Sony C650X Odin and C660X Yuga dimensions and new details leaked

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Nov 222012

Sony Mobile CommunicationsSony looks set to unveil two new flagship smartphones in early 2013. Codenamed the Odin (Xperia C650X) and Yuga (Xperia C660X), they are reportedly very similar in terms of specifications with different appearances. New details suggest that this may well be the case. According to a xda-developers thread, the two will have the following dimensions:

  • Yuga: 138.6 x 71 x 8.1 millimeters / 140 grams
  • Odin: 131.6 x 69.7 x 9.8 millimeters / 147 grams

A glance through the discussion thread reveals a few more details: Both will sport 5-inch 1080p HD displays, 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 chipsets (APQ8064, Adreno 320 GPU and MDM9615 baseband chip with LTE support), 2GB RAM, and 13MP Exmor RS rear-facing cameras. The front and back of both devices will apparently be Dragontrail glass (similar to Gorilla Glass). Additionally, the Yuga could be water resistant (IP67 certified?) and come with a 2,400mAh battery. The Odin would also work as an IR remote.

Sony could unveil both at CES 2013 with availability expected in the March/April timeframe. It is possible that only the Odin will make its way to North America with the Yuga to be limited to Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America.

Sony recently boasted that its next flagship devices would be able to compete directly against Apple and Samsung flagship smartphones. Does what you see here suggest to you that it will be able to?

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Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie surfaces on benchmark result?

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Nov 192012

With the latest version of Android having been released as version 4.2 with the Jelly Bean moniker, attention is shifting to what Google has in store for Android next. Will it be another dot release or can we start looking forward to Android 5.0? Whatever the codename, Key Lime Pie or some other dessert name, it appears that at least one device is already running Android 5.0.

There is no question that Google is hard at work on the next version and it does appear that Android 5.0.0 has been spotted on the benchmarking web site. Hopefully it is not just someone having a bit of fun.

Android 5.0 spotted on a Sony Xperia LT30i?

The device running Android 5.0 appears to be a modified Sony Xperia T. The Sony LT30i is none other than one of the Sony Xperia T variants albeit with slightly different specs. This model appears to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8260 processor clocked at a slightly faster 1.6GHz although is shares the 720p HD display of the original model.

It is likely that Google will announce Android 5.0 sometime in 2013 as Key Lime Pie (or another K-named dessert).

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Sony Xperia flagship device to take on Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S III?

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Nov 162012

Sony Mobile CommunicationsSony is looking to up its game in the smartphone market with its next flagship smartphone. In an interview with the German-language Financial Times Deutschland, Sony Mobile’s Communications CVP Sales & Marketing Dennis van Schie said that a flagship model to be released “in the near future” will compete directly against Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

It remains to be seen if this new flagship is the Sony Yuga or Sony Odin recently spotted on benchmarking sites. Rumoured specifications include a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, Android 4.1.1 (although that could be bumped up by release time), a 5-inch 1080p display, 2GB of RAM and a 12MP camera.

Sony could unveil this device in early 2013 either at January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) or February’s Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Van Schie also added that Sony is keeping a close eye on Windows Phone 8. “We have a good relationship with Microsoft and we are watching the development of Windows Phone closely. If it succeeds, we will not be caught off guard,” he explained.

Sony is also looking to launch additional tablets. Due to “intense price competition,” it will only launch a few other Android tablets. “It has become very difficult to earn money with tablets.”

On the content side, Sony will focus on improving cross-device support for its library of music and video content. By the end of next year, users will be able to access content through a single sign-on across all devices.

2013 promises to be a busy year for Sony!

Read more: Financial Times Deutschland (in German) [Google translation] (Source: XperiaBlog)

Fido launches Sony Xperia go

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Nov 152012

Sony Xperia goAs promised, the IP67-certified Sony Xperia go [specifications] is now available in Canada. The rugged dust and waterproof mid-level Android smartphone is carried by Fido.

For something that’s such a vital part of life, most smartphones can’t handle life’s little bumps. Now there’s an Android smartphone you never have to worry about. Xperia go is a dust-proof, water-resistant phone. Sure, you can take it on a hike through the rainforest. But it’s made for less dramatic challenges. Like a drop into the flour while you’re baking, a “surprise” dive into the fishbowl and whatever else daily life has in store.

Fido is offering the Sony Xperia go in black or white for free with a two-year contract or CA$300 with no term.

If a livelier colour is your thing, Sony Stores (including their online one) are carrying an unlocked version of the Xperia go in yellow. It sells for CA$299.99.

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James Bond’s Sony Xperia T now available in Canada

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Nov 142012

Sony Xperia TJames Bond has had his for a while; now Canadians can get their hands on the Sony Xperia T as well. It will come preloaded with exclusive Bond content such as behind the scenes footage, clips, wallpapers, ring tones, and more.

The following carriers offer it:

  • Bell: From CA$99.95 with a three-year contract to CA$549.95 with no term
  • Mobilicity: Not available yet
  • MTS: Not available yet
  • Rogers: From CA$99.99 with a three-year contrac to CA$524.99 on a month-to-month plan
  • Vidéotron: Not available yet

Bell, MTS and Rogers will offer the LTE model while Mobilicity and Vidéotron will offer the HSPA+ model.

We will update this post as carriers make the Sony Xperia T available on their websites.

Sony C3602 gets benchmarked

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Nov 112012

Another upcoming Sony smartphone appears to have been revealed thanks to a benchmarking site. The Sony C3602 has surfaced on the website. Between the model number and specifications revealed, it appears to be a mid-range device.

Based on the information captured, we can expect the Sony C3602 to come with a 1.5GHz dual-core S4 Snapdragon chipset with Adreno 225 GPU. This suggests either the MSM8260A or MSM8960. It will also have a display running at a resolution of 1196 by 720 pixels (or 1280 by 720 with a virtual button strip) and run Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich (although that will hopefully be bumped up by the time it is announced).

Nena benchmark results for Sony C3602

It appears that Sony will have a busy 2013. The Sony C3602 is the seventh device in its new C-series to be revealed. We’ve already seen the Sony C650x Odin (with three models), the Sony C6603 Yuga, the dual-SIM Sony Xperia E Dual (C1605) with a likely single-SIM C150x variant, and the Sony C2105.

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Sony C6603 Yuga pictures and specifications leaked

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Nov 072012

Past rumours have indicated that the upcoming Sony C6603 Yuga will be one of Sony’s flagship devices when it refreshes its smartphone lineup next year. To go along with benchmark results already seen, a number of pictures of the device have now been leaked by Swiss site Android Schweiz along with a few specification details.

Rumoured Sony C6603 Yuga

Rumoured Sony C6603 Yuga

Rumoured Sony C6603 Yuga

The report provides the following key specifications: A 1.5GHz quad-core processor and Android 4.1.1 (although that could be bumped up depending on when it is released), a 5-inch 1080p display, 2GB of RAM and a 12MP camera. The Sony Yuga will also feature a unibody case with a glass back and a chrome power button.

There is no word yet on specific availability and pricing.

Read more: Android Schweiz (in German) [Google translation] (Source: XperiaBlog)

Sony releases Xperia T software update

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Nov 072012

Sony Xperia TSony today announced that it will begin pushing out a new firmware update for the Xperia T [specifications] and Xperia TX smartphone. The new update adds a number of new features but leaves Android at version 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. These are:

  • Wi-Fi Miracast Screen Mirroring which allows you to wirelessly pair your Xperia T to your TV and share your interface on the TV.
  • Extended standby mode which improves standby time by up to four times by disabling certain functions (like Wi-Fi) when the display has been in sleep mode for a few minutes.
  • Improvements to a number of Sony media applications such as Walkman and Movies
  • HD Voice

The update will be rolled out gradually. It will be available via OTA or through PC Companion or Bridge for Mac. It will also be pushed out to the Xperia TX (without HD Voice).

The Sony Xperia T will launch in Canada later this month with a number of carriers.

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Sony C2105 gets benchmarked

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Nov 012012

SonyAnother upcoming Sony smartphone appears to have surfaced on a benchmarking website. Based on the model number alone, this device should sit above the C150x (Sony Xperia E) and C160x (Sony Xperia E Dual) in a new family of devices.

The GLBenchmark reveals a few details about the Sony C2105. It looks set to sport Android 4.1.1 and a FWGA (854×480) display with on-screen buttons. XperiaBlog surmises that it will be powered by a 1GHz single-core processor. A Mali-305 GPU also appears on board suggesting a processor like the Qualcomm Snapdragon Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8227.

GLBenchmarks for Sony C2105

Like other rumoured Sony smartphones, including the higher-end Sony Odin (C650x) and Sony Yuga (C660x), there is no word yet on when these could be launched.

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